1.8.14 The Love Connection

Hello, Beloved, we are the celestial team–although we hope You recognize us through our frequencies by NOW, and so no longer need such a superfluous introduction! We are here to offer our two cents about our Judith’s post, which is also about going beyond any prior limitations You have placed on your ability to perceive. It IS “TIME.” That is why we prefer such revelations to come through our earthly member NOW. When we transmit them directly to You THROUGH her, You often still feel them as coming from what You call a “higher” dimension, and so “out of your range,” in the old paradigm, linear way of regulating experience. Although we always tell You that this “higher dimension” is within You already, and always has been instantly accessible through your heart center, it has felt like “quite a stretch” for many who do not believe in themselves to believe that, we know. And so, it is “TIME” to read/hear/feel your human/celestial truths channeled through a human/celestial being just as YOU are (and one who shares the human experience with You “full throttle,” we might say!) We encourage You to drink in your own human/celestial truth, “human-to-human,” through this post, as well as through others that will follow. And we hope that You will get used to finding yourSelf through one another! That IS the way the game of Unity Consciousness is played. The game of Love, in other words–which IS the game You are here to play, is it not? We love You. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

“We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” 
— Albert Einstein

Ha, I love this quote! And like everything that makes me laugh, it’s rooted in truth. After all, how could anything that’s been used to recycle old data even be expected to have “personality?”

Yet we’ve been using “3rd dimensional brain muscles” (which categorize all of our experiences, while filtering out all that do not fit into its “already known” categories) as the source of our intellect (which is defined as “the ability to think, reason, and learn”)– for aeons. Therefore, recycling the past into various repeating patterns in the present has been our illusionary and limited way of perceiving “reality!”

Can you believe it? Yikes. Well, if any of you have ever “thought” your life was boring… NOW at least you know why. (And that’s a really…

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