1.14.14 NEW VIDEO- 2014: The Year of Integration

Love/Light Video and Message from the celestial team

We  greet You with warm frequencies of focused intention in this moment of your NOW, Beloved!

We focus our attention most especially because we wish our message to be brief and frequency concentrated–rather like a laser, You might say–on/into our subject, which is our NEW video. It is not by chance that this is also our FIRST video of your exciting NEW year of 2014.

Nor is it by chance (as nothing ever is) that we offer it while your Cancer moon is reaching her climactic fullness with your Helios in Capricorn. The metaphors often used for Cancer energy as “mother” and Capricorn as “father” are most relevant for this particular event… as is their positioning in polar opposite sectors of your zodiac.

Please take the frequencies of those observations into your heart centers, for they are encoded with a great deal of multidimensional information which your heart will read   with ease, and in turn, amplify your abilities to USE them. You see, Beloved, they are all about the divine cosmic process of INTEGRATION– which our video,  your NEW year, and YOU are also all about NOW!

Of course, no matter when You take the video in, You can always choose to do so in the current amplifying energies. As You will soon discover, beyond the construct of the third dimension, time is more of a location than a line … and that is ALL we will say for NOW!  Oh, we would love to chat on about the wonderful possibilities that are unfolding in your year of 2014, for we are most excited on your behalf! But we will stop ourselves, ALSO on your behalf.

You see, from NOW on, it is much better for You to make your OWN discoveries, on your OWN. Your discoveries will then be as empoweringly perfect for YOU as they have the potential to be, as well as thrilling, and we want You to feel BOTH of those as often as possible! Your excitement will fuel You in the “right direction” always, and every discovery will add to the thrill of the next one. So DO let your excitement lead You, and DO be thrilled by your SELF-discoveries, by all means! We do not want You to miss a single facet of your own, unlimited, power, which is… no, we will let You find that out for yourSelf through the video!

We are most pleased with our NEW video, for if You use all that is in it, we sense that it can take You very far, very fast, right INTO that potential…. and NOW–without another word!– we will ask our Judith to quickly put the link to the video below–and then off You go!

2014: The Year of Integration

How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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