8/19/11 Frequencies to Fuel Your Multi-Dimensional Emergence!

8/19/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Practice Attuning to Frequencies and Celebrate the Energies of Emergence!

We send frequencies from our wellspring of love to you in this moment of your flowing NOW!

We watch our frequencies dance to you through the many energies that are playing together around your planet now, and what a light show it is, indeed!
We know that you are feeling all of that energy as it pulses and weaves around you, and we rejoice in that. Why?

We rejoice because you are feeling energy! At last, you “know” it is there, for it is too intense to be denied! Do you see what that means? Finally, you are coming to understand that your “reality” is determined by the frequencies of energy!

Rather than be disturbed by this, rejoice with us! Feel the energy, recognize it as such, for on the heels of such recognition will come the awareness that all is energy, and you are part of that all, and once you remember this… everything changes. Hallelujah, we say.

Once you feel in the core of you the truth that you are part of the all, you know that the ALL is therefore a part of YOU as well. And anything that is part of you, you can change. Within that awareness lies your divinity, your mastery, and your power as a collective. It is that awareness that your universe awaits.
And we tell you that all in your universe will bow to you as One when it occurs.
Hallelujah, indeed.

The truth of this is already within you, and it is this truth that we tend to most diligently through our messages. We will tell you a little of what we mean by tending. Before every one of our messages, we have what you would call a grand conference, flashing our insights and creative ideas back and forth to one another throughout all the collectives who join together as one for our transmissions.

Our flashes fly through our dimensions like bright sparks of electricity, although from our perspective they happen instantaneously. From yours, however, they would look like a constant interplay of sparks of light, shooting and connecting with one another in a continuous and vibrantly alive communication pattern.

Know that this conference of ours begins the moment we finish one of our transmissions, and ends only when we join as one to begin the next.
Never, are you unattended!

We do more than that as well.
We pulse frequencies of light into the truth of your being in every nanosecond of your time.
We find every crack in your 3rd dimensional ego structures, so that we might flood as much of our love/light through them as you will allow.
We know you by name, and collaborate with your own guides and celestial aspects to determine exactly what frequencies, carried by what words in what combination, will assist you as much as you will let yourself receive through the reading.

Yes, we do this, and we mean for YOU personally, who is reading in this
moment! It crosses your mind to wonder how that could be possible, when so many others are reading the message as well, we know.
We cannot explain this to you now.
No matter how many words and metaphors we used in our effort to do so, it would still remain and a mystery to you at this time.
One day soon, however, when you have expanded completely beyond the lmitations of third dimensional perception, you will understand how it is possible in a heartbeat!

At this time, however, our ability to use frequency to weave one message for all that contains within it a single, personal, message for each reader as well would be as hard to grasp as it would be to comprehend the way in which it is woven by the weavers!

You see, we are a very large group that spans several of the uppermost dimensions. Each of these dimensions has very different methods of perceiving, as well as communicating. Yet, we can adjust and calibrate with one another easily in order to speak as one Moreover, the group we make together, the celestial team, is composed of many collectives, each of whom resides in one of these higher dimensional realms. Each collective is in turn composed of sometimes thousands of individuals within them, each of whom calibrates into harmony with the others in order to speak as one.

And that is not all!
Aspects of our collectives are within our Judith as well, experiencing life in her current human form. It is only through her connection to us through these aspects that our frequencies can be braided and transmitted through a delicate arrangement of words into one message that will resonate in your collective dimensional frequency for all and for each.
That is a lot to comprehend, is it not?

And that is just an outline! Our Judith has been transmitting our messages onto paper for many months now, and even she is only beginning to understand all that she is “doing” in the process!
But you do not need to “comprehend” any of this at all. We only tell you of these multi-dimensional methods of communication to illustrate that, even though we cannot yet explain to you how we transmit one message to all of you that is also personal for each of you—its simply how we operate in the higher realms!

All that is essential for you at this time is to practice reading the frequencies of our transmission through your heart center. Know that they live, just as you do, and if you read but one, single, message at different moments of your life, it will be as reading a different message at each of those moments. You will find what is relevant to you then, rather than what you found at a prior reading.

We hope you are beginning to fathom what diligent and unwavering attention is devoted to each one of you! Reaching you, touching you, and awakening you to the truth of who you are is our greatest privilege and our deepest joy.
Stretch you heart open as you read, then, in order to receive our outpouring of love for you, and know that it is personally designed for your heart alone!

So, perhaps you at last understand, as well, why it is that we rejoice that you are “feeling the energy”around you now so intensely!
At last, the electromagnetic barriers around your planet are thinning.
At last, the mind-numbing programs that have kept you “out of your minds” and running the treadmills of the brain are weakening.
At last, your sun can reach you with flares of awakening to the perfection of your collective unity.
You see why we ask you to rejoice with us!

Lastly, we want to acknowledge before parting that we are aware that many among you are working very hard these days to understand what is happening in your hearts–only they are trying to do so through their brains!Ah, they are researching! “Re-searching” is looking in the past for the
present, is it not? You have to smile at this, do you not? Gently, as a loving adult might smile at an industrious but stubborn child?

Many of these are also getting quite a thrill out of the “drama of needing to figure it out,” have you noticed? This is understandable, for “drama” has been a big pastime on your planet for quite some time. It was a way to “feel alive” in societal constructs that discouraged actually “being alive.”
Smile gently and lovingly at this as well. As they breathe in the frequencies of your smile, they will catch up.

Do not be afraid of anything! Instead, feel the energies now, and know that you are awakening! Rest, muse, walk in nature with your bare feet on the earth, and simply receive.
Let yourself pause, drop off of the treadmills, accept your confusion, and let yourself be happy to be confused.
What is wrong with confusion, anyway? Nothing! It releases one from the ignorance of knowing, and opens one up to wonder.

Be grateful that you are no longer one “who needs to have all the answers!”
We promise you, thinking that one “knows” is like a door that slams one into nothing but a prison of limitation.
Be patient. Your heart is taking in all. Breathe. Be as an unknowing child, delighting in a life to discover anew, and all will be well.

We, the celestial team, say our fond goodbyes for now, although it is only a formality, we admit.      We never leave you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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