8.27.11 The Answer to All of Your Questions is Love, So Rise and Shine NOW!

8/27/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Time to Rise and Shine is NOW

Yes, this is the celestial team, pulsing our Love/light straight into your heart!

We hope that your heart is open to receive our frequencies of love. You have entered quite a quickening this month. Remember the days when you were longing to really FEEL “the shift,” yearning to know if the changes you were sensing and feeling were “real,” wishing for that future day when you would know without doubt that it was really, truly, happening?

Well, your wish has come true, has it not? You feel it NOW! Are you excited? After all of that hoping and wishing, are you ready? Have you leapt into your part, thrilled to at last be in the quick of what you came here to do? If so, then your heart is surely open, and you do feel our love frequencies resonating with your very own!

That is your mission–to shine your Love/Light, brightly and powerfully, NOW. That was the reason behind your great desire to be here on your planet at this time, and that is what you have spent many lifetimes, on earth and elsewhere, training for. That is why we have devoted so many of our messages to assisting you in your training. We have been “at it” for quite awhile!

Early in the year, we began our teaching and talking about integrating what you call your 3rd dimensional chakra system, balancing them so that they could spin you into your wholeness, your balanced, white light of unconditional love. We have spoken many times of unconditional love of self as the root of healing for the all. And over and over, we have transmitted the importance of discerning your own frequencies!

Ah, we were repetitious, we know! Perhaps now, you understand why, however.
What we were truly devoted to was supporting YOU, serving YOU, as you trained for the mission that brought you here, the mission that is your heart’s desire.

This is an extremely complex time, and very intense energetically, and we understand the temptations to get caught up in the old programs of “who’s doing what to whom and why,” or all of the fear-based predictions, or the obsessions with 3rd dimensional perspectives of physical changes as “symptoms,” as if ascension were an illness!

We will speak to you of none of those.
They are NOT IMPORTANT. They are distractions, and nothing more, from what you are here to do now, with all of your heart, and with all of your focus.
You are here to expand your Love/Light. That is all, and everything, that is required.

As Yeshuwa revealed in the story of Your Light, you are here to transform your entire universe through the golden light of compassion. This is not complicated, and requires no “doing” or “re-searching” whatsoever! In truth, in these complicated energies, what is required of you is quite the opposite. Focus, balance, neutrality, and clear, committed intention are all words you might use for your purpose now. Choose the one that resonates. Then simply, cleanly, align with your frequencies of unconditional love, for all that you desire is contained within them. With that alignment within you, you will share those frequencies of unconditional love automatically. There is nothing more to concern yourself with.

As you do that, all will become clear, for all of your questions will be answered within you, as well. In your corrent meantime, we wish to simply remind you, or give you our coaching “right downto the wire,” as you say, of the major tips to remember. We will give you a few now, and return with more, we are quite sure! How could we not? We love you, our own deepest desire is to have you know that, and feel our support. You see, we are right beside you! How can we not whisper in your ear when we feel you need it most! Here then, are a few of our tips to hold onto for NOW:

* Remember that you cannot give love to others beyond what you are receiving from yourself.

* Remember to stay in your neutral, balanced, frequency of unconditional love. Then, it will be obvious to you that the polarity of “right and wrong,” the illusion of “blame” and the self-defeating treadmill of “competition” are only experienced to the degree that one is NOT loving.

* Remember that SELF-love, ir the lack of it, is the source of all of all external reflections.

* There is no point whatsoever in proving to anyone that they are “wrong.” They will only dig in their heels all the harder to defend themselves against such an attack.

* Yes, indeed, it IS an attack on another to try and force them to see that you are “right!”

* The only reason that any of you want to be “right” in the first place is because you have already heard way too many times that you were “wrong.”

* If you, yourself, are trying to prove that you are “right,” then, it is for the same reason. Work that out within you.

* The whole idea of “needing someone to blame” is equally tiresome. Why would one need a “fall guy?”

* If it is you who are “chewing on the bone” of feeling blamed, why would is it so important to hang onto being a “victim?”

* Regarding both victim and persecutor roles of the polarity game of power, they are best simply dropped altogether.

* There are many layers and dimensions to the power abuses that have occurred over eons on your planet. They were not without purpose, and all of you have participated in every one of them and in every role.

Yet there is much competition coming to the surface now, even among those masters who call themselves lightworkers—masters who had hoped they’d left such concerns of the ego behind.
Recognize that the wounds of the past can ache, and the old yearning to be the “best” in order to be loved can throb painfully. Recognize the suffering there, and expand your love to all who feel it, including yourself!

* Only by loving the unlovable will the unlovable become loved. Only through the frequency of unconditional love can the despised feel worthy of love, and so begin to emanate love as well.

* There is unlimited Love for every precious, special one of you! What would a body be without any one of its divinely created parts?

You see, as we told you, the answer to ALL of your questions is Love.
The antidote for every doubt, every dip into fear, every lunge into separation, is Love. Even your earth quiets when love calms the turbulence of your human collective. And if you doubt the power of unconditional love, imagine for a moment the effect it would have on your stock market, which writhes completely at the mercy of emotional imbalance!

Do not look around you now to see “what’s going to happen.” The barometer is within you. Set it at unconditional love, and expand that love without conditions. Your next new moon would be an excellent time to set that barometer, with a firm intention to maintain it without question.

Masters, rise! Rise to your frequencies of unconditional love! And shine! Expand that love to each and all! Pour it into every person and every circumstance that seems unloving, for that is, of course, where it is needed most of all.

There will come a day when you will marvel at the magnitude of what you have accomplished in the universe, right here on your earth, at this time.

We are the celestial team, we are never far from you, and we will be watching you, as always, with great love, and with enormous pride as well.

Shine, Beloved, shine! –the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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