7.3.11 Christ Consciousness: The Second Coming

7/3/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved, we greet you in a swoop of energy, just “in and out” this time with a brief exchange!

We know you are still digesting Yeshuwah’s words and frequencies from the last few transmissions, and we do not want to interrupt that most wonderful process. So, we promise to be brief. We transmit now only because there is a big birthday celebration scheduled tomorrow in one of the countries you use to separate yourselves with. It is your United States that is having its party at this time, and because this celebration falls so soon after your last new moon/partial eclipse as well as Yeshuwa’s last transmission, it is “energetically stirred,” shall we say? And “energetically charged,” as well, we might add. Of course, this “timing” is no accident, as you know by now that no timing ever is.

Through your Yeshuwah, you have just gained access to the memory that YOU are here to integrate ALL into ONE. You alone in the universe have the alchemy to do this! And, though these transmissions are read only by you who choose to read them, which is a very small number among the all, indeed, we tell you that by reading them through your heart, you send the information out to ALL.

We tell you, also, that your entire universe BREATHES WITH YOU now, just breathes you, breathes for you, as you decide whether to reclaim your power and your fullness! All focus is upon you, and it is a most moving and trembling moment of joining that is occurring in your universe now– because of YOU.

On your planet, you might see it as an extraordinary moment in one of your football games, in which a most beloved team is playing, and the final touchdown will decide the entire game. Only, this game has gone on for twenty something thousand years! Far longer actually, but we are trying to give you a sense of the importance of this moment in your time. Condensed into the length of one of your earthly games of sport, you would now be in the last few seconds of the game, with the final score in your hands. And all KNOW that you can win with ease, hands down, you are like giants playing with insects– if ONLY you own the knowledge of who you are.

But we do not like this metaphor, for it is from your dimension of polarity and therefore about winning, which is meaningless. We simply, sometimes, need to reach into your dimension for metaphors, in order to give you the frequency of what we are trying to express, and so, of, course, the literal meaning you ascribe to the metaphor can be drastically misleading! This is why we prefer that you read the frequencies carried in the words, and leave the words behind. Rather like eating your pistachio nuts! The words are merely the shells that hold the information that is brought to you.

And so! We digressed a bit, but in using your languages, it is VERY hard not to! We continue:
So, here you are, with both your divinity as well as your reason for being here revealed to you at last. You have just fully and concsiously received the truth that you are on the planet to integrate the all into ONE. And what comes upon the heels of that powerful illumination but a national holiday celebrating a country that portrays itself to be the most powerful one of all of your countries? Ah, now we have a can of worms opened at exactly the right moment, have we not?

We will tell you why most clearly, for it is important that you understand your co-creative power now. Through the energy that you give to this holiday, and the meaning you attach to it, it will become a catalyst for future events. The fourth of July holds much energy in the consciousness of your collective, as do all dates that symbolize momentous events. You, therefore will manifest the future, and we mean on a global scale, through the frequencies of your beliefs, emotions, and the meaning of your actions tomorrow. Yes, you ARE that powerful.

We mean, of course ALL of you, for there are no real divisions between you. But this holiday, in this nation, because of the sorts of energies at play, can set a template for all other holidays in all other nations that also celebrate separation. What is to be celebrated, then? Only THIS moment, and your truth in this moment. You are here to love unconditionally, to weave yourselves (in truth, your SELF), together again with your alchemy of compassion.

Though Yeshuwah did not call it so, we all know, and you all know, what that is. It is Christ Consciousness. You hold it within you. YOU are the carriers. YOU are here to envelop the all into oneness. Each and every one of you are here for that reason.
You have felt the longing, and now it is activated.
Were there such a thing in space/time as a Second Coming, it is YOU.

Use your energy well! Know that all of the energy pulsing your planet now is really only YOU.
YOU have created all that is occurring, and nothing is happening TO you.
You are ALL.
Remember who you are, then, and do not fuel energies of separation unaware, any longer!
Nor of course, do you fight against them, for then you would only be feeding the illusion that they exist!
ALL YOU do is extend your LOVE, your awareness of oneness with all.

You are the changemakers! And change does not come in any form that is similar to that which is being changed. Your Yeshuwah wants a word with you about this now:

This is Yeshuwah.
As you bring the power of your love to your world, we tell you to be
prepared to be bathed in love, and we tell you also to be prepared to be called “radical.” Take that in stride, for in truth, you WILL be radical.

Remember, Beloved, how it was! And fear not, for no persecution will stop you now, and nothing but your own lack of SELF-love could ever cause you to falter.

Each and all of you WANT this integration into oneness now, no
matter how things “look” on the surface! You are united in your love
and your mission.

Compassion IS revolution.
Violence and fear are not, they are simply more of the same.
As is celebrating divisions among you,especially now that you see
there are none.

But COMPASSION! That is NEW to your planet as a united force of change! That WILL be revolution into a whole new cycle, indeed.

Know that we are with you, among you, and within you now.
You do not have to wait for the future, or hope for the future you
desire. You ARE the future.
Shine, Beloved!
This is, at last, OUR time.

This is the celestial team, and we fear that you will find our “brief” message to not be as “brief” as it seems to us. If that is so, we apologize; it is just so very difficult to be “brief” when we try to do so in your much slower dimension, and through the obstacles of your words. We are not making excuses! Just…explaining. We will “work on it.”

For all of you, no matter what boundaries have been put in place between you or where you are within them, we wish you a joyful celebration tomorrow and forever of the truth that you are truly only ONE, and that all you are is LOVE longing to be reunited with LOVE.

We are Always and in All Ways in LOVE with You –the celestial team

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