1.9.12 Navigating in the NOW–A Message and a New Video From the celestial team!


Hello, Beloved!

Happy New Year! Has every moment of your life felt NEW today? Have all of your experiences been original? Well, indeed they have! And if you have not felt them so, we tell you gently but intently that it is only because YOU were not there when they occurred. Instead, you were in your head, “watching a rerun,” were you not? Having an old experience, and missing the new one entirely! Whatever for, Beloved?

NOTHING you experience NOW has ever happened before. NO ONE you encounter NOW is the same as they were the last time you saw them. Not even someone you live with, and see “all the time!” Most importantly, YOU are not the same. There are powerful new energies on your planet NOW, and they are ever freshly arriving. They are the very flow of your New Paradigm of Being, in fact, and so, do not try to put them into old containers! Instead, feel them infuse each of your NOWS, much as you allow the air you breathe to fill your lungs. You breathe in, you breathe out. In, then out. You do not hang onto an “old breath,” and expect it to keep you going! You let it go at once, in order to take in a new one! Let it also be so with your NOWS. Breathe them in new, and then let them go to experience the next, new one. In, and then out…in…and then out… in…and then out…Yes. That’s it.

It is all right, Beloved, if you forgot and held your breath a bit until we brought you this reminder. Indeed, that is why we are bringing it to you–you are not alone! And please do not judge yourself for forgetting, we beseech you. It is what you got used to doing in your old paradigm, when you had not yet claimed the creative power of your Sovereign Authority. Always holding your breath, bracing yourself, feeling powerless! See it now as a useless old habit, and nothing more. Know as well, however, that it is one we most strongly encourage you to let go of! The clear and honest truth is that you cannot embrace your New Paradigm of Being, breath by breath, while still holding onto the breath of the old.

Never doubt the robustness of our commitment to providing you with all of the non-stop encouragement in doing so that we possibly can, either! We will approach your old habits from every angle we possibly can, in order to inundate you with a myriad of tools and support—you have our eternal word on that. In truth, it is for that very reason that we bring you our new Love/Light Video, for it comes from a very powerful angle, indeed. Not only is it alive with the frequencies of the NOW, but it was “custom made” especially for you!

Moreover, we will tell you precisely what the angle of potency we activated for the video is, as your awareness will enhance your ability to receive it, and tell you much about your own power, as well. Here is what we did: We asked our Judith to attempt to describe the experience of the NOW to you in your linear language, which, of course, is impossible. Yet! Her whole-hearted, human desire to TRY anyway created an alchemical human bridge for you to cross from your old, third dimensional concepts into the new, multi-dimensional frequencies of the NOW. You see, Beloved, although light beings can assist you in many ways, it is only the power of the human heart that can create such a bridge across dimensions for your species.

It is worth stressing, is it not, how POWERFUL a loving, human, heartfelt, desire is? Indeed, it is a power that is marveled at and admired throughout our universe. We knew, then, that through our Judith’s desire to share the experience of the NOW with you, that her words, her body language–her very being, when taken in altogether, and then mingled with our own frequencies–would alchemically become the ideal transmitter and frequency activator for YOU in this moment.

And so it was, and so it is in the video that is waiting for you beneath our words. And if you watch more than once, the frequencies will still be there to activate yours anew each time. You see what alchemists you all are!! NEVER forget the power of your heart.

So, as the video was manifested through the human heart, we ask that you receive it through your own human heart. In other words, honor the heartfelt delivery with a congruent reception, for what is offered is far more than it would seem if merely “looked at” through the third dimensional eye and brain.

Let your heart have it, then! Breathe in the frequencies of this, our newest gift of love to you, and ALLOW them to activate your own awareness of what it feels like to be fully centered in the NOW. Drink them in, and feel yourself at last where you truly are, which is in the hub of all creation. Let them fill you with your own energy! Your own aliveness! And then, LIVE, Beloved! LIVE! And know that as you watch and receive, we will watch YOU, and, oh! What joy we will receive as YOU receive!

How we love you! Always, and in All Ways—the celestial team

This video may boggle the brain, but its not meant for the brain. Instead, if you breathe the frequencies into your heart center as you watch, you’ll feel a rush of exhilaration as your ability to be fully alive and powerful in the NOW is activated.. Then, you’ve got it–it is YOURS. And even if you forget in 10 minutes and go back into “the treadmills of the brain,” you KNOW the feeling now, so you can ALWAYS get it back. Never doubt yourSELF!

copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley, All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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