1.23.11 Your Grand Awakening!

Yes, it is us–it is the celestial team!

We communicate because the fizzing of energy we feel among you now has engaged our frequencies in a most positive and infectious way! The word “infectious,” of course, is not entirely apt, and yet it does describe the powerful way this new energy can be spread from one to another, rapidly and effortlessly.We feel it important to pause here, before proceeding with our message, to clarify that the words used in your third dimensional realm cannot, and were not created to, express meanings that are multi-dimensional in nature. Thus, we choose words that, in the context of our communications, might elicit the flavor, or frequency, of our meaning. We amuse ourselves now, for we realize that we ask that you be poets in order to understand our messages! That is as it should be; the poet is there within each one of you, and is fast awakening.

To the point of our communication: A new wave of expansive energy has “hit” your planet today, and it will provide much fuel for your own expanded awareness of who you are! You will increasingly FEEL yourselves as energetic beings, far vaster than your physical bodies. You will begin to “know in every cell” that you have projected the experience of having a physical body, and that this body is contained within the vastness of YOU, and not the other way around! You will have flashes of insight that will bring an entirely new sense of your identity ALIVE, and which will completely align you with the truth you have forgotten–YOU have created this projection in order to do the interactive work YOU are on the planet to do, on behalf of all beings in your universe! And you’ve all felt small for so long! You have NO IDEA how small you are NOT!! (laughter and frequencies of glee come through)

We will bring more messages offering suggestions as you navigate yourself into your full and dazzling mastery. We will try to keep many of them brief, focusing a few words on particular challenges and skills, so as not to make the reading tiresome. We hope you will welcome our messages, and find them
useful. We will “wind up” our present communication with a few broad strokes of the brush — as a poet might say! (more laughter at the poet metaphor)

* Your main purpose here is integration. You are here to integrate illusions of duality. There is only ONE.
* You are all here to serve in that purpose, yet not to “work!” Your sevice will spring from your joy within…
* The source of your joy will be the very integration of the all that you are serving.
* Your most powerful tool by far is LOVE. You are learning to maintain your highest frequency from within you.
* Maintaining your balance in your own highest frequency is an important focus now. It will keep you from being tossed into dis-equilibrium by your own thoughts or the actions of others.
* Actions of others only trigger that which is within you, and the place of healing is within.
* In your expanded state, you will no longer take “personally” the programs of duality that you came to integrate on behalf of all.
* In your mission, you have “done it all,” played both sides of every polarity in your many lifetimes.

You have been all, to heal all.DO YOU HEAR US? We sense the need to repeat this more strongly: YOU have heroically involved yourself in both sides of every duality in order to understand, release judgement of, find compassion for, and integrate all of them.

Therefore, do not avoid facing, and do not judge yourself for, any of it! Forgive, understand, integrate. This is no longer about “you,” for YOU are far more than that “you” you thought you were! YOU are doing this for ALL. Let that awareness lighten your load! Trust yourselves again. Enjoy your mastery now! This is, actually, the best part, and the most fun, once you “get the hang of it.” .We leave you now to “digest” this deeply into your beings. Our greatest wish is that you begin to see yourselves through our eyes, as the expanded, glorious, energetic beings you are.

You are the hope of the universe, and as such have awakened hope in the universe itself. Therefore, do not doubt for a moment the continual outpouring of support and care that inundates you at every moment!

We end our transmission for now. However, our love, appreciation, and support begins anew in the pulse of every moment, and is without end.
—the celestial team

copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011–All Rights Reserved
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