5.24.11 From the Celestial Nurturers: “What an Amazing Frequency Media Center You Have Created!”

5/24/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Just checking in, Dears!

Yes, we are strongly feeling “the urge,” as you say, to sweep in with our loving acknowledgement of you now! So hello, Loves, hello most warmly to each and all of you with much tender recognition!

The nurturers among us are acting a bit like mother hens now, we admit, and we must laugh at ourselves, for you are certainly NOT little chicks! Far from it, as our celestial team cohorts point out to us! And what a mighty team this is, this celestial team that comes together for you! We simply must tell you this, for we are so honored, we “mother hens,” to have the great privilege of inclusion! If you only KNEW the power, the universal talent, the unbounded creativity, the Masters of masters, that have gathered together as one to form this team, united through one love–for YOU. We who are braiding most dominantly with our Judith for this transmission are angelic beings who study with the collective you call Mary, and WE are in awe of being in the company of this celestial team!

If ONLY you knew! Well, the game there on your planet would be over “on a dime” then, that’s all. But that is coming, that is coming together as YOU come all together. It is the watching of your own timing of this, as the masters you are, that keeps us rivited, for your mastery is unique, and the threads you are weaving together as you work your alchemy are many and varied, and sometimes quite tangled. Like a ball of shimmering white yarn that when unraveled appears to take on many, many, colors, is the best way we can describe it. But you are doing it, you are doing it. Indeed you are!

We are thrilled to be communicating in this way with you now! You see, it is a first for us, to be the dominant frequency in a braid of SO many exalted beings. They feel that our frequency is valuable to you now, isn’t that wonderful? We also feel them firmly surrounding us with their love, guidance, and support. As always. Even though we are all from very different “notes in the octaves” of the higher realms, we feel their loving care around us always. We wish you could feel the same connection and support in every moment, for it is there with you as well. Always¬† And, oh, how we wish you could feel it in within your own collective!

We long for that, for it is only normal, or so it is from our perspective. In fact, we are in wonderment at your wizardry in creating so much complexity, so much dissonance, with so little to work with! After all, you are all only ONE, and look at all the myriad illusions of being separate from one another that you have created for yourselves! Be assured that we could NEVER have accomplished that, and we truly are in awe.

We do not like the pain that it causes you, however, and the confusion. That is why we will be so happy when you integrate yourselves together into your natural state once again! It has been a very thrilling game you have been playing there together, we know, and a noble one as well. We know you would never have wanted to miss it, for it is THE BIG GAME of our universe!

But it has come to feel a bit arduous, has it not? Well, just know that its way beyond anything WE could have handled, that is certain! But you are masters. It was not beyond YOU. And now, you are wrapping it up, and, oh my, what a celebration you are heading towards!

Now we can see that you’ve played right over the tipping point and into the grand culmination, and we know you see/feel that as well. We suppose this is the most exciting part for you, for you have been playing for many lifetimes, just to get to this moment! Everything is bubbling to the surface, all the cards are being forced onto the table, and the entire planet is like a frequency media cente now, keeping you up to date on all the angles of your inner process. It is amazing to watch the intricacy of this orchestration!

Well, we have gone on long, and not added much to what the masters and archangels have been focusing very intently on for the last few transmission, it seems. Ah well, we are not teachers, we “mother hens!” We do know, however, that our frequencies of enthusiasm, as well as our perspectives, have communicated much of importance to you and about you in a purely energetic way. In other words, we have shared a kind of knowledge that does not need to be processed by the brain, but goes straight to your hearts as information. And because we “sound” so light and rather “fluffy,” your brains do not even try to interfere.

Ah! NOW we see why we have been allowed to carry this transmission! We feel much warmth and gentle chuckling around us from the others as this “dawns” on us! We have been speaking of your mastery and your ONENESS, sharing information that simply passes as easily into your hearts as the whipped cream you have there! Well, we hope we leave you with that sweet taste. We are being asked to repeat something we said earlier now–something to digest with the sweetness. It was–Oh yes! That your entire planet is like a frequency media center now, keeping you up to date on all the angles of your INNER process.

My, that WAS profound! We are quite pleased with ourselves, for that is exactly true! All that needs to be put together again is within you, and your planet–everything there, the weather, the disturbances, the conflicts between others–are simply reflections of what is crying for attention, love, and integration WITHIN you. When you are centered and balanced within, so shall it be without. Remember, also, that you are all as one, a shimmering ball of light–it is only when you see yourselves as separate that you seem like many colored, tangled, strings of yarn. As you feel whole and shimmering within, through self-acceptance and unconditional self-love, so will you ALL become the shimmering ONE that you all truly are.

We hope you enjoyed and found food as well as sweetness in this transmission! We end now, quite heady and exhilarated with the warm approval we are feeling from the others! Oh, Beautiful Ones, Sovereign Masters, such warmth is there for you as well, for all! Feel it within, and then find it without. That is the secret, and you know it well, inside you!

Ah, we love you, and it is such a joy to love! Be well, be wise, be love. — the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011  www.thecelestialteam.com

1.19.11 First Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Fond Greetings to You,

We are the celestial team. We greet you most warmly at this time. We feel your energies gathered in this group on your Facebook; gathered with the intention of meeting us, and we are joyful. We want you to know how much joy that gives us! We also want to make clear that it is the power and light of YOUR energies that has provided us with a conduit to speak to you. You are that powerful! You have all the power you needed to do this in the tip of your smallest fingernail! Imagine what you can do with two fingernails? (gentle laughter)

It is not necessary that you understand “how this works” with your brain. We don’t think it a good idea to even try! Your brain is a third dimensional operating system, and a fine one at that–you created it! But you are multi-dimensional beings, divine co-creators, and you designed your brains most brilliantly to keep you firmly in third dimensional density–until now.

If you wish to fathom how powerful you truly are, bypass the brain entirely and go deep, deep, into your hearts. There, you know your power–each one of you knows. And when you already know, why even bother with “figuring out how?” If you want to get home, and then find yourself there, what is the point of going back and figuring out the route?!

We are attempting, in this first greeting, to introduce you to what you already feel stirring inside you. Every one of you feels it, although in different ways. Some of you feel it as “an itch you can’t scratch,” to use one of your expressions. Also, we see agitation, impatience, confusion, fatigue–and yes!–also excitement, joy, increased vitality, and expansion.
All of these are positive signs.

As many of you know, at your recent Winter Solstice you were flooded with light, information, and an “upgrade,” as you might call it, in your vibrational frequency. Holiday presents, you might call them, beyond your wildest imaginations! Now, you are in the process of opening, integrating, and experiencing these astonishing “presents.” It is causing a bit of “disequilibrium,” is it not?

Patience. You WILL get the hang of it. EVERYTHING is changing. This IS big, and you are not “falling apart”–you are breaking out. Do not try to get “back to normal!” Your linear processes of being “in control,” of going from A to B to C, are only programs that were used to keep you under control; to keep you going in circles so that you would not remember your SELF. How far can one get on such a linear path, after all? To Z. And then what? The deception of such linear paths is that they are actually closed circuits, you see. After Z, one finds oneself delivered back to A again, to run the circle all over again. And we tell you that even your Z is only the beginning of all that there is to discover about yourselves!

Should the realization that you have been kept under control stir up feelings of outrage or victimization, however, we wish to point out that your species, in turn, has used these same “behavioral programs” to control and manipulate other creatures. The training of rats in laboratories to run on treadmills would be the most obvious, as well as the least, example of such that we might offer. Neither do we mean to shock or disturb you, but only to let you know that you have entered into a glorious transition! ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you experience now is in service of breaking the spell of the “treadmills.” EVERYTHING you experience now has the purpose of serving either your transformation or your expansion. You are breaking the circuit of imposed limitation; breaking through “the Z”, to use our linear metaphor, at last!

From now on, all you experience that activates your sense of separation from one another will be a catalyst for clearing and healing that old illusion of limitation. All judgements of self, for any reason, are now to be released. All feelings of expansion are there to be explored and relished, without concern that they are beyond the circuit, or as you say,”out of the box.” Celebrate that! Isn’t escape from the boxes what you have all been longing for? Indeed, it is, and you will find that your longing will lead you most powerfully now, and in direct proportion to your willingness to live through the limitless intelligence of your hearts. We assure you of that, and so do not try to “figure this out!” Simply trust your amazing hearts and allow the expansion. To use one of your sayings again, this is NOT the time to “look a gift horse in the mouth!”

We will say one last thing, for we don’t want to tire you with our message. Yet, it is perhaps the most important thing we will say. Yeshwa speaks on our behalf:

This is Yeshuwa.

We see you with love, and we see you as one. You are all ONE. You are all in collaboration together, assisting one another, integrating all of your illusions otherwise back into that oneness. Let your collaboration become conscious If you judge another, find what you are judging within yourself, and forgive it there.

Remember that those who are trying to maintain control over you do so out of terror,for they have forgotten that all is one. Find that terror within yourself, and release it.
Remember that behind all violence, there is trauma. Send love to the trauma.
Love yourselves, for all is within you. In this way you will work magic beyond what you think possible. You are powerful, and love is the most powerful frequency in all creation.
Be the masters you are, then, and make magic now! There is only ONE.

We close for now. We send our support, our absolute faith in you, our compassion, and our constant love. We are here for you. Call on us, and we will be at your service. We will surround you with love and support. We will offer guidance until the time you remember that all guidance is already within you, and you trust once more in the All that You are.

With that, we end our current transmission. Our loving connection with you remains. –the celestial team

copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2011


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