1.22.13 Video – YOUR SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY, 2013

1/22/13 Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team

Hello, Beloved Human Family!

This is Judith, and I’m just popping in, as the celestial team says, to give you the link to the video we just made, “Sovereign Authority, 2013.” There is no introduction that I’m called to provide for this one. Instead, I’m decoding the frequencies that are coming to me as, “Silence. The video will speak for itself. Your participation will follow soon enough.”  (Ha ha ha ha–and then they suggest that I “take advantage of the break!”)

Here then, is the link to “Sovereign Authority, 2013.”


Much Love/Light to you,  from my very own human heart — ♥ Judith


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12.28.12 NYE–Fizz into 2013 with the celestial team!

12/28/12 Love/Light Message from Judith and the celestial team

Hello, Beloved Human Family!

This is Judith, and the celestial team is braided with me a little (but they’ll be coming through on their own in a minute or two, have no doubt!). In this last of our 2012 messages, my part is to remind you that the unprecedented energetic transformation we have been participating in this month is not over yet! New Year’s Eve will bring us the last of December’s monumental, three phase download of energy designed to fuel and support us across the threshold from a paradigm of separation into one of Unity Consciousness.

As you recall, the first was on 12/12/12, and its purpose was to prepare us for the “main event,” which was the actual crossing of  “zero point” on the threshold,  meaning out of the old energies and into the NEW. As you also know, this occurred during our Winter Solstice (or Summer, depending on your location on the planet). The third download, which we will receive on the 31st, will assist us in completing our process of integrating, and integrating ourselves into, the energies of this New Era we have entered. They will help to “ground us” in our NEW energy grid, and to live in alignment with the “Whole New Paradigm of Being” that the celestial team has been talking about since Oct., 2011! This is a very big deal, because only by consciously choosing to LIVE in alignment with the energy of Unity Consciousness will we then ground it in our own energy grids, and so make it “real” for us.

Well, the celestial team is very excited about the power of this moment, let me tell you! They are fizzing all over with their desire to support each and all of us in making that conscious choice in any and every way they possibly can–and they are enterprising, as you will soon read/feel a little further into this message! Since, as their earthly member, I’m still only consciously able to focus my physical presence in one place at a time, however, let me tell you where WE will be physically focused on the eve of 2013–and then they can take it from there.

The  celestial team and I, both in turn and together, will be speaking, providing energy alignments, and answering questions about “Presence and the Setting of Intentions” at a New Year’s Eve event in West Los Angeles. We want you to know that, just in case you will be anywhere within commuting distance and wish to join us. If you are able to attend, you can expect lots of amplified energetic attention–and PLEASE be sure to introduce yourself to me/us personally, because there are many thousands of beings (including me) who would absolutely love that!  To attend the event, here’s the where and how–
Location: The Gateway- a Portal for Growth and Wellness
2511 S. Barrington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Reservations are required, so go to http://www.thegatewayportal.com, click the calendar,
click 12/31, and resvp “yes.” This will put you on the guest list, and you’re all set.

Even if you cannot join us physically, here’s where the celestial team gets enterprising, and I won’t even bother to attempt to describe the physics of this! The bottom line is that, because you take in their messages, you are already “hooked up” with them. This means that when they transmit in L. A. on the 31st, you can receive their energy activations if you join us energetically, because they will have “all lines open.” If you choose to receive them, simply go off somewhere quiet so you can tune into us without distractions, for about 10 minutes, at around 10:00 p.m. pacific time. Or, even better, get your friends to do it WITH you! Because they are hooked up with YOU, they’ll also be able to receive through YOU.  (See how amazing Unity Consciousness is?) Then, open your heart centers, and RECEIVE.

And NOW…here comes the celestial team fizzing through—

Hello, Beloved, and YES, we ARE fizzing! Our Love for YOU makes us fizzy to begin with, and when you add the JOY we feel at seeing you move into Unity Consciousness, you can’t even imagine how fizzy we are right NOW! You’ll just have to feel it– so open your heart, and breathe our fizzy Love and joy right in! And, if you do not feel it rush in right away, open your heart even wider! Then, before your next breath, decide, with your full Sovereign Authority, to breathe our frequencies in “to the max!”

THEN, your miraculous lungs and heart will honor your command in an instant. At your command, they will not only receive our fizzy frequencies on your behalf, but will spread them throughout your body in one rapid “whoosh.” What divinely intelligent “organs’ they are, are they not? Your word “organs” does not even begin to express their remarkably advanced vibrations of Unity Consciousness as they nourish and support your physical body! Nonetheless, they are always at your service. They breathe Love into you, amplify Love within you, and pulse Love outward from you, to whatever extent you allow. Never forget that, Beloved! All they await is your command. So give it NOW and feel our fizz rush in! It will be like being at a wonderful spa, right inside your own body. How your cells will thank you!

And…if you join us on New Year’s Eve, we will make sure you feel “the fizz” within you then, as well, and there will be even MORE of it, given all of the energies that will be at play with our own.  Just like the finest, bubbliest,  of your champagnes—only we won’t get you “drunk!” NOW, how is that for a lovely way to welcome your NEW Year, your NEW Paradigm, and your NEW YOU?  We say go for it!

Then… expect miracles as the days of your 2013 unfold, Beloved. As long as you remember that YOU are the miracle worker, it cannot be otherwise.

As long as you claim your Sovereign Authority, and leave the dissonance of powerlessness, fear and competition behind you …

As long as you begin to “see” that in Unity Consciousness, diversity only makes the music of your collective richer as you harmonize as One…you will, indeed, make miracles.

BE the frontrunner you surely are if you are reading this message, then! Continue to sing the song of harmony that you hear in your own heart, even when you hear nothing but dissonance around you. And be patient.

Remember that it is YOU who is bringing the sound of harmony into the world! You will not hear it echoed back to you unless YOU create the echoes!

So SING, Beloved, in full voice, and never cease. Sing out the melodies of Loving interconnection!

Sing it to those who have heard them in their own hearts and have been longing for someone to harmonize with–just as YOU hace been.  

Sing it warmly and gently to those who commit violence, for behind all violence is a spirit frozen in trauma, and who NEEDS the warmth of your song most of all.  

Sing your heart to everyone, and know that all are thirsty for it, no matter what the reason!  Let nothing distract you from this, your most important and glorious mission, and we promise you—we PROMISE you–you WILL begin to hear the echoes–as long as you persist.

You WILL begin to hear other voices harmonizing with your own. At first a few, and then in mighty choruses. Know that the sound of this harmony is what will replace judgment with compassion as it spreads across your earth, for all things are created through the vibrations of sound. We will explain more about that soon, but for NOW,  just trust that it is true.

SING that compassion into being, for it is the song of compassion that will Light your world, and your entire universe as well. Trust this, Beloved. TRUST the song in your heart, and sing it loud and pure and strong, so that ALL may hear!

Happy, Happy, New Year. Happy New Paradigm, and Happy New YOU.                       SING, BELOVED, SING!
Much Love/Light to you. Always and in All Ways—Judith and the celestial team

Final note–If you need support in leaving the old behind and stepping into the NEW, NOW is the time to command it. As a result, many are, and Judith and the celestial team’s private sessions by phone, Skype, or in person are now almost filled through the second week in January. So, if your heart is asking for one, don’t hesitate. YOU are ALSO worth it. YOU deserve…and WE know it. We love You! ♥
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