1.22.13 Video – YOUR SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY, 2013

1/22/13 Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team

Hello, Beloved Human Family!

This is Judith, and I’m just popping in, as the celestial team says, to give you the link to the video we just made, “Sovereign Authority, 2013.” There is no introduction that I’m called to provide for this one. Instead, I’m decoding the frequencies that are coming to me as, “Silence. The video will speak for itself. Your participation will follow soon enough.”  (Ha ha ha ha–and then they suggest that I “take advantage of the break!”)

Here then, is the link to “Sovereign Authority, 2013.”


Much Love/Light to you,  from my very own human heart — ♥ Judith


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1.15.13 Believing, Perceiving, Receiving. That’s Reality for YOU.

1/15/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved! Happy 2013 to you!

Do you like the title we chose for our message? We think it is quite “snappy!” It is “catchy,” don’t you agree? And the words even rhyme…believe, perceive, receive…The rhyming makes them easy to remember, does it not? That is what we like about them most of all, because we want very much for you to remember them. And, we believe you will perceive why, and so receive them fully, as you read on into our message! There is much more to them, you see, than words alone convey. Much, much, more…


Ah, NOW there is a magic word, indeed. It might even be the most powerful word in your language, for it holds within it the seeds of “reality,” itself. We tell you in truth, Beloved, that everything you perceive as part of your “reality” is there because of a belief within YOU that makes it possible. Nothing that YOU do not believe is possible can ever be perceived as a part your “reality.”

THAT is how powerful your beliefs are. That is also why we always tell you to look within you for the source of all you see around you. YOU are the creator! NOW is the “time” to step into that unlimited creative power of yours with full, sovereign responsibility, for YOU are ruled by no one and no thing. BELIEVE it, Beloved, for that is your truth

Next, we ask that you look from that place of BELIEF in your own Sovereign Authority, at how you are experiencing the NEW energies that you crossed into at the threshold of your recent solstice. Are you feeling their lightness, and so going through the exciting adventure of consciously adjusting and attuning to them? Or are you feeling disappointed that the energies are not doing your adjusting and attuning for you? In other words, how are you perceiving them?


Ah, perceptions!  What powerful multi-dimensional technologies they are. Beloved, believe us when we tell you that we marvel at how magnificently you have designed your perceptions to serve you. Only masters that have already ascended could have created such a finely-tuned technology, and we recommend that you take that to heart, for that is what YOU are. Oh, we have already told you that your process is not one of “ascending,” but of “RE-ascending,” we know! We tell you again NOW because it is important that you finally believe it NOW. Believe it to the point of KNOWING, for in this particular moment of your expansion, your perceptions serve as the most elegant, efficient, “two way reflectors” of your re-ascension process that could ever be imagined. Your perceptions project your beliefs outward into reflections that even your limited 3rd dimensional senses can translate! And, they reflect them right back to you, so you can see what you are creating in every moment.

Never will they will let you down. Quite the opposite, for your perceptions operate energetically as automatic “fail safe” mechanisms. They alert you to any beliefs you are holding that are not in alignment with your highest aspirations. Metaphorically, they are like the “beepers” that go off in your stores of commerce when an attempt to “steal” is made, informing you whenever a false belief such as self-doubt or fear is robbing you of your sovereignty.

Another apt metaphor is that you have your very own state-of-the-art navigational system installed within you, and it “beeps” whenever you begin to go backward instead of forward. (Please apply whichever one of our metaphors is most resonant–we certainly have no preference! Or, make up your own. Just use your own imagination–that’s what you designed it for, you know!) And, whatever way you choose to image this particular technology, know that its frequencies are felt inside you in a way that is just as “alarming” as the external ones that are heard as sound by your 3D ears. By your own design, they are registered as dissonance within you that is interfering with your desired frequency state.

Of course, since you are the sole owner of your perceptual warning system, you are also the only one who decides how, when, or even whether to use it. As the designer of your own reality, what you perceive is always an exact reflection of your most strongly held beliefs, and unless YOU choose to make perceptual adjustments, they will reflect exactly the reality you have chosen to receive. Please understand! There is no “choosing” or “not choosing.” There is only “choosing,” or “choosing by default.” Because you are sovereign, it cannot be otherwise.


An intention of our message has been to clarify the energetic process that your word “receive” actually symbolizes, for it has been grossly distorted by the illusions of 3D duality. Through that filter, “giving and receiving” have been split into two, seemingly opposite, processes. The word “giving” held the energy of the power to act, while “receiving” was imbued with frequencies of powerless, passive, expectancy. Feel the difference between being one who gives, whether it be gifts or punishment—and one who passively waits to receive. Very different, separate, states of being!  Rather like the ways your energies of “masculine” and “feminine” have been split in two, is it not?

Well, we are here to tell you that giving and receiving are NOT separate states of being (nor are masculine and feminine, for that matter)! The frequencies of giving and receiving express different aspects of one process, that is all. They are not separate. It is only through the illusion of linear time that they even appear as “separate events.” Giving and receiving is one gestalt, just as giver and receiver are One. Take that in, Beloved. Your mind may have to expand a bit to hold it… and so expand your mind! Why? Because it is important that you do so NOW.

And why is that? Because the way you are “receiving” the NEW energies has everything to do with the beliefs and perceptions YOU are giving to them! If you have been passively waiting to receive a NEW experience of yourself and your world from them, for example, then you will surely be disappointed. How could it be otherwise, if you have not been activating your OWN process of giving/receiving? The NEW energies are there, but only through engaging with them will you feel them! The NEW energies will support your expansion in ways you cannot even dream of—but only to the extent that you engage with them.

Again we ask, how could it be otherwise? They are there to amplify your Sovereign Authority, not to “steal” it from you! YOU are the designer of your own expansion, after all! It is through your OWN choice to align with NEW beliefs, and your OWN NEW choices of higher frequencies of perception, that you will put the energies at your service. And only when, and only as, you do so will you begin to give/receive the reflections of  ALL that you can do NOW–to YOURSELF.

Ah, Beloved. Trust us in this. We know through our Judith how frustrating it is to be “feeling your way blind,” while at the same time you can almost remember that you know the terrain like the “back of your hand!” We also know that we have condensed a vast amount of information about your incredibly complex and finely-tuned energetic technologies into what is a very short message by comparison. Do not let it overwhelm you. Instead, take it all in once, and then do so again slowly and often, a little bit at a time, over several days. Remember to read from your heart center, and breathe deeply as you do, for our message is encoded with frequencies that you can take in through the breath to awaken your own “inner knowing,” without ever having to run it through the 3D processing center of the brain. It is also important that you keep yourself well-hydrated, for our encodings will be loosening lower, toxic, ones that have been embedded in your physical body, and the more water you put into your physical self, the more quickly they will be flushed away.

Never forget that we are always here to support you every step of the way, in all ways we can. The encoding of our messages is one of those ways. Working in collaboration with our earthly member is another, and even as we are engaging with your frequencies in this very moment, we feel a plan forming among all of us to provide as much “earthly” nurturing, step-by-step, assistance as possible. You will hear more about that soon, we are sure, but for NOW, we will leave you to read and digest. Our Judith is quite exhausted from the energy that was required to translate this transmission into words that would carry its frequencies, and that is our indicator–our “beeper” if you will!–that we have transmitted quite enough for now!

YOU, Beloved, have begun a process of self-empowerment that will quicken with every one of your steps, because you are powerfully supported by your NEW energies. BELIEVE it, PERCEIVE it, RECEIVE it.

How we love you! Always and in All Ways—the celestial team


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1.5.13 Current Energy Forecast- A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

1/5/13 A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Current energy forecast–The new lightness continues, lovely for those who choose to notice, still too subtle for those who do not–but the choice NOT to notice is beginning to require more muscle!

Today, for example, I went to the birthday party of a friend I have known for a very long time, but rarely see anymore. Oh, we still love one another, it’s just that when I stepped into a multidimensional paradigm of being a few years back, our paths…”converged,” shall we say? So, I’m at this big party with all of HIS friends, none of whom share MY path, and you know what? Even though they “knew nothing” about the recent energy shift we have experienced (and they probably didn’t want to hear about it, either), they apparently didn’t HAVE to, because they were feeling it and expressing it nonetheless!

Never have I had a more delightful time communing with the energies of people who call themselves football coaches and financial analysts, and all kinds of titles that are “foreign” to me, and we were in the SAME country, communing in the same SPACE, and enjoying one another very, very, much. ALL of them were experiencing themselves differently (as was I), and they even said so, although they couldn’t say WHY– and the “why” didn’t matter!

This NEW energy is something to feel, to flow with, and to allow ourselves to respond to–to “become response-able to”–by acting differently WITHIN it. Unity Consciousness requires nothing more than allowing ourselves to listen to the heart’s call to REMEMBER one another, and be “response-able” to that inner call. It isn’t rocket science. It is a matter of the heart.


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.   www.thecelestialteam.com

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