1.5.13 Current Energy Forecast- A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

1/5/13 A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Current energy forecast–The new lightness continues, lovely for those who choose to notice, still too subtle for those who do not–but the choice NOT to notice is beginning to require more muscle!

Today, for example, I went to the birthday party of a friend I have known for a very long time, but rarely see anymore. Oh, we still love one another, it’s just that when I stepped into a multidimensional paradigm of being a few years back, our paths…”converged,” shall we say? So, I’m at this big party with all of HIS friends, none of whom share MY path, and you know what? Even though they “knew nothing” about the recent energy shift we have experienced (and they probably didn’t want to hear about it, either), they apparently didn’t HAVE to, because they were feeling it and expressing it nonetheless!

Never have I had a more delightful time communing with the energies of people who call themselves football coaches and financial analysts, and all kinds of titles that are “foreign” to me, and we were in the SAME country, communing in the same SPACE, and enjoying one another very, very, much. ALL of them were experiencing themselves differently (as was I), and they even said so, although they couldn’t say WHY– and the “why” didn’t matter!

This NEW energy is something to feel, to flow with, and to allow ourselves to respond to–to “become response-able to”–by acting differently WITHIN it. Unity Consciousness requires nothing more than allowing ourselves to listen to the heart’s call to REMEMBER one another, and be “response-able” to that inner call. It isn’t rocket science. It is a matter of the heart.


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  1. Reblogged this on Sirian Heaven.


  2. That was really lovely


  3. Sounds like what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve kept social with some ppl by explaining just a few concepts that I thought were the Main Things about this shift, and most ppl did get it.


  4. And Thank You for sharing this post! Happy New Year Judith!


  5. freddie greenfield

     /  January 6, 2013

    What a refreshing reminder that we are all capable of experiencing ourselves in a different light and by stepping into another’s moccasins.
    I especially connect with being responsible and listening to my heart’s inner call.
    Thank you for your sharing Judith.



  6. Hi! FANTASTIC story and experience, so much so I sent the link out to a bunch of people! To be fair, Judith, you might also want to credit your SELF a bit for making a contribution to the ‘vibe’ and positive energies that manifested during that party. Remember, as LightBearers and WayShowers, those around us are affected directly simply by our higher-frequency ‘presence’, and we catalyze more en-Light-ened ways of interacting with each other by simply interacting ourselves socially. Part of our overall missions, of course. . . . .


    • Very true, Waverider1! It’s all part of our “response-ability” as Sovereign Beings…Thanks for sharing the story with others, AND for sharing your insightful comments here!


  1. Judith Dagley – Current Energy Forecast – A “Hit Of The Day” – 6 January 2013 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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