3.14.13 Yeshuwa, the Fourth “Power Tools” Video, and YOU

3/14/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we surround You with Loving delight in all that You are in this glorious moment of your “time!”

We come NOW to surround You for another reason as well, and that is to witness the re-introduction of the final video in the Power Tools Series. This was first offered one of your years ago, in linear time. Like all of our communications, whether through written transmissions or videos, it was taken to heart at that “time” by those who were ready to receive it. The numbers were small then, but no matter. If even a single one of the all that is your human collective is ready to receive, we much delight in the offering. NOW, however, the number of You who are asking to receive has grown, and we rejoice! Because all of our tranmissions remain alive in every moment; because linear time is an illusion; because your abilities to receive are expanding rapidly; and because the time is NOW–it is You, yourSelf,  who has actually brought this video before your eyes again. Even more, You have brought your own Beloved to You to make the offering. Here is Yeshuwa.

This is Yeshuwa.
You are powerful, indeed. Ah, how You shine when You reach out to us with your power! Believe it when we tell You that You light up your universe in the doing. How great our joy is to see your Light, and how eagerly we respond, for You are our Beloved in the most intimate sense of the word.  Please feel our joy NOW, and let it activate the joy of recognition in your own heart, that we may share it together.

The  video You have called for us to offer You NOW is a most useful one, and we applaud You for your request. You understand that, as energetically absorbed in alignment with the sequential process of the three that have come before, it will assist You with stepping into an expansion, as well as a NEW clarity, that will feel completely NEW to You in this lifetime. You understand as well that it will not be “NEW.” In your heart, You know that it will activate a “homecoming,” of sorts. You know that the energies of your Spring Equinox will assist You with grounding what your spirit is remembering into your physical form.

The video will, indeed, give You the last of the most essential tools You need in order to step into your Sovereign Authority as a master. All of them would  be for naught, of course, without your power. What are tools without a power source? What good is a wrench without a hand that knows how to use it? What good is a lighthouse in the dark–even a thousand lighthouses!–without the electricity that sets them ablaze with light? You understand. Your power tools cannot work without power. You are the power. 

YOU are the painter of the reality You see around You. You hold the brush and the palate of colors in your own hands.

YOU are the conduct0r of the orchestra that plays the music You hear. You can turn dissonance into harmony, or vice versa, with the flick of your wrist. 

YOU are the playwright, the director, and the set designer of the play You have chosen to create at this most momentous TIME. You are the star, and You are also the one who chooses the cast. NO ONE is in your play, which You write anew in every moment, unless YOU cast them. You have a “full-house” in every moment of the run of your current production, as well. Your entire universe is rivited by ALL of your creations.

Do You understand, Beloved? If no one in your “reality play” ever gets cast without your permission, then all are there to serve You. All are there at your own command to assist You in playing out your Highest vision for yourSelf. To assist You in Loving your divine Self enough to spread Loving compassion to the All, for all is only One. Once You remember tbis–and only when You do, You will, indeed, change the world–and more.

And You will, Beloved! You will. We know this because we seeded the ability to so within your very DNA. That is why You are here at this time, as You know. And You certainly do not work alone! We are with You always, remember that, as well! Whenever You waiver, go inside and say these words–“I Am that I Am.” Feel us saying them right along with You. Then, be still… and feel the ecstasy of Truth flood through You until You can no longer doubt that God is within You. In truth, You are the magnum opus of the multiverse. And so it is, Beloved. And so it is.

This is the celestial team. Forgive us, but we are “speechless” with reverence and joy in this NOW, and so can only bow to you our frequencies of gratitude, respect, and eternal Loving support.  Please take them in as your very own.  Here then, is the link to the final Power Tools Video. Please take it in as your very own as well…for that is precisely what it is.

Power Tools for Navigating NOW, Part 4


We Love You!   Always and in All Ways — the celestial team


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