4.1.12 Chill, Beloved! Remember Who You Are.

4/1/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with frequencies of  steadying warmth and recognition of all that you are.

Paradoxical, we know, that we chose the word “chill” in the title of our message, when we are actually sending you warmth, is it not? But not only does that colloquial use of your word “chill” amuse us very much, it actually contains the frequency of our meaning –far  more than your words “heat up” might, for example. And this is but a miniscule example of why we have been asking that you begin to tune into frequencies, rather than live according to old definitions  that only served to limit you!

In one of our very first messages, we told you that you would soon become as poets. Perhaps you are beginning to see why. Metaphor is actually a multi-dimensional form of communication, and far more reliable  in expressing frequencies succintly than your linear language of labels and facts ever could be! That is why we ask you NOW to let those old, archaic, forms of categorizing reality into illusionary “little boxes” go.

Forget all those “self-help books” you have read that have been written by “so-called experts,” for one thing! Unless they are simply documentations of ancient texts, they are not written by “experts,” but by those who are simply trying to control the anxiety they feel at facing the multi-dimensional unknown. They want to be “experts,” and to convince you of such, to put a lid on their own anxiety, and that is all.   Books that are written in your NOW become obsolete the moment they are written. That is truth.

And why, you ask? For one, because you are expanding SO fast that your idea of what seemed true only yesterday is already out of date today. NOW, books serve the purpose of documenting every moment in your fast-accelerating expansion for antiquity, so that they can be marveled at in terms of what you call your linear history.  That is all.

Beloved, we tell you this only to stress, as fully as we possibly can, the importance of trusting your own experience NOW. All of this “expert business,” whether it is wanting to be one or learn from one, has got to go! There are no more experts! You are all “off the map” of anything you have known before. You are all navigating new territory together.  NO ONE has ever been there before.

Therefore, do not look to books, or the media, or anywhere but WITHIN YOU for your “expertise.” Do not– as your Hopi Elders have already offered wise cousel of–do not look outside yourself for a leader. Each one am0ng you is unique, and with something to offer to the whole of your collective that none other can. Everything you need to know, all of your discernment, all of your personal guidance, now lies WITHIN YOU, and there alone. TRUST that, Beloved.

We know that we have spoken much of this in our prior messages (according to your linear time), but we reiterate it once again for those who may not have read them, and for all who need to have their awarenesses refreshed.  It is MOST important that you trust your divinity, your sovereign authority, and your holographic nature, NOW.

Changes and shifts are occurring constantly. Much that has been “clogging your multi-dimensional capacities” is coming up for your attention now. Many of you feel tired, or overwhelmed, by the process. The process is called many things–“purification,” “cleansing,”and  “root chakra clearing,” are among the labels. All are valid terms, depending on one’s perception. The point we wish to make, however, is that none of them are complete. They are all only one perspective of a process that is multi-dimensional, and the Source of that is WITHIN you.

Our concern, you see,  is that you might take any one of those definitions and “think” that it means you are not “ready yet”  to actualize your heart’s desire. NOTHING could be further from the truth, Beloved. Please take that in. You ARE ready. You ALWAYS have been ready.  This is a process of clearing out all illusions otherwise, and nothing more. Please note the difference. It is important.

All you need do is begin to experience your life through your heart center, and connected with Source. Your expansion will then take care of itself. You are already “hard-wired” for that. There is nothing you need to “work at,” nothing you need “to do.”  When you read our messages through your heart, our frequencies will assist you in activating your “multi-dimensional heart connection.” That is our main purpose in transmitting the messages.  If you who are reading this do not yet know know how to do this, please re-read our messages. Or watch our viideos again. Or leave a comment on the page, asking for guidance. Or call our Judith, and she will guide you through her voice. We are here for YOU, and the reason is NOW.

Don’t be shy!  Let nothing stop you from reaching out for assistance, for the time you have longed to be on the planet to partake in is NOW! You deserve to feel ready, and you deserve whatever loving support it takes for you to feel that way. You are ALREADY a master. We KNOW you, remember?

The particular game you are here to play in this lifetime is in its final quarter. Many wanted to be here–YOU “got the ticket,” so to speak.  The whole universe is watching, and much cheering and hope is directed to YOU, and we mean personally. (All have their “favorites” in a game such as this, after all!) In this moment of your NOW, much is occuring, far more than the poor brain can fathom. We KNOW you don’t want to miss it, sitting on the sidelines, watching how others are playing.

Beloved. This is YOUR game. Do not miss it. This is the time to speak up, ask for support, connect with us, connect with others. You are NOT alone. PLEASE know that, and call on us. That is why we are here.

We love you. YOU are LOVE-ABLE.  Always, and in ALL Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright (c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved www.thecelestialteam.com

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