The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty EXPLAINED!

Greertings. We are The Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting to you from within the grand orchestra of the celestial team. “Grand” is an understatement to the extreme, by the way… as is Frequency “Technicians!” Unless you are one of few who bravely jumped out into the “wild.wild west” of this entangled web you call cyberspace because you felt and followed OUR frequencies here, we would like to present a question that we strongly suggest you ask yourSELF– “What am I DOING here?” We then strongly suggest that you LISTEN to the answer from within your SELF! You are a Sovereign Creator Being. YOU create worlds.YOU know what “magic” is, YOU know it is your own inner technology! It only seems like “magic” to those who FEAR your majesty, and so enslave you by zapping YOU with their own fear… the cowboys of the wild wild west, zapping REAL power with mere cattle prods! We suggest that you begin to feel the truth of that, and how RIDICULOUS it is becoming. We suggest that you go into this VOID that has been presented to you by a universe
that adores you… empty of everything, full of potential…
and all of it yours. YOU ARE SOVEREIGN! You have the laser technology that creates WORLDS! And so you ARE.. Right NOW.
We are The Frequency Technicians.
— through celestial team earth member Judith

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Wow. Wow wow WOW. This is IT, all right. The Turning Point of March 2016, the Void, the Alchemical Vessel of Transmutation, the Coccoon of Transformation… ALL of that. Ever since I offered The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, I have been innundated with requests via email for private sessions. I respond personally to each and every one, so if you are one who sent your email within the last 24 hours and has not yet received my response, know that you WILL, and very soon.

In the meantime, I have recognized a need to further clarify The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty… what it IS, and how to USE  it… for those of you who may be wanting that clarification. As I am also writing this in the wee hours after responding to emails non-stop for much of what is already yesterday, I am…

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