Questions, Questions… the Answers Are In Another Paradigm, However

Hello Beloved,
One cannot see NEW through old eyes. Nor can NEW be described in old words. One has to WANT to experience NEW before one CAN experience NEW. Form FOLLOWS frequency, remember? We remind You.
We Love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


“I’ve been following your websites and using everything you say about working with energy and IT’S WORKING!! My boyfriend sees it too, but he says I have nothing to do with it. He says things just happen. I love him, but this is starting to bother me a LOT. Should I dump him?”

What I think (and said) is that you should get yourself to THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING on Sunday!  For lots of reasons. I don’t see a reason to “dump” a loved one in any of them. I don’t see how that would solve anything at all, unless what the loved one “thinks” bothers you so much that you realize you really DON’T love him/her. Or you may have simply outgrown one another, but if that were true, there would be no reason to use anything to “fight against” to  drift apart.

It most certainly IS possible to love…

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