THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING Recording– Alive, Available, and A Lot To Be Excited About!

Hello, Beloved! We want You to HAVE this post from our Judith; we want You to feel her HUMAN frequencies of excitement; we find them deliciously catching, and even fizzier than our own! And WHAT she is fizzing over is indeed, a most powerful “game-changer.” We encourage you to tap into the LIVE recording she speaks of and USE it! Only through experience can You know why, or can You even know at all, and oh, there is SO much to know that You can do! We can hardly wait to WATCH You, Beloved!
How excited we are for You, how we love You, Always and in All ways– the celestial team!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Segment 1.
disco-dance-10034668I AM VERY EXCITED. I have been for days, and so many synchronicities keep happening that amplify my excitement that it just keeps gathering momentum… which is why I haven’t shared why I’m so excited with you until NOW. “WHY” keeps growing faster than I can write! But I can’t wait any longer to tell you what sparked all this excitement, because it is meant to be shared and spread… like  WILDFIRE. So I will, right NOW, and save all the rest for later… which is why I’m calling this post “Segment 1,” btw. Maybe I should actually call it “The Beginning”… but that’s for you to decide for yourSelf.

The spark of this excitement ignited the minute I pressed the record button at the beginning of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING (last Sunday, 4.17). In a Energy, particle connectionnanosecond, it spread through the entire multidimensional energy circuit of the tele-gathering… an…

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