10.12.11 Integrity and Integration: The Mentors and Teachers Speak

10/12/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Integrity and Integration:The Mentors and Teachers Speak

We greet you with frequencies of clarity and guidance in this moment of your NOW,

We see very clearly that you have, all together, entered a new and expanded phase of your collective vibrational shift! We celebrate this! We see as well that you are SO newly entered into an energetic process, and one SO new to you, that it is quite far beyond your prior third dimensional categories of conceptualizing. Yet, because such “leaps” have an exponential effect, they can lead to others very quickly! (We wish you to note the quotation marks we requested around your word “leap,” please. The word is not an accurate one for your current process, for it is based on a linear way of movement “forward”–and that is another linear word!)

You see, as you move out of the illusion that time occurs in a line, your language itself becomes obsolete, for it was developed from within that very illusion. From our perspective, you are not leaping, you are extending; not moving forward, but expanding. As you practice reading frequencies through your heart center, you will begin to see this clearly for yourself. Remember, your heart’s intelligence is multi-dimensional, and so knows exactly what you are becoming, and how and why as well!

However, until you have fully made your adjustment to multi-dimensional perception, it is time for the mentors and teachers among us to step forward. They are already familiar to you, and they always braid with the frequencies of our transmissions. Now, they will step forward as “the main thread,” for now is when you need them to do so–and they have been waiting for just that! We appreciate and honor their dedication to serving you as beacons of illumination, rudders to steer by, and compasses to rely on so you never need feel lost. They will begin with a few important awarenesses for you to integrate, and then return shortly to expand on them.

We Are the Mentors Who Guide and Teach.
We do not give ourselves a “name,” because they are many. In our realms, we do not need names, for we know one another at once through our frequencies. Some part of our grouping has been with each of you who reads now, either by various names according to your own frequencies, or simply as what you might call insight or intuition. If you “tune into us,” you will recognize us as intimate friends, unseen, perhaps even unknown, but as an energy that has always been with you, nonetheless.

What we wish to introduce into your expanded awareness now is the decidedly non-third dimensional process that you have entered. You have been through many expansions on your own as an individual, it is true. What is recently new is that you are now doing so as an aspect of a collective. A workable analogy might be this:

While before you were able (or limited) to experiencing yourself as an individual cell surrounded by billions of other cells, you now will experience yourself as a cell that, while still individual and necessarily so , is also part of a body. NOW, you expand into knowing that you and all the other cells also hold ONE identity TOGETHER– and so, one common purpose. Therefore, you share the energy of the body you are in as one, while the body also requires the unique integrity of your singular being in order to be whole.

Perhaps you can begin to see from that analogy just how insufficient the word “leap” has become. Perhaps you see that you are certainly not leaping out of anything and into something else! Rather, you are expanding your awareness of the magnificent vastness you ALREADY are within you. Take that dazzling awareness into your heart, for it will serve you well now.
We will leave you with a few more words to set your inner compasses by, and then soon return again with more, and with more “rudders” and “beacons of guiding light” as well!

* Your integrity as a “cell,” or an aspect within the human collective, is critical to your current, unprecedented, ascension process. That is why the entire celestial team has been encouraging you to be whole WITHIN you since our very first written transmission together!
* Integrity is nothing more than knowing and accepting all that is within you. It is claiming the all of yourself as your own. In short, it is internal integration.
* The expanded result of a commitment to doing so is self-love.

* One can only participate in a collective ascension to the degree that one has committed to this internal integration into integrity within.
* This is not a rule to be obeyed, or a grading system set up by external authorities. Nor has it anything to do with your value or self-worth. This is simply the way energetic alchemy works.

And so, we lovingly beseech you to take back any and all remaining fragments of your projections, embrace them as your own, and integrate them within you! We do this beseeching only because we love you far more than you yet know. We also well know the power of your capacity to do so. You are masters of alchemy. You are also masters of Love. Trust our knowing, then– integrate, and you will soon discover and remember for yourSelf!

We end now, braided together again with all of your celestial team. We are united in our devotion to serve you. Indeed, it is an honor and a joy for us to do so. And above all else–oh, how we love you!

Love Always and in All Ways—the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved www.thecelestialteam.com

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