11.14.11 Let Compassion Bloom Now!

11/14/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We shower you thoroughly with our frequencies of love now!

If you could only see through your earthly eyes how our frequencies are watering you like the gentlest of rains! We know, however, that the technology of your optic nerve translates what your eyes see into patterns that are only familiar to the third dimensional brain. Therefore, actually seeing us showering you now through your earthly eyes might be a bit of a stretch–although no longer inconceivable!

You can, however, see our frequencies around you through the multi-dimensional vision of what you call your “third eye,” especially if you pull it down into your heart center! You can also “see” them through your skin, as they fall upon it softly. And, if you get that far, you can also “see” them as your pores open to them thirstily, and drink them to your cells. Soon, you could then be “seeing” them as they are gratefully received by your muscles, and organs, and as they pulse singing through your blood. “Seeing” is experienced in many different ways beyond the one way you have become accustomed to!

You can even see our frequencies in your consciousness before they reach you. You can see them as they come towards you from your skies in pulsing, shimmering raindrops of multi-colored light. You can feel them there as well, as they connect with you long before they land on your physical body, for your own energy extends far out into the universe as well.

None of this is impossible for you now. All you need do is allow yourself to see “beyond the rules,” beyond what you have been told you can see! You have been told much about what is “impossible,” and very little of it was true. Now, you are beginning to “see” for yourself!

See, also, that this shower of love and support that we are pouring to you now will remain as a mist around you over the coming weeks. Feel it there, know it is there, and never let your brain tell you it is only an illusion! We WANT you to have this, and the only way you can is to claim it for yourself. We WANT you to have this mist of love as you step into the fullness of your own powerful frequencies now, so that we might give you confidence and the assurance that there is nothing to fear.

The energies that you are moving into are NEW, and so temporarily disorienting, of course– but they are nothing to fear! Expansion is NEW, but it is nothing to fear. Feeling your power is NEW, but it is nothing to fear.

ALWAYS, expand INTO the energies, and run them through your heart center. It is only the brain that associates power with danger, for in the third dimension, power is polarized into the victim/perpetrator duality, and all of you have had quite enough of that!

Take that in. You have had ENOUGH. You have entered a new paradigm now. Yeshuwa spoke with you at length about this after your Summer Solstice, when sharing the story of your Light through our messages. Now, Yeshuwa wishes to share some of those words with you again, and with such a deep love and longing that we ask you to pause and center fully in your heart, so that you may take this great love and energy right into you. Know that the words of Yeshuwa are ALIVE for you now, and new as well as ancient, and always received as if for the very first time.

This is Yeshuwa.

We join you now with the fullness of our frequencies,
holding nothing back in our desire to expose all that we are to you as we
enfold you. We are “naked,” as you might say, as we ask that you be in
receiving us as well. This IS, indeed, a love affair between us, you know. We
smile love most deeply into your eyes and your heart now as you take in
those words. Fear not, Beloved, at the impact, for this is NOT our
first time together. Far from it.

As we continue now in telling our story, we will not fill in every
detail, because each of you holds the details in your hearts, and they are
different for each of you. Know that as we do the telling, we are telling of
our relationship with every one of you, and speak to each of you as if you
were the only one. As you are, in truth, for like us, you are only one.

Although this would not be possible for your mind to grasp, we remember all
of the details we shared together when we seemed only to be you and I, and
we will plant our knowing of you into the words. We can do this. Only open
your hearts, and feel our intimacy with you and you alone, and let them
trigger the memories you have held close in your heart for so, so, long.

As you know, we, Yeshuwa, have walked among you. We came in human
form, and there were more than one of us. The New Testament of your Bible 
speaks of us by compiling us into the man who is called “Jesus.”

Upon our arrivals, the universe watched and was moved, for we brought
unconditional love into a dimension of polarity, and seeded such love within
polarity itself.

This was the seeding of a love that could integrate ALL aspects, such
as male and female, dark and light, into ONE. This was the seeding of a
new, golden energy of integration that the universe has never known
before. And you, Beloved, carry those seeds within you, and are here
NOW to bring them into full boom.

And so, we walked among you then to do the planting. It was because
of our great love for you that we did so, for it was a time when you
most needed to be reminded of our love, and to remember that you are all ONE.

We reminded you that your God is within you, that your God is Love, and so
You are Love. We all spoke many words and used many metaphors to say,
” Love yourself, and so Love one another” in a multitude of ways.

We were reminding you of your divinity. Miracles were performed, indeed.
They were demonstrations of what you yourself can do, and nothing more.
We very much loved our time with you!

We have returned to your planet, and we walk with you now again. Some of
you, as is our Judith, are one of us who was here then and has returned now
to fertilize “the blooming” of what was seeded then.

Others of you were there to hear our messages and take in our frequencies
during that time, and have returned to bring forth the blooming.
Still others of you carry “imprints” of lives that communed with us then,
in order to bring them with you into NOW.

In short, YOU who are reading this have already made sure you have access
to these memories! That is why you are reading, we assure you. You hold
memories of us within you and have been waiting to claim them. We are
telling you this about yourself so that you can claim them NOW.

Our frequencies, carried to you through this written message, will activate them.
All you need do is read each word through your heart until you feel your heart respond.
And it will, we assure you. The moment you let our frequencies in, your own heart will
give you all the confirmation you need that it is done, we assure you of that!
Please take that in. This is your truth.

Let your memories of who you are and why you are here come into bloom, then!
Many of you have read your New Testament, and although the story of Jesus is
a distorted one, several of the teachings and parables recorded within it still carry
the Yeshuwa frequency. Although words can be changed, our energy cannot be
tampered with.

You who have read the book are well aware of that, for you have felt our
frequencies resonate within you. You who have not read the book will feel them
from time to time if you do. Trust that, and note what you are reading when
you feel the resonance. Although the teachings were used by the frameworks
of oppression that were already in place, the frequencies live. Trust them.
Listen to THEM. Feel THEM. And feel them NOW, through our message.
Feel yourSELF spring to life, and feel how the seeds that you have carried long
within you spring into bloom as you do.

We will tell you this: You DESERVE to bloom. There is nothing that makes you
unworthy, no matter what you have been lead to believe. Let go of those beliefs,
no matter how “sacred” or “spiritual” their propagators claimed to be!

Remember NOW that many of the stories that have been told, and the meanings
that have been made, of our time embodied among you were not ours at all.
They were distortions created by those who wanted to control you, to keep you
feeling powerless, for agendas of their own. Begin to discern the difference
between beliefs that resonate in your heart, and those that make you feel
“undeserving.” Feel no “guilt” NOW in tossing those beliefs OUT of your being!

This “crucifixion” theme that has been hung over you and around your necks
for example, was propagated only to do just that–to be as a noose around
your necks in order to force you into obedience!

That was VERY far from our message or our intent.

Nor do we, Yeshuwa, care anything about the stories of how we “died!”
Such things happened in the political and religious climate of the time, and
it was of no concern to us. There is no such thing as “dying.” We simply left
the physical body when and how we wished to, just as you do. The stories you
have been told about ” how we died,” have nothing at all to do with why we were
“ALIVE” and among you!

What WAS important was our demonstration of “ASCENSION.” We would show
ourselves to you after the death of the physical body, always. We did so in
order to seed within you the foretelling of your OWN future, which is YOUR
ASCENSION. That is what you are doing right NOW, and you certainly do not
need to be “crucified” to do it!

We want to be clear: You do NOT need to suffer in order to ascend. Nor
have you “sinned.” Nor do you need to confess anything, nor “repent” for
anything, nor do anything at all to be “worthy” of love. And you certainly
do not need to be rescued by any other beings, earthly or otherwise!

You ARE Love. You are made of the most powerful energy in the universe!
Please, then Beloved, do not ask us ever again for our forgiveness.There
is nothing to forgive, nothing to earn, nothing to do but love yourself as you are.

Do nothing more that would honor the false belief of “unworthiness”
that has been programmed into you!
You do not need a power greater than yourself to have “mercy on you.”

There IS no power greater than yourself.
If you believe you need forgiveness, then give it to YOURSELF, and be
done with it.

We, Yeshuwa, are not your God. YOU are your God.
What we share is the spark of divinity that is within you.

For now, think of us simply as a collective that loves you, takes
responsibility for you, and was able to bring Source into your midst
so that you might know YOURSELF as Love.

You do not owe US anything.
And you certainly “owe” nothing to Source. You, Beloved, ARE Source.
Remember. This is your truth.

You ARE here to use the seeding of COMPASSION that we, Yeshuwa,
planted within you. You have brought it with you to your planet NOW,
to do what has never been done before. That is all that matters, Beloved.

You are here to use the compassion we seeded to weave all into Oneness.

ONLY with compassion can you integrate duality into One.
ONLY with compassion can you welcome all of you home again.

You carry that precious seeding within you, and you feel it. It is
growing, it is bursting through the lid that has been placed upon you
by the old programs of control. THERE is your angst, your “growing pains!”

Simply feel your longing and your resonance with our words within you now,
and let the flower of compassion burst through the lid! It will not hurt at all–
it is only the holding it back that hurts.

NOW, let the blooming of love happen. It is already there within you, Beloved!
Just let it happen. You need not do anything but allow your heart’s desire to bloom.
LOVE yourself as we love you!

We tell you again that there is nothing to forgive in you, nothing to suffer for,
nothing to fear, and nothing to control. We tell you that the blooming is your
safety as well as your joy.
Bloom Love, then.

If you allow our seeding to bloom,
–if you allow YOURSELF to have the unconditional love that we, Yeshuwa,
planted in your heart,
–then you will emanate that golden light to all on your planet, for you are
only One.
And once you do that, the entire universe will light up– with YOUR golden light.
Please take that in, This is your truth.

Remember us. Remember how we love you. Remember how we see you.
To us, you shine like the diamond you are.
Feel yourself shine, feel our love, and then just be what you are, which is
Love. And watch everything change in the glory of your Love/Light.
THIS is what you are here to do, simply by being what you are.
Please take that in, Beloved. This is your truth.

This is the celestial team, altogether as one symphony again, raining the frequencies of our nurturing music around you, upon you, and into you, if you will let us. Let your hearts stay open to them, then, for they will resonate with your own so that you will FEEL yourself as you truly are, and SEE yourself as we do, and Love yourself as you are loved.

Always and in All Ways, we love you. –the celestial team.

Copyright(c) 2011 Judith Dagley,  www.thecelestialteam.com -All Rights Reserved.

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  1. lynn

     /  November 20, 2011

    Beautiful words to take to heart Judith! Thanks for being a channel of such love. We are living in exquisite times and I smile while imagining and feeling the gentle rain of unconditional love.



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