11.23.11 New Love/Light Video: Navigating into A New Paradigm of Being, Part 1

11/23/11 Love/Light Video for Navigating NOW

Arriving on the eve of Thanksgiving, and just as our year of 2011 begins its transitional fade into the new light of 2012, the timing of  Part One of this video message  is clearly synchronistic. Even though it is my physical presence in front of the camera, I, Judith even find myself  astonished by the multidimensionl eloquence of the timing. But then, even the filming of this message was astonishing to me…and astonishingly “different,” as well.
More accurately,  it was not the filming, but me that felt different–a lot different!  About a week before,  I’d begun to feel an energy field gathering around me, and by the day of the shoot, I felt as if I’d suddenly become that energy field! I soon received the awareness that I was actually experiencing myself  as the vast energetic being that the celestial team assures us  we are–and with this little physical body in it that was somehow spouting out all of these words!
Very “Alice in Wonderland.” Very much what has been called an altered state state of consciousness — one of the many labels that has now become obsolete. Our language is riddled with such words that categorize the extraordinary  as “abnormal,” or “pathological,” or at the very least, “dismissible.”  All of them must be replaced now, with words like “amazing,” wonderful,” or at the very least, “new.”  It is up to those of us who recognize this to begin that discarding of such old, constricting, labels, and so set the template for the others. And the sooner the better, I’d say, for we are in for quite an exhilerating and expansive ride!
What I know for sure n0w is that there is quite a lot of “beingness” to expand into, out there beyond the boxes and treadmills of the 3D brain!!! I know that my consciousness is beyond measurement, for it is not  measurable. I know that while making this video, I was actually pulling the frequencies of the words I spoke out of the air, and plucking words to carry them as well,  I also know that my own energies were “mixing with” those of the celestial team. Rather than “transmitting” their messages, I was part of their very orchestra, a soloist delivering  a symphony  that we were all playing in together.
That experience alone is one of a whole new paradigm of being!  It is also quite boundary shattering to the  ego/brain, I might add.  In spite of its consternation, however, my spirit is wildly excited, and this feeling of myself as a vast energetic being with a little, tiny, body inside it has not left me.
The celestial team calls this new video-message “a video from the future,” and that they actually mean  that  literally is beginning to sink in.  It also provides a context for  my “new experience of being,”  which, of course,  leaves me more in a state of wonder than ever!
I invire you to share that wonder with me by settling your body into a comfortable chair,  your attention into your heart center, and then pressing the link below. I can tell you with certainty that it is an “energy exchange” more than anything else, and one that can be felt experientially.  So, allow yourself to jump off the treadmills of the brain and into a wonder-full taste of your future in a whole new paradigm of being!   Then, may your Thanksgiving be an ongoing celebration of gratitude for the glorious, magical being you truly are–and that we all are–right NOW.
Always and in all ways, know how precious,  loved, and celebrated  you are!
–Judith and the celestial team
The first of a three part video sharing powerful revelations about our current human transition into a whole new paradigm of being. Braiding with the frequencies of the celestial team, Judith feels her way through the words to weave an even deeper communication that can be felt and received on an energetic level.
Copyright(c)2011 Judith Dagley, www.thecelestialteam.com  All Rights Reserved.
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