12.3.11 Important Questions, Important Answers!

12/3/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloveds!

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, IMPORTANT ANSWERS! These are important concepts to explore with you now, for their meanings change with your frequency! You will soon see that important questions are only those that lead to more questions. Important questions open doorways into wonder, they set you free to explore possibilities. In truth, that is the sole (and the soul’s) purpose for questions! On the other hand, “answers” silence the curiosity and end the search, for that is exactly their purpose. “Answers” are mechanisms of control, and nothing more.

Now! One of our readers–one of our very special human friends!- has asked a question that is a “turning point question.” By that, we mean that it invites, and even more, requires, an entirely new perspective of asking, and an entirely new landscape of meaning. By spending a short while turning such a question to just the right “angle” in order to focus its beam into a whole new terrain, we can make it quite a floodlight of revelation for our curious explorer!

The revelation is that TRUE questions always hold their own answers within them. Remember that statement! Copy it, put it somewhere where it can remind you all the time! Indeed, authentic questions are rather like your word “bait” in that they activate the desire to learn more, and then that desire pulls one ever deeper into the question– until it finally comes to fully know ITSELF, you might say. This is actually a reflection of how Creation creates. “As above, so below.”

Because our current “questioning friend” is also YOUR representative, and so has brought the essence of many of your questions to us in her one, so will we address “the many” of your questions as we answer her one! Please understand that you will not need to have specifics, labels or “concrete facts” in order to hear and feel the relevance of our responses to you. Such definitions actually fragment and obscure comprehension far more than they enable it.
If you are tuning into our message through your heart center, however, you are feeling its full multidimensional reach. You are FEELING the essence of what we communicate. Within that essence is also your innate KNOWING as to  how it serves you in your own concerns.

Are you feeling, as you take in our frequencies through your reading, the multidimensionality of our explanations to you? This is something that you will begin to experience more and more, as there is quite a lot of new energy coming to your plant now to assist you in doing so! Now is a wonderful time to ask questions, for the new energy is most definitely going to bring them forward! And you will see that there are no answers invented as yet that can apprehend their flow!

Yes, Beloveds. You are “out of the box” at last.
You CAN linger in it, of course, or continue to revisit it whenever you wish. Perhaps you will even surprise yourself with the realization that you love your 3rd dimensional box SO much that you’d rather stay in its familiar–and, in its own way, fascinating–limitations for awhile longer, after all! All of these choices are entirely up to YOU now. All that is important is that you KNOW that they are YOURS. You are no longer “confined,” and you can no longer be “controlled.” And any further illusions that you have about:
–needing to wait FOR anything,
–or “answer” TO anyone,
–or go to anyone outside of yourSELF for “answers,”
–or require ANY sort of protection at all–
are only leftover illusions of your own. Let them get your attention! The key to navigating your way by choice is to know that everything you experience is ALWAYS a choice, and completely yours, without exception. Sovereign authority is yours. This is true whether you believe it or not. It cannot be otherwise.

Well! As is often our way, “the essence” of what we want to address in answering this now-famous and still unidentified question has, through the frequencies of our intentions to serve you, been almost entirely deposited in “little quantum packets” in your energy field!
Should you find yourself immediately leaping into suspicion as you read that–thinking that such an “unsolicited deposit” is a violation of your sovereign authority!–we ask you first of all to focus on the mistrust, the fear of betrayal that so immediately leapt up for your attention.
Give it your undivided loving attention!
Allow it to exist. However “big” it once felt, YOU are now big enough to hold it within you.
Thank it for working so devotedly and ceaselessly to be a watchdog on your behalf.
Let it FEEL your loving appreciation and compassion.

Now give this poor, loyal, energy pattern the great gift of knowing that it does not have to continue to worry over you and stay on constant guard over you any longer.
Communicate this NOT through your ego/brain construct, with its concepts, labels, and self-doubts!
Form this communication in your HEART, and straight FROM your heart. Do not bother trying to find words! They have never been your primary form of communication, and  they are  fast becoming obsolete, entirely.

Once your loving acceptance, compassion, and appreciation has been felt within you to the point of drenching your very bones, let your fear-and -mistrust-energy-pattern be drenched until it drips with the frequencies of your sovereign authority.

There is nothing more we need explain. All healing, all expansion, will happen on its own, and in perfect synchronicity with your own divine timing. And of course, the “quantum downloads” we gave you with this message cannot even be opened unless done so by you, through your own choice!

So now, we get to “the question” at last. And yet, not quite! We are struck by the impact that all we have shared thus far is having on you. There are certain phrasings we used that, coupled with your recent experiences and the new energy around you, are operating like quite the “starbursts of expansion” within many of you! We sound VERY pleased about that, do we not? My, my. You ARE expanding!

We will, then, let all that we have shared thus far settle in before continuing. It is actually quite wonderful, the way so many of you are responding to it already! Enjoy and recognize how easy it is to expand, now! In your case, it is actually MUCH harder, and much more draining energetically, to stay in the density of the 3rd dimension! That is one of the reasons you had to go through so much entrainment to keep yourself there. Now, however, you can simply float out of it whenever you want…

So settle, and float, and whatever else you choose to do, and realize that none of any of these things are contradictory any longer! We return soon with more of our message, more delight in your questions, and more questions to delight YOU with as well!

We love you. –the celestial team.

Copyright(c) 2011, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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