12.5.11 Important Questions, part two: THROW THEM ALL AWAY!

12/5/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, have returned, as promised, to the questions asked of us recently. Because the beginning of our response a couple of your days ago was so powerfully encoded, we wanted to give you time to process all of it before offering even one more word!

For some of you who are becoming adept at decoding frequencies, we know that not another word is even necessary. Others of you have taken the encodings in as little “packets,” to open and process as you continue to receive “upgrades” from all of the energy influxes that will continue throughout the final weeks of your year, 2011. Very conscientious of you, we say! And to all of you, know that absolutely everything we say in this transmission, if condensed into its energetic essence, would resonate with one suggestion only:

Now, how about that? It sounds as if we are going to leave you with a very short and concise message, at last, does it not? And wouldn’t that be something new, indeed! If you are laughing at us, because of how long we do go on at times, know that we are laughing right along with you, and enjoying every moment of it! You know us VERY well! And it is true, there are reasons why we simply can’t seem to manage making our interdimensional deliveries to you “short and sweet.”

As we have explained before, our messages are very “full,” in your terms. We cannot fit them easily into your language, which conforms to the linear construct of time/space in the 3rd dimension. Our messages are multi-dimensional, meaning they address all aspects of every issue at once. It therefore takes about a thousand linear words to say what only one word would say, were it multidimensional. As you become more attuned with reading frequencies, however, we need less and less words to carry them to you!

There is also another reason why we do not want to begin and end this follow-up message with: Throw all of your questions away!! We do not want anyone who reads this, and who may still feel identified with the old ego/brain programming of the 3rd dimension, to feel “tossed aside” along with our suggestion to “toss away” those old questions! NEVER would we want to risk activating those dismissive feelings within any one of you in your human collective!

You have been dismissed ENOUGH. And even though it is true that such an activation would only be a reflection of your own dismissal of self, providing such activations is not our role with you. Our role is to Love You. Our role is to awaken you to your divine power and purpose.

We felt your Yeshuwa braid with the speed of breath right into our frequencies, and then through our Judith in an instant, and then lead us with love as we transmitted these words. Can you feel Yeshuwa now, flashing like lightning through your galaxy, raising the frequency of your entire solar system, as LOVE moves to embrace you?

Can you feel how passionately Yeshuwa is in love with you? And dedicated to midwifing the birth of the child you created together—christ consciousness seeded in the womb of humanity, over two thousand years ago–in this season of your Winter Solstice?
No being has ever been loved with more devotion than YOU are, we assure you.

Ah! Do you see what has happened once again? Our message is getting long in words before we even get to it! To the point, post-haste, then, of our suggestion to throw all of your old questions out:
If you take that suggestion to heart, you will find yourself greatly unburdened and far lighter in spirit. You see, all of your questions were formed within a paradigm that you are choosing to leave behind you. The only answers that would apply to them, then, would be those that would keep you within it.

You learned, in your old paradigm, to live in fear of the unknown. In a world of problems, attacks, and unknown dangers, you were entrained to feel very alone and helpless. You needed “answers,” “solutions,” “weapons of defense” –be they in the form of inoculations or artillery. You needed to be “rescued.” Your questions, then, were motivated from a desire to find safety from outside of yourselves.

In the New Paradigm of Being, or “your shift,” to use your endearing nickname for it, such questions do not apply! In your NEW Paradigm, you take conscious responsibility for your power, knowing that as long as you do so, absolutely nothing that you do not create yourself can touch you.
Nothing! You are sovereign.

To get full understanding of the truth of this, you will need to look, yourself, to your most recent questions about your process of moving into the New Paradigm. Find for yourself the frequency that is in the core of your inquiries. Yes, find it yourself! You are certainly capable of that, now, so USE your capabilities! Unless you do, you will not even know they are there. Unless you do, you will choose “by default” to stay in a frequency of powerlessness and fear.

We will tell you what we have found, however, just to light your way a bit this time! We have found the frequencies of fear and helplessness still lingering in the core of the most urgent of your questions.
As you move into the higher frequency of your New Paradigm of Being, if you experience the process as “alarming” rather than “exciting,” “threatening” rather than “empowering,” or “problematic” rather than “fascinating and engaging,” then you can be sure that you have questions that are fear-based within you.

We hear some of you express alarm as your physical chakras come alive again, and you feel them as the powerful vortices they are. Realize that such alarm arises because you are so unused to feeling the full power that is within you that you assume these signs of life must be coming from something that is NOT you!

Some of you with fears left to clear may even believe that you are being attacked by a foreign entity when you feel your own power rise up against a wall of blockage. No, Beloveds. Relax. As your body awakens, past-life traumas raise to the surface of every cell to be released–just as occurs in your mental, emotional, and energy bodies. This IS the process of ascending, after all! One cannot get “lighter” without letting go of the old “heavy loads,” can one?

Remember, as well, to use your discernment now, for there are many agendas at play around you. Know that as you claim your own ascension, these agendas are also far easier to see and navigate than ever before. For example, whenever you hear anyone, anywhere, use the label “symptoms” for signs that physical bodies are clearing toxic memories at the cellular level, such dissonance of description will be obvious to you, because you will feel it in your body!

Your own cells will let you know. No matter who does this labeling, or how much power you had given them before, your cells will NOTICE when their glorious and welcome release from genetically encoded oppression is described as if it were a sickness! And they will let you know loud and clear, we assure you. Once you have taken your power back, it will no longer even be possible to buy into such leftover strains of oppression—they will be so immediately discordant that identifying them will be what you call “a no-brainer.” (And what a lovely term from the future that is, too!)

Remember as well that this process of ascension in physical embodiment is exactly what you are here for! It is why you wanted to be here now! You came for THIS PART, the process itself! Trust us when we tell you how excited and thrilled you were to be one of those chosen to participate in this unprecedented event! Try to remember how coveted this assignment was, and how very few received it. Trust us when we tell you how eager you were to get here.

And so, Beloveds, as you feel yourselves transforming, leave the old paradigm of fear behind! Be excited, instead. Do not look anymore for explanations that would put your experiences “into boxes,” for those old boxes will only constrain you now. Be comfortable with having no definitions or labels for your experiences, for new ones will evolve in time. Let your own processes teach you about themselves.

As well, do not look outside yourself for expertise, be it in the form of energy healers, medical doctors, psychics, therapists, or light beings! Let go of the old belief that you need to rely on others who have special knowledge or gifts that you cannot also access within you! See that such thinking is born of the old paradigm of power and control, and that it is exactly such thinking that kept humanity oppressed in a long history of enslavement. Begin to trust that ALL knowledge is within you. The more you go within to seek knowledge, the more you will find.

This is not to say that you are not interconnected with one another! However, you will find that your interconnectedness with one another in your human family is of another frequency than dependency and need, entirely. We will not say more about this now, for it is one of those concepts that would take a thousand words to even barely describe! Beside, it is your right to have the joy of making such discoveries yourself. Be on a journey of discovery, then! Enjoy every moment in a state of wonder, for this is exactly what you have been waiting for. Do not wait any longer—the journey is NOW, and you are already well into it!

Know as well how admired and respected you are for being one of the “golden ones” on your planet, right now, spinning your amazing, golden, alchemy. Know that you are watched breathlessly by an infinite consciousness, every moment, for your every thought, belief, feeling, and action affects your entire universe in the moment you create it.

Yes. Take that in please. Let us repeat that. Rather, let us ask you to say this out loud to yourself, right now, please:
And so it is.

Well, we hope we have used enough words to sufficiently convey the importance of leaving all of the old questions behind. Remember that it is THIS PROCESS that you came for, not the end result. You already know what it is like to be ascended. We will return soon in video form to share, under your Yeshuwa’s guidance and through our Judith’s abilities to braid us all through as one, the profundity of all that you are and all that you are bringing to fruition at last.

This team of ours is a mighty union and an endeavor from the future, make no mistake. And as with all dawnings, there will be those that thrill to the first light, and those that need the relentless pulses of the noonday sun to rouse them. We will be with you all, in your own timing, and your timing will be perfect. It is ALREADY perfect, Beloved.

We bow to you, we celebrate you, and we love you.–the celestial team

copyright(c) 2011-2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

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