11.10.11 About the Powerful Frequencies of the 11.8.11 Message

Hi, everyone, this is Judith–

I have just received a prompt from the “mother hens” of the celestial team! They want me to remind you that, as we did our best to translate into words, the frequencies offered in the 11.8.11 transmission are POWERFUL.

And I, myself, can attest to that! I always wait until the next day to read what I’ve written and sent off, because no matter how intense the process of translation is, I forget it all very quickly soon afterward. So, by waiting until the next morning to read the transmission, I can take in the frequencies offered in the messages “fresh,” much like you can. Well, when I read the latest message, I felt the encodings begin to spark within me immediately, and they continue now. It is most wonderful! And POWERFUL.

Therefore, the celestial team wants those of you who are still nervous about “taking in frequencies” to know that. They also want you to rest assured that they are encoded into the message with the utmost loving care. They will attune to your own personal resonance, and so activate you energetically ONLY in accordance with your own willingness/readiness to take them in.

For those of you who simply read the messages, you will feel the frequencies very little, if at all. No need to worry about their causing any changes in your experience of yourself or your external reality in that case. You are “holding the fort,” so to speak!

For those of you who have been following the celestial team’s guidance about how to take in their frequencies over the past ten months, you will receive and integrate them smoothly.
And those of you who are new to the page but already energy sensitive will as well, for your capacity to do so innately matches your familiarity with frequencies.

It is those of you who’s HEARTS are longing to take them in, while your BRAIN “pretends otherwise” that the celestial team most has in mind in prompting me to write now. To you, they ask that:
* You prepare your brain for the frequencies before taking them in. Let your brain know they are coming, and tell it to stand aside! This will help YOU realign YOUR intention to receive the frequencies into your heart.
* You ground yourself in your body and in the moment before you start. Feel (or imagine) a silver cord extending from you down into the core of the earth. Feel it connect there, or hear it clang into place, or see it. Then relax your body, and prepare for the FEELING of receiving through your heart.
* You EXPECT to receive.
* You ENJOY the receiving! Let it have its time.
* You give yourself a transitional period before you return to your day of “functioning and accomplishing.” This might take anywhere from 2 minutes to– as long as you want! Tune into yourself, and let your SELF tell you what YOU want.
* You make sure you are grounded in your body, and back into the focus of your earthly day before you stand up to move on. Take some deep breaths, and FEEL yourself ready before you do. ALWAYS, from now on, let your own being guide you–no more pushing yourself around! It isn’t necessary. ALL of you wants to be in alignment and in support of YOU!
* You allow yourself to enjoy the activations and expansion that follow! It is LOVE energy. YOU are made of love. Hold that awareness, because love is the most powerful frequency in the universe, and will never feel like anything other than LOVE.

For all:
* Drink a lot of water over the next few days to help your body flush out the old energies.
* Do gentle stretches and/or take easy walks outside, letting your body find its preferred pace and rhythm.
* Breathe deeply into your heart, often. Let it become a habit.
* Being out in nature is wonderful for you now, for all of nature WILL reach out to you and support you. You will feel it ! Even if all you do is walk around your block, focus on the trees, the grass, the plants–and you will be IN nature, and nature will respond.
* If you are tired, sleep! Or, during the day, lay down for 15 minutes. You will be amazed at how quickly your body/psyche can use that time to refresh and realign you now!
* Reread the message of 11.8.11 as often as you need in order to allow the frequencies in. After each rereading, however, give yourself a few hours to process! Wait until you know whether or not you truly need to before reading them again! If you do, then try to take them into your heart with more allowance than before. Practice is part of the process of expanding into a willingness to expand!
* Reread Yeshuwa’s transmissions of “The Story of Your:Light” in order to remember why you are here now, at the cellular level. Do this on or before 11.11.11. You can find them in the archives at http://www.thecelestialteam.com.

At this moment, the celestial team (including me) wants you to recognize, deep within yourSelf, that transmitting these messages and sharing them is done through the energies of your future. It is not just some “cool thing” that I, Judith, do, and want everybody to know about. No. That would be an assumption rooted in the very paradigm of separation that we are here to leave behind.

To truly engage with these messages is to engage with the future, which is a whole new paradigm. These messages are for YOU, personally and intimately. They are written from an energy that is IN LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU. Many of you I do not even know, and I FEEL that love for you– I write from that love, and the joy of it, and for no other reason.

And so, please let us know how you are doing with taking in these frequencies! Leave your responses on the page, or via email for those of you who receive them that way. The energies of 11.11.11. are moving us into an expansion of relationship rather than isolation! The celestial team is already THERE, and loves nothing else even close to how much they love to connect with you! As their earthly member, I can only say that it is a joy for me as well. We are at your service.

Always and in all ways.

Copyright(c)2011 Judith Dagley www.thecelestialteam.com -All Rights Reserved

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