11.8.11 The Quickening!

11/8/11 Lovelight Message from the celestial team

Beloved human masters! We reach to embrace you with our frequencies as you read now!

Will you let us? Will you use your reading of these words as the carriers of frequency they truly are, and let them into your heart? Oh, now of all times, will you let them go beyond the “skimming for information” in the brain that you have become accustomed to limiting yourself to as a mode of self-protection? Will you let yourself expand beyond that prison of limitation, more than you ever have before?

We ask you to. We have only love to offer you–but no, we have something else to offer, as well!
We have ESCAPE to offer.

Escape from the endless treadmills of the brain! Escape into the freedom of knowing, and living, far beyond the illusions that can only keep you chained to repeating the past. And with that escape, we offer our loving guidance, our steadying energetic support, and our continuing reassurance that the “unknown” you are moving into is actually what your heart knows very well. Indeed, this movement is actually what you have managed to get yourself on your planet in this unprecedented time to experience!

If you will now simply let the words you are reading go right THROUGH your brain and into your heart, you will receive our frequencies, and they will STAY with you. Breathe them in, and they will provide you with all we have offered and more. Our frequencies will attune with you intimately, their encodings will adjust to your own resonance, and you WILL find your way illuminated. Your awareness will be expanded, your path will appear beneath your feet with every step, your heart-knowing will be revitalized, and your SELF will begin to sing with the joy of reunion with all that you are. We promise you. And if you falter or forget, simply reread this message. All will come back to you in a breath.

Now, we know that all of you who read are exquisitely unique, and we know you each and all. We ask ALL of the yous for your patience for a moment, therefore, as we speak in particular to several of the yous who have always continued to steadfastly “skim” our messages when we ask to be taken in.

To YOU, beloved, we say first of all that we are quite certain you have found nothing “skimmable” in this message thus far! Further, you are feeling the discomfort of resistance, are you not? For you, this may simply feel like disinterest, an impulse to put the message down and get on with more important things on your agenda. We understand. But we have a question.

To YOU, we ask, what makes you so steadfast in refusing yourself the experience of letting our frequencies reach your heart? And why do you come back, nonetheless, to continue the skimming from time to time? We know the answer, of course. As does your heart. We will tell you this: Your heart will not be satisfied any longer with your skimming, and so neither will you be able to pretend to be satisfied.

And so we ask you now to simply humor us, to play with us–let yourSelf play a little, too!–and simply take in our frequencies for just a moment. For just a moment, breathe them in as you read. Let them reach your heart. Let them in!
And feel your heart respond. Simply that is all we ask. For a moment.
You deserve. Let yourself feel that. Feel the relaxation. The relief.
Good. You DESERVE. Breathe it in!
Thank you. We love you so. Thank you, beloved. And now you may go back to your skimming, if you choose.

To ALL of the yous who are reading, we thank YOU for granting us that special opportunity to reach out to some very precious members among you! If you read along and breathed our frequencies in as we did so, you doubtless found a bit more within you to expand into, as well. We rejoice in that with you.

NOW is a very important time, you see. Many of you are feeling the energies gathering and swirling about you now. Some of you don’t know quite what to make of it.
It’s all right. There is nothing to make of it, for it is NEW.

You are entering a quickening, a vortex, a quantum leap, whatever you wish to call it, and whatever you do call it, it is not a big enough word to explain what is occurring. Your words, your concepts, are not enough. It is an energy that you can only know, and navigate, through your hearts. It is far too powerful for the brain to grasp.
But YOU. YOU can. Through your own expanding, quickening, multi-dimensional heart.

We will not keep you long, for if you have allowed our frequencies into your heart, you have gotten all you need. We do not want, at this time, to give you lengthy explanations that would confound your brain. They are unnecessary, besides. Our frequencies are of far better service to you now.

We WILL tell you, however, to use your power consciously and well now. What you focus your energies on is what you create.
We ask you to stay in the present, every moment. Be attentive to the high jacking of the brain!
Feel yourself alive, on your planet, in the moment, for that is where your power is.
Then USE your power!
SEE the beauty that is all around you. Your acknowledgment will amplify it.
Notice the HARMONY with which all things work together, and then you will feel the harmony of your very being, and in turn the harmony you feel will multiply everywhere.
See the WARMTH in the eyes of another, let it warm you, and you will magnify the warmth of all humanity.

All you focus your attention on will grow.
All you feel within you will spread.
All of your assumptions will become realities.

You will begin to notice very clearly that your emotions align with the focus of your attention. Emotions do not toss you about. You generate them with the frequencies of your focus. Your emotions are simply feedback in the 3rd dimension, letting you know the quality of what you are manifesting in order to make adjustments.

NOW, however– in the energies of now–your power to manifest is so great that there is very little “time lapse” between the moment of focus and the manifested result.

As never before, own your power as a creator NOW, for you hold the unfolding of what is to come in the palm of your hand!

Ah, how we love you, human masters! This is your time, at last.
We will end this transmission now, but we are never far from you. And, we have some ideas of our own to manifest about how to make ourselves available to you in as personal a way as possible through the coming days and weeks!

YOU are our sole focus of attention now, and YOU who is reading is precious to the each and all of us beyond measure. Please take that in.
We love you, always and in all ways. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) 2011 Judith Dagley www.thecelestialteam.com All Rights Reserved.

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