11.2.11 YOU are “The Shift,” and It is NOW!

11/2/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

This is the celestial team, reaching our frequencies to you through the written word once again!
My, goodness, we are “branching out,” are we not?  We are speaking, of course, of our delightful new branch in the form of your Youtube, for one thing!  What a fine experience that is for us!  How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to extend our frequencies to you through our Judith,
face-to-face, as well as in the privacy of  your reading of our written messages!  We are “tickled pink,” for the videos used in tandem with our messages will unfold you into a lovely and powerful experiential process of expansion, the likes of which we cannot even begin to describe using your
earthly language!
We are also delighted that so many of you are beginning to feel the truth stirring  within you  of exactly what we just alluded to.  We FEEL the quickening of your responses as you read our messages, we RECEIVE your recognition as you watch our videos, and we rejoice!  The more you  “take us in,” the more we can work with you on expanding into your own joy, you see! It is YOUR quickening energy, as well,  that has, and is continuing to, provide us with evermore opportunities to reach the ALL of your collective.
Please take that in. Please see what a service you do for the ALL when you allow YOURSELF to receive — to be loved.  That is always the way. And as you allow us to reach you, you activate your belief in yourSelf as well,  and your AWARENESS of your power. Once that occurs, you will begin to use it consciously, and as you do so, you will change everything.
Once that occurs, your shift will be in the competent hands of a master, indeed.
So you see, this is no “small thing” we are doing together!  What was seeded in the heart of one woman, our Judith,  has now begun to spread. Thus far, the spreading is through the very few of your 7 billion members,  this is true–but the numbers of you now are several hundred-fold the ONE  that bore the seeding a mere few months ago! It has been a quiet spreading ,which is also always the way.   Perceptions beyond the 3rd dimensional  senses you are used to relying on are much more subtle, and only used by those who are at a frequency that can perceive them. Thus, a genuine seeding is always slow, in appearance, to start. But now, those of you those of you who have received the seeding are now another seeding in itself!
What we have been sharing with you is a view of multi-dimensional expansion, for that is how it occurs. In NO way, as most of you are realizing at last, does  the ascension you are undertaking follow the  linear processes you are familiar with.  Those processes are what has kept you locked in the 3rd
dimension!  At this point, the energies of expansion are so much in support of you that even your logic is failing to support your belief  in such nonsense! Your old, entrained ways of perceiving and navigating are failing you, and isn’t that wonderful?  Isn’t that something to celebrate!
We use the seeding of our connection with you as an example, because it is one that you can work with experientially. Expansion is birthed in a moment. Energetically it spreads, without fanfare,  through what Yeshuwa calls “the still small voice within” –for you are ALL CONNECTED.  The spreading goes out in all directions, as in a spiraling circle, and it grows exponentially in the
spreading. One becomes three hundred, then nine hundred, then twenty seven hundred, and on.
And the speed increases exponentially as well. That is why  a spreading of pure love energy can seem to mushroom into a force  that is suddenly everywhere, and cannot be stopped.  That is one of the universal laws of  energy that  has been boggling the minds of your quantum physicists for your  last century.
It is also what your Yeshuwa calls “the mustard seed.”  It is what we, the celestial team,  you who are already consciously joined with us,  as well as you who will eventually become part of the seeding,  as well, are creating now.Never doubt the power of the mustard seed!
Here is Yeshuwa:
This is Yeshuwa.
I have spoken to you often of the eye of the needle. It is within you. It
is not a large and flashy manifestation from without you that demands
that you turn your attention and power outward. Any beliefs or beings
that ask you to look without you rather than within you for your wholeness
–what you used to call “your salvation!”–are uttering falsehood.
The eyes of the needle is tiny, and intimately your own. You are its  owner
and care-taker. All you need do is weave all of the  fragments within you
intoone, and thread the needle.
No one can do this for you, and no external assistance is required.
YOU hold the fragments.
YOU hold the  fountain of unconditional love  that does the weaving
within you. All you need do is go within and do what you have come to do. 
Likewise, the mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds. Yet if you water
it from your fountain within, it grows larger than all of the other plants in your
garden. It becomes a mighty tree with  branches  so sturdy that the birds of the
air willcome and make their nests among them.
I have told you this long ago, and it is imprinted in your heat.  I bring
it up to your remembering now, for it is NOW that it is meant for.
Here is your truth: With faith as small as a mustard seed, you can tell a
mountainto move  out of your way, and it will move. Nothing will be
impossible for you. Use your truth NOW, consciously and responsibly.
for it is YOU that is the master of you ascension.  For ALL.
This is the celestial team, braided altogether again.
Sometimes, in our messages, we try very hard to provide you with guidance in the linear frameworks that you are used to.  This message is not one of those.  In this one, there is a much vaster amount of information, encoded through frequencies that will  activate your ability to receive it– at the
perceptual level of  your own frequencies, AND  depending on your choice to receive.
We realized as we were transmitting that in the energies that are currently innundating you, to assist you in raising your frequencies, we were not able to deliver it in any other way.  It would have been, in your terms, ” like talking down to you.” You see, in the contract of those  in your universe  who are
dedicated to serving you in your ascension, that is not something we would ever want to do. Because we love you so, and so much want to soothe you at times, we have even provided  safeguards against doing so if it would be to your detriment.
We will try to give you a metaphor of explanation: See your universe as one big computer.  See our mission with you as a particular program, designed to assist you in your expansion. No  transmission will then  be allowed  to be delivered as  pampering or coddling you (no matter how we may long to!) in any communication that might “soothe you” into remaining beneath any expansion that you are ready for.
Recognize the hand of All That Is in this, and see how carefully all that is offered in your best intentions is monitored! Feel how important and cherished you are! Own your graduation to a more expanded state of awareness, and claim it!  Use this information as well, as a way to discern the intent of all information you receive. We wish to be clear: How YOU navigate now IS “the shift.”
We leave you now, at least through our connection through the written word.  We hover lovingly always. Call on us, and we are there.     —the celestial team
Copyright (c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved.
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