3.26.11 A Love Letter to You from The Mary Collective

3/26/11 the celestial team; Love/Light Message for Navigating NOW
A Love Letter to You from The Mary Collective

We, the celestial team, greet you with loving acknowledgement for all that you are!

We want much to convey the honoring care with which we are watching you. There is a collective among us who feels this desire most acutely now, and so will speak of this for us:

You may call us Mary.
We feel with you now, as you experience all that is going
on around you through the filters of what is activated within
you. We know that some of you find yourselves “tuning out” as
a result, and wondering why you feel a little numb, or want only
to go to sleep. We smile our tenderness to you. Others of you
feel the sense of overwhelm in your physical bodies, often as
a sense of nausea or upset in your digestive system.
To you, we croon a song of soothing.

We see those of you who find your own lives resonating with
the external, erupting into what feels like chaos, or catastrophe.
We hold you close in the balance of our love. There are other
responses to this moment of your collective shift as well, we know.
We see them and respond to each of you with the frequencies you
need most. Allow yourself to feel them now.

How we extend our love to you all! What a downpour of love pours
through the skies! We beseech you, do not let any temporary
feelings of disequilibrium dismay you! You are beautiful,
you are very fine. Remember who you are! Remember that you are
divine, you are a master of co-creation, and your power is
right within you! We say this so fervidly from the depths of
our love for you that, in truth, if we could WILL you to
believe it, we fear that we would!

Such is how you are loved. FEEL how you are loved through
the frequencies of these words! Do not, ANY of you, feel small,
or helpless, or unimportant, or anything less than the divine
creatures that you are, and WORTHY of such love!
Let us suckle you with love, surround you with adoration,
raise you up with our words of praise. We are all around you,
and would be most grateful if you would allow us to do so.
We would never, EVER, leave you unattended.

This is the celestial team.
Mary expresses truth, and even we are moved by the devotion in her words. We want now to elaborate on how important you are, for you are vast and with power to match. Remember that you are holographic, and so your very state of being is power itself.

Remember that by balancing yourselves in your neutral position of unconditional self-love within, you emit those frequencies to all. If you find it difficult to identify your frequencies, you can attune with them by imagining them as colors fanning from your center of white light. See which ones are weighted, and release your attachment to them until you feel balanced in your heart centers once more. See how that white light of your being then spreads far, far beyond your physical bodies!

Or, you can hear your frequencies as sound. What kind of music are you playing? What would you like to emit instead? Make yourselves a symphony! Orchestrate, and change your song as you wish, when you wish. Remember always, that what you emit from your being goes out to all, no matter how “personal” your concerns are, or how “trivial” they seem. It is the frequency, not the emotions or thoughts you employ to create them, that are universally received.

Do you understand? Even in your most private moments, you are connected with all, and all receive the benefit of your own unconditional self-love. It does not take the frequencies of many to change a template for the entire planet! You are powerful every minute. Take heart in that; take to your heart and love yourself without rhyme or reason! Love and emanate. THAT is PRECISELY how you change the world.

We love you, we cheer for you, we are always with you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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