3.20.11 The World as Your Playground

3/20/11 The World as Your Playground

We spread our warm hellos to you tonight through the light of your beautiful moon!

How wonderful you all are, and how wonderful your planet is! Your earth has always been admired for her beauty, and for her lush and loving ability to provide endless sources of abundance. Your sun is a powerful and conscientious overseer, your moon a luminous orchestrator, and both innundate you unfailingly with their own warmth and life-sustaining magic! At this moment, we try to imagine what it would be like to stand as you do on the nurturing soil of your glorious planet, gazing at your ethereal moon as she hovers closely over you in her fullness. As we do this, we are overcome by the beauty, the care, and the safety that humanity has been offered on this planet and in this solar system. We are awed.

How wonderful to experience physicality as you do, in bodies so exquisitely designed that they hold whole universes within them, and run them all smoothly! How wonderful to have such range and depth of emotional experience, such infinite capacity for creating relationships, and every one of them unique! Such fun manifesting in the physical realm of duality! And above all, SO many ways to love.

Truly, you are in a playground of sorts! You have taken “Wholeness” apart, explored every aspect with intense enthusiasm, and have come to know every aspect of “Wholeness” intimately. Masters that you are, you have revealed Creation to Itself! Now, you are putting “Wholeness” together again, and adding to Creation in the doing. You are making “Wholeness” richer, for you are not simply putting pieces together again. Masters of the Alchemy of Love that you are, you are integrating them, through the power of compassion, so that there are no longer pieces that can be split apart! You could say, Masters, that you are making “Wholeness” Itself more whole.

So, we see you, on this glorious planet, in the midst of doing this glorious work, and we are awed. What a wondrous thing to be a part of, what a wondrous thing to be doing. We will tell you openly that many in your universe long, at times, for the experiences you are having, and for the mastery that you each and all have within you! We will tell you also that each and every one of you were thrilled at the opportunity to contribute your gifts to this grand transformation that humanity is creating on behalf of the universe!

Make no mistake–you would not be there now if your gifts were not authentic and powerful. There are only true masters among you, and you are one of them. You all play various roles in the exploration of all aspects of “Wholeness,” it is true. But all are important, and what you call the “dark roles” were perhaps the hardest ones to volunteer for. Remember this! As you experience this phase of the integration process that you are creating, remember that you are all playing together, and you are all one.

This Spring Equinox will bring you respite from the deluge of awakening energies that have been both challenging and revitalizing you since your Winter Solstice. That energy was like an alarm clock, rousing you into bright light that exposed all as it shifted your planet into 5th dimensional frequencies. The exposure will continue, for how can you integrate what cannot be seen? You, however, are supported by this equinox in your process of attuning to 5th dimensional frequencies. Now is the time to focus on these gentler energies of balance, and USE them!

Balance yourselves in the neutral position of unconditional love as we have described in prior messages, for from there, you can choose for the good of ALL. Remember that as far into one spectrum, or extreme, you go, the more you strengthen the opposite spectrum as well. Give up both resistance and attachment, therefore, for neither will work for you any longer. They are what you used to create duality! That phase is over. Now, you work from neutral, unconditional love, neither resisting nor attaching to anything. From there, you choose, and speak of, what is for the good of all. THIS is your work now! Do not “choose sides,” but accept all and be whole within you! Then, share that unconditional acceptance with others. Let it emanate from within you, as the Master you are.

Neither fear anyone or anything! In the frequencies of unconditional love, nothing can harm you. Remember the Laws of Entrainment! Lower frequencies will have to match yours in order to engage with you! Only if you traffic in the frequencies of fear will you invite attack of any kind. Only if you hold a belief that you are susceptible will you be affected by toxins, nuclear or otherwise. You will hear many beings, human and otherwise, speak to you of protection, for truth is a matter of perspective. If their words trigger alarm in you, then know you still hold 3rd dimensional programs of fear, and by all means, protect yourself if you feel the need! At the same time, work to release the fear, for then you will have no need for protection. You see? YOU are the one who creates all, through your own beliefs. As your frequencies change, so do beliefs, and so does what is true for you.

We have much more to say. We end now, however, because we know that reading us through words on one of your computers is tiring to the eyes. If you hold our frequencies in your heart centers after we end this transmission, however, we will continue to share much more through them with you! We love you, masters, and any of you who do not yet identify with that title, we ask that you do so now. A master cannot consciously be one until he accepts the role. It is TIME.

With admiration, love, and complete engagement, we “sign off” for now.
—the celestial team

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