3.22.11 Make Your Earth the Home You Long For

3/22/11 the celestial team;Love/Light Message for Navigating NOW
Make Your Earth the Home You Long For

We greet you, and swoop in briefly at this moment to whisper to your being,

We whisper softly into you now in response to the calling we have heard from many. We respond, we always do, whether you hear us or not. Now, we whisper this: The reason you fear death so much is because you long for it. Yes! You long for “home,” snuggled safely into the all once more, love, loved and radiating love.

You frighten yourselves with this longing, shut the door on it, run the other way! Of course. We understand. What is more, you also feel a strain of longing, deep inside, for the upheaval around you to mount, once and for all, into a catastrophe that will set you free. You want to go home. Can you find that longing in you, and face it? If so, that is a good thing! Welcome the longing, own it, and therefore know your immortality.

Know also that your longing is there to remind you of your mission, which is to bring home HERE. The aspect of you that is on this planet knows what that means, and knows how. HAVE home by infusing HERE with the emanations of all you know. That is why you are here. And you are not alone! ALL of you share the longing! As even a few of you emanate unconditional love, you awaken others, who will shed tears of gratitude and relief, whether you are witness to this or not.

You have no idea as yet how many people are awakened by your love, how many recognize home in your emanations of love, and are transformed! When you are radiating love, you do not have to do anything but BE to cause this profound miracle to happen! Find this common ground amongst you now. Reach out from there, and you will all be standing on the same soil, finding the same thirst quenched in one another.

Neither fear death, nor wish for the end. Bring home HERE, to your planet, NOW. Home is LOVE. Period. It is that simple. Remember that when you radiate love, you FEEL love, are filled and surrounded by the frequencies of love! You do not have to wait to get love from another! You have an endless supply, for your heart is connected to Source itself. It doesn’t matter whether love is channeled through you, or the trees, or someone else– love is love, and unconditional love is experienced the same way throughout the universe. Tap it in your heart, emanate love, and then you will feel everything around you ring with love in response. Love is everywhere and everything. Home is within you, and so you can find it anywhere in an instant.
When you love yourself enough to emanate those frequencies of love, ALL will rise to sing along with you. It cannot be helped! Such is the power of your love.

We love you, and we just wanted to remind you. You are Masters of Love!
Open your hearts, let it flow, and be home, right where you are, right now.

–the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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