6.12.13 “Sovereign Authority 2013” — About Links and Interference…

Hello, Fellow Beloveds!

This is Judith. First of all, I am bringing you a working link to the video that the celestial team very much wants you to re-view–

Sovereign Authority, 2013



The link is actually the same one that was posted in the celestial team’s “Sovereign Authority: Re-View, Re-Member, Re-Claim” message yesterday. However, when posted in the midst of their very powerful, high frequency, Love/Light transmission, through my wearying earthly fingers, some sort of “glitch” occurred, and all who clicked on the link found a black screen saying, “Sorry. This video does not exist.”

Well, the video certainly does exist! A more accurate statement to find on that black screen would have been, “Sorry. Your ability to access this video is currently being interfered with.” Yes. It was “interference.” However, this “interference” is NOW actually being transmuted into a very valuable “teaching moment.” Such is the power of practicing one’s ability to operate as a Sovereign Being of Frequency.

A brief explanation–My weariness led me to ask the celestial team to “Please wrap it up soon so that I could go to bed,” as you probably recall them disclosing! It was a most tender, funny, earthly/celestial moment we  shared…and yet…It occurred because I’d let my weariness trigger old beliefs about “weariness” that brought up old  meanings that were attached to very old memories about feeling powerless and taken advantage of. They had nothing to DO with the NOW! All I needed to do was re-center in the NOW and re-charge through consciously feeling my connecti0n with Source–not to mention the fizzy Love/Light I was transmitting through me!

But  I “lost my place” in the NOW for a moment. When my fatigue activated those old programs, I  went into a subtle state of resistamce–which I will tell you, unless you are tuned into your process and attuned to frequencies, can feel indistinguishable from “plain old weariness.” Well there is no such thing. It is “plain old resistance” that causes the feeling we perceive as “plain old weariness.” Nothing more.

I am very sure that it was my temporary “slide,” out of the NOW and into activations from the past, that created the opportunity for “interference” to scramble the video link codes. And, if I’d  allowed them to put me back to sleep on the treadmills of the old paradigm, I would have fallen into the victim/perpetrator experience of separation. I would  either have felt victimized by the opportunistic interference, or been full of self-blame for allowing it. BOTH are mired in powerlessness.

And, I would have missed a powerful opp0rtunity to access and clear those past programs of victimhood and self-judgment! I would have missed this jewel of an  opportunity to use my own experience as an example of the importance of accessing and practicing our power tools as Sovereign Energetic Beings who create reality through frequency! I would have missed the gift of  illustrating what is an ongoing, very personal process–a way of life–even for one who has been practicing for decades in doing just that, as I have. It is through the moment by moment practice as a way of life that we expand, and create, and feel the exhilaration of BEING– fully alive and growing more sothrough the process–in every moment.

 Please watch the video. Within it, the celestial team offers more than you know, through their frequencies and words–since you are just beginning to know, as we ALL are–what being fully alive is like “beyond the treadmills!” And we can all have such FUN together in the learning (re-membering)!  That is what we have forgotten…

It is “time” to “re-member together.” Of that I am very sure., for I have felt “timing” guide me in creating the POWERTOOLKIT, in impulsing me with laser-like precision as to when to offer these lessons in energy alchemy to others, and in exactly what sequence. The “time” has come, and I will be introducing  them very soon. The prosess  is not fixed, for it cannot be. It will change and align with the frequencies and needs of each and all who feel ready to claim their sovereignty and use it. If you do not feel ready, trust that. Trust your process, and BE with YourSelf through it. Know that through your own Sovereign Self Love, your ascendancy is assured.

But if your heart tells you that you ARE ready– trust that! Know that you are a frontrunner, and do not listen to any doubts that tell you otherwise, for as long as you listen, they will always be there. Instead, take the leap, join the rest of us…and welcome home.

Much Love/Light to You ALL! –Judith ♥♥♥


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

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  2. Nellie Cat

     /  June 13, 2013

    I also got the “the video does not exist” yesterday, yet I knew within my heart that was not true. So I went to the blog page and clicked on the link there – it worked of course. Therefore I watched the video yesterday and REALLY enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing. Love You and appreciate your journey that encourages my journey


    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful comment with us, Nellie Cat! I LOVE that you “knew within your heart,” TRUSTED your “heart-knowing,” and so calmly went right over the interference. That’s Sovereign Authority in action!
      Much Love/Light to you– Judith


  3. Reblogged this on judithdagleyflaherty,mft and commented:

    I am posting this here because it offers an example, through my own experience, of just how powerful and finely tuned our abilities as Co-Creative Energetic Beings are. To operate any longer without awareness of this would be like assuming that knowing how to run a a go-cart around a track means that you know how to drive a Lamborghini at top speed on a mountain road!
    Sounds crazy, huh? Nonetheless, if you are having some difficulty navigating the speedy twists and turns of your own life these days…it might be “time” to learn how to REALLY drive…
    (To access the message this post is in response to, btw, just click on the title mentioned above.)
    And by all means, enjoy the ride!


  4. Laura

     /  June 14, 2013

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