Solstice, 6.21.13–An Ocean of Love Surrounds You NOW–FLOAT in Love, Beloved!

Solstice, 6.21.13– Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Bask in the solstice energies that surround You NOW! Feel them as a body of water–an ocean, lake, river, stream, tidepool, swimming pool, or even a bath tub. The form does not matter. What DOES matter is that You feel them, and relax in them.

Let go, Beloved, and expand into the frequencies of FLOATING. Let go, and simply float…wide open, relaxed, and so completely safe and supported.  Let go…feel the warmth support You… enjoy the softness of the energy, feel it as it enfolds You in the frequencies of your word “caress.” Let go and receive that caress.

Float NOW, Beloved! GIVE yourSelf to these energies, and they will ease your tired muscles, rock your emotional pain in their arms, and quench your thirsty spirit–but only if You will let them.

Ah, what a crossroads You are at, Beloved…
You do not not have to trudge any longer. Simply float. Trust the energies that suppport You NOW. Let go, and go WITH them. TRUST them! Only through that trust will You discover that THEY will bear your weight.

Float in the Love that surrounds You, let it carry You! Experience for yourSelf, once more, that all roads are simply variations of ONE road–just as all waterways carry ONE water, from One Source–just like YOU…
…and just like us, as well. We Love You.–the celestial team


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