6.22.13 The Moment of Power is NOW!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

6/22/13 Solstice energies, AND a full Capricorn “super moon!”

Just to tell you, I never exactly, specifically, intended to be writng posts as often as I seem to be doing these days. I thought I’d just be witing once in awhile, as  insights arose and sparked me to share them. About six months ago, I noticed that those periodic insights started to arise and spark me to share them more and more often–and NOW, they are coming almost every day.

Not my plan, that’s for sure, to be spending so much “time” writing posts! But then, that’s just confirmation that NOTHING “pre-planned” will ever work in the energies of NOW. We are in NEW energies that  continuously accelerate their support of our expansion way beyond “pre–anything” we have been limited to expect before NOW! So, we either align with our own desires for expansion and say say “yes” to them, or we resist them and…

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  1. Felicity Fraser

     /  June 23, 2013

    Please remove me from this list


    • Dear Felicity-
      Thank you for using your voice to say what you want, and do NOT want! I am posting your request as an example for us ALL. However, there IS no “list” that you were “put on.” These messages can only be received via email by those who press the “Follow button” on the website because they CHOOSE to receive them. Of course, anyone can also change their mind and “Unfollow” just as easily…so yours is the first request I’ve received from anyone asking me to do that FOR them. Are you sure you want ME to? Wouldn’t YOU rather do that on your OWN, through your own Sovereign power? Please let me know.
      Much Love/Light to you, Felicity!– Judith



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