6.15.13 “Why Am I So Tired?”

A Hit of the Day from Judith–The Power of Meaning

“Why am I so TIRED?”

I hear that question a lot (as if I can answer it better than one’s own Self can!). Almost always, it is asked through a tone that communicates protest and resistance–as if there is something WRONG with being tired.

Yikes. We ALL need to look at the meanings we attach to our own processes.

LOOK: To judge being tired as a “problem” will only make it one–for YOU.

REAL-IZE: Such judgment is born of OLD programs of enslavement–not even relevant NOW! Why choose to perpetuate your own enslavement? Why fill the role of being your own slave-driver–when what you long for is the freedom that you already HAVE? Crazy choice, isn’t it?

RECOGNIZE: Fatigue is RARELY  a ”problem!” (Unless you make it one, of course.) Usually, it is a very GOOD indication that one is processing, re-charging, clearing old toxins–HEALING, in other words!

When we wake up to NEW meanings, EVERYTHING changes.


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