Ah, Beloved! You have arrived, exactly whre You have been aiming yourself, for aeons. As has your planet Gaia, for there is no separation between You. You have collectively arrived in the sector of space that is alive with tbe highest frequencies that humanity has ever known. We congratrulate You, as does your entire universe. There is quite a cosmic party of celebration going on on your behalf!
NOW that You have arrived–use it well, Beloved! Do not wait, for “time” is an illusion that is disappearing fast. Step into yourSelf, NOW.
And oh, we cannot wait to watch You ignite your Light! We love You so–the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013-All Rights Reserved.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


To all of you who have shared your powerful experiences as you take in the energies of the first POWER TOOLKIT video–a huge, heartfelt, THANK YOU!!!
I am SO glad that so many of you began to feel it working within you as profoundly as you did, right from the very first viewing. I am equally glad that those of you who did not, persisted until you did! 

The process of “opening to receive and take in” is different for everyone, and exactly RIGHT for everyone, no matter how it unfolds. The important thing is to commit, persist, and allow it to, in whatever way it does. BRAVO to all of you for that! (Take THAT in, please!)

As well, PLEASE continue to take in the video–especially the meditation–on a daily basis! Make it a practice– until it becomes a habit– until you know it “by heart”–until…

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