NOW Is the Moment of Power…Do Not Go Back to Sleep!

Each day the call comes, and with a little more intensity, or urgency, than the day before. It comes from the collective in the celestial team known as the Frequency Technicians.
“Tell them AGAIN,” they pulse to me with their clean, strong, laser-like precision. “Tell them again that the future is NOW! There is no waiting! Tell them AGAIN that each and all of You are spinning the future into form in every NOW moment, through your own frequencies! Remind them that there is not one version of the future, either, but an infinite number of possibilities. nAs all of You are unique, so the future that each of You is creating NOW is, as well. Remind them that NOW is the time to be conscious! NOW is the time to be responsible! NOW is the time to stay awake! Be a bell that will not stop ringing! Be loud, our Judith! Do not LET them fall back to sleep! You, who are our earthly member, with human feet upon the earth, are a human bridge that other humans can recognize and trust. That is why it is not our transmission, but your human voice that is needed NOW. Tell them what You know, then, and that through the bridge that is You, they can remember what THEY know, as well. And, when the NOW is your tomorrow, tell them again! This is no “time” to be shy. It is time to be loud–very, very loud. So tell them! Broadcast who You truly are, what You know, and what You offer. Go ahead….we are listening…”
Judith here. All right.YES. So, I’ll amplify what I mentioned in the post by telling you again, right here and NOW– if you do not “think” you know how to be an energetic being who creates “reality” through frequency–then LEARN! Step up to the plate and learn until you remember! I will help you. Set up a few sessions, and make it your priority–for I tell you from my heart that it IS. It is the hugest, most important, and most wonderful priority that any of us has even come close to knowing in this lifetime. It is time to “walk the talk,” and claim our own divinity. If you worry about the “cost,” take stock. If you are still running a frequency of scarcity, you are in old paradigm “survival mode”–and the “cost” of choosing to be is high, indeed.
PLEASE! Wake up to the NEW! PLEASE do not fall back to sleep–because We need You–every one of Us– to help us All make the leap into Unity Consciousness. ♥♥♥


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

6.1.13  NOW is the Moment of Power

The only “place” that is real  is made of energy, and it is called NOW.  You are also made of energy, and your energy is in the NOW. NOW is the only place where you are ALIVE.

So you can see why NOW is the moment of power. It is where you choose what you want to create– and you DO create–through you own frequencies, the external reflections that match them. DO you see? What you’ve  called “reality” is not. It is simply  your own reflection. The only thing about it that is “real” is the energetic being that is YOU.

DOyou see? YOU are the reality creator! You spin out creative expressions of your own energy continuously–because every NOW is NEW. Do you understand? This means that in every nanosecond, you are also creating  ANEW. Stay present then! USE your power to CHOOSE your creations!


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