POWER TOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation!

Fond and excited greetings to You, Beloved!
Or, Beloved Sovereign Master is what our frequencies most accurately convey, for that is what You are. It is also what we wish You to know yourSelf as “from NOW on,” for to ever again choose to experience yourSelf as anything less would be to remain lost in a very old and severely limiting illusion. In truth, it would be an abdication of why You are on your planet NOW, which is to claim your sovereignty and use the NEW energies to literally create your New Paradigm of Being with them! You might say the energies are your medium–but it is You who is the artist. Unless the artist picks up his brush and begins to paint, there is no painting. Unless the artist learns the mastery required to paint his/her visions as h/she chooses, they will not manifest in a way that matches them. You see? There are an infinite number of frequencies swirling around You NOW, Beloved, needing only YOUR artistry, YOUR sovereign mastery, to use them to create the masterpiece You have come to create. So play with them, practice your mastery, and watch the Sovereign Master within You awaken and remember! What fun You will have then, and how your universe will celebrate! Truly, your awakening to All that You are will Light the cosmos.
How we love You! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

8.13.13 – Attention all Energy Alchemists-in-the-process-of-becoming!

Good News! At last, I’ve gotten the “cosmic heads up” to release the next segment of the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists. And, since you are the ones to thank for that, do thank yourself, by all means! Remember, the “heads up” would not come unless and until the many rather than the few of you had integrated the first two segments well enough to support the introducing of this one. So hurrah for you– that could have taken years, or even not have happened at all, for all I know!

What I do know is that these segments present themselves with no consideration, whatsoever, for the old paradigm perspectives of “the strategic marketing of products” we were used to. This is a whole NEW ball game. The Power Toolkit is not a product. I am certainly not selling it. It is instead, exactly as it has been presented– a reciprocal energy exchange that includes…

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6.11.13 Your Sovereign Authority: Re-View, Re-Member, Re-Claim!

6/11/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Namaste, Beloved!

We greet you that way NOW because that is the greeting, in your language, that most applies to You NOW. The frequencies of the word “namaste” are rich and complex, just as your humanity is–but to us, all of them resonate with “the God within all that WE are bows to the God within all that You are.” Please take the frequencies of those words into your heart center. Do so until You feel their meaning resonate, deep within your own heart. Feel that resonance swell as we say to You again, “Namaste to YOU, Beloved. Namaste!” Know that what You are feeling is your heart responding to your truth.

And, as You just felt the “living proof” that Source is within YOU,  the real-ization that You are an Energetic Being with Sovereign Authority over all of your creations seems quite obvious, doesn’t it? How could it be otherwise? Your sovereign power to spin “reality” through your own frequencies is, and always has been, “unlimited, free from external control, and ruled by no being, human or otherwise.” You simply forgot, that’s all. You were busy exploring the illusions of powerlessness and separation! But NOW, Beloved, it is “time” to remember. It is “time” to re-member YourSELF.

So please do not let your brain skim over these words, and so keep You asleep in a state of “forgetting.” Do not allow the 3rd dimensional brain programming to run You on the treadmills of that old dream of powerlessness any longer! Neither “buy into” the programs of  struggle and scarcity that kept You running in circles after whatever measley carrot was dangled in front of You. Wake up from the dream that “You had to,” in order to survive!

You do NOT need to run after carrots, Beloved.  You have acres of sustenance within You, and You can spin them into external manifestations of abundance on your own, through your own frequencies! To re-member this, however, You DO need to begin to use your multidimensional heart as your NEW operating system, for that is where your knowing of how to operate as a being of frequency lies.

Please re-member, as well, that the reason You are not yet fully doing so (through your own sovereign choice, we might add) is NOT because You are “lagging behind,” or undeserving of your Sovereign Authority! Please do not “think” yourself back to sleep on those treadmills of  self-judgment!

Instead, process such fears through your heart center, and  please re-view our messages about all that You are doing here–on behalf of all aspects of YourSelf, your human collective, and your families in other star systems, as well. Look first to the messages that our Judith has placed in the category of “Your Gift to the Universe,” and then read wherever your heart calls You. Even if You have read them before, You will read them NOW anew, we assure You.

We are asking You to take our words and suggestions to heart in this particular moment of NOW  because they will prepare You to receive the POWER  TOOLKIT that our Judith will soon be introducing. We know that many who have been waiting for it will be very happy to hear this! We  also know that many who have not yet expressed a desire to receive it are waiting, as well–including those who haven’t yet discovered that they are!  (You see how lovely it is to have vision that is not limited by the illusion of linear time?!)

We see your desires to learn (re-member) the mastery of Energy Alchemy lighting up very quickly NOW because that desire is activated through the re-claiming of Sovereign Authority. And, although each of You does that in your own divine timing,  your desires to do so are quickening as You move into the energies of your next solstice. So, we wish to assist You in “getting up to speed,” as You say!  Our suggestions will help You get into total alignment, energetically, mentally, and emotionally, so that You will be ready to embrace the elements of  the POWERTOOLKIT with excitement, and USE them in a sovereign way!

Well, Beloved, our Judith is letting us know that we are, once more, going on too long with our message. “Can’t you wrap it up?” is what she is actually transmitting–to which we shoot back, “We are trying!” We are laughing with great merriment as we tell You this (can You feel our laughter?), for this is an exchange that we often have with our earth member, and we DO understand the dilemma! It is impossible to communicate multidimensional information in a linear fashion without using many, many, MANY, words to capture even “the gist,” as You say. And we SO want to share it ALL with You, but the only way we can truly do so is through frequencies. That is why we will be thrilled when You become adept at reading frequencies–we will be able to tell You in one of your seconds what it takes our Judith hours to diligently sort through, condense, and tap out on her  keyboard. (No wonder she wears the letters off and  has to replace them every few months!)

All right, we are digressing, even we can see that! Our Judith is right, we do rather indulge ourselves in the pleasure of connecting with You, and we have done so quite enough for NOW.  She will tell you more about the POWERTOOLKIT as she presents it, and  we will we will “wrap it up.”

However, one more thing, and the most important one– the very reason we rallied together to transmit this message!  It is to ask You to re-view the video we offered soon after You crossed the threshold of your 12/21/12. It is aptly called “Sovereign Anthority 2013.” Re-viewing it NOW through your heart center will help You to re-member, to activate NEW re-memberings, and  amplify your resolve to re-claim your sovereignty. In other words, it will prepare You to receive your most wonderful energetic “Power Tools” with clarity and authority!  The energy circuit to it (or link, as You call it) is below.

Sovereign Authority, 2013

By the way, Beloved, do You know why we call our transmissions “Love/Light messages?” Because LOVE is POWER, and Light is Information. May You bask in our Love/Light… and your OWN, as well.

How we Love You! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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