POWER TOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation!

Fond and excited greetings to You, Beloved!
Or, Beloved Sovereign Master is what our frequencies most accurately convey, for that is what You are. It is also what we wish You to know yourSelf as “from NOW on,” for to ever again choose to experience yourSelf as anything less would be to remain lost in a very old and severely limiting illusion. In truth, it would be an abdication of why You are on your planet NOW, which is to claim your sovereignty and use the NEW energies to literally create your New Paradigm of Being with them! You might say the energies are your medium–but it is You who is the artist. Unless the artist picks up his brush and begins to paint, there is no painting. Unless the artist learns the mastery required to paint his/her visions as h/she chooses, they will not manifest in a way that matches them. You see? There are an infinite number of frequencies swirling around You NOW, Beloved, needing only YOUR artistry, YOUR sovereign mastery, to use them to create the masterpiece You have come to create. So play with them, practice your mastery, and watch the Sovereign Master within You awaken and remember! What fun You will have then, and how your universe will celebrate! Truly, your awakening to All that You are will Light the cosmos.
How we love You! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

8.13.13 – Attention all Energy Alchemists-in-the-process-of-becoming!

Good News! At last, I’ve gotten the “cosmic heads up” to release the next segment of the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists. And, since you are the ones to thank for that, do thank yourself, by all means! Remember, the “heads up” would not come unless and until the many rather than the few of you had integrated the first two segments well enough to support the introducing of this one. So hurrah for you– that could have taken years, or even not have happened at all, for all I know!

What I do know is that these segments present themselves with no consideration, whatsoever, for the old paradigm perspectives of “the strategic marketing of products” we were used to. This is a whole NEW ball game. The Power Toolkit is not a product. I am certainly not selling it. It is instead, exactly as it has been presented– a reciprocal energy exchange that includes…

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  1. Frankie Lee Slater

     /  August 13, 2013

    Hi Judith –

    I ordered #2 after having originally ordered #1. Reading about 1.5 surprised me as I never saw it. I went back through my e-mails and also what I can see on your site, and don’t see any mention of it there either. I read what you sent through as you sent it, like the Grand Trine, that noted another segment was coming, but that appeared to be #2. Is there something I actually missed and should be doing before @2. If so where is it to take the action please?

    blessings, Frankie Lee


    • Hello Frankie Lee,
      Segment 1.5 was offered in the post of 7.12.13, titled “The POWER TOOLKIT– An Energy Activation & Frequency Lesson from Yeshuwa.” An introductory message about the video, as well as the reciprocal energy exchange, are included in the post. You can access the post in the July 2013 archives, listed in the right sidebar, And, just for future reference, all of the available POWER TOOLKIT segments, as well as a “User’s Guide” to the POWERTOOLKIT can be found on the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists Page, which can be accessed by hitting the page’s tab at the top of the site.
      I recommend that you do not even view segment #2, let alone begin to integrate it, until you have integrated #1.5. The amount of “time” that will take is unique to each individual, However, as I tune into your frequencies as carried by the words in your message, I’m sensing that about two weeks of watching and taking in the energy of 1.5, at least once or twice a day, will give you enough “time” to integrate the rich energetic support it offers before moving on to #2.
      Hope that helps…NOW, en-JOY!
      Love/Light– Judith



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