8.19.13 Aquarius Harvest Moon!

This is Judith. Just saying…guess who asked me to reblog this here? (Hint–they’re VERY fizzy.) ♥♥♥

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

As we enter the energies of our full Aquarius moon, which will come to fruition at 9:45 p.m. EDST on Tuesday, 8.20.13, I am already feeling the clarity and richness of its light. I’m struck by this combination, too– the word “clarity” usually implies distinct, obvious perception that is free of any confusing elements, while the frequencies of the word “richness” imply a more abundantly complex experience. Yet, both clear and rich this full moon is, which, I suspect, speaks to our increasing abilities to maintain clarity as we expand into experiencing our own complexity as multidimensional beings. (Hurrah, us!)

With that observation, I see how perfectly in synch with our own process this full moon is, for it offers exactly the clear, detached, “big picture” perspective we need NOW in order to evaluate  how all of the pieces are fitting together. And so, for the next three days, we will be able to see–

* where…

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