12.13.12 New Moon, New Way of Being

12/13/12 New Moon, New Way of Being

Discombobulation and the Human Bridge, Hit #2 from Judith

Hello, Re-Ascending Masters (or “Beloveds,” as the celestial team refers to us!),

This is Judith, and I may not be quite as fizzy as my celestial counterparts are, but I’m still feeling pretty bubbly with excitement, nontheless. Here’s why: Today we have a new moon, which always gifts us with fertile energy in which to seed our intentions. This particular new moon is in Sagittarius, “the archer.” It is an energy of momentum, optimism, confidence, and freedom. The archer can aim the arrow of his/her intention at possibilities that would seem too “far away” without it, and reach them in a seeming instant.

Within those energies, Uranus, “the awakener,” is also finally going direct, and the energy of Uranus is innovative. As we know, innovation is not only NEW change, but sudden “quantum leap-like” chamge. And this is following right on the heels of the portal that opened with 12/12/12, which invited us into  NEW energy and so a whole NEW experience of ourSelves!

Can you feel the way this combo is  pulling you out of the old and into the NEW? Because I sure can, and it’s certainly not the time to kick and scream about it, either (as I had to remind myself a time or two, just a little bit…). Old fear-based programs die hard, until we let them go entirely. And NOW is the TIME to do that. NOW is the time to let them go and trust these radically innovative, NEW energies entirely… and just let them happen to you. Just let them HAPPEN. And then, set your intentions to fly like the archer,  beyond anywhere you could have imagined getting yourself so fast, before NOW.

Why” Why trust these energies, and the NEW way they are guiding you/us? Because none of them are working alone. They are all of a piece, one being born from another. They are all part of one cosmic intent– to support us in what has NOW become our quantum leap into Unity Consciousness.  We have been moving towards it for aeons, but such a process seems slow until the very end–and then it all appears to happen very fast, as if in an instant, comparatively. That is where we are NOW–at very, very, fast!

Understand that the energies of NOW, for the next three months or so, will be rapidly changing AND all part of ONE Energy at the same time, and that Energy is at our service. That Energy is pulsed from Source, of which we are all a part, revealing Itself in multidimensionally expressed ways, yet united as ONE in a common desire to assist us. And so, the energies are demonstrating the truth that all in our universe is ONE, and modelling the very methods of Unity Consciousness, as well. So trust them! They are Love, Itself, just as we are, and wish only to serve YOU, for YOU, and WE together, are the promised Beloved. WE are the ONE they are waiting for, to teach our process of transformation from separation into Oneness to all in our universe who long to do so, and await our mastery.

Don’t doubt it for a second!  Lotsa Love/Light, and an 0utpour of human love to you from my heart as well–Judith

P.S. Don’t forget that personal sessions with the celestial team and I are available via Skype, phone, or in person! To set up a session, see the “New Paradigm Private Sessions” page on our website for contact info. ♥


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