12.6.12 Discombobulation and the Human Bridge, #1

12/6/12  Discombobulation and the Human Bridge, #1–A Hit of the Day from Judith

Hello, Fellow Beloveds!

This is Judith, following up on the last Love/Light message, “Discombobulation!” What I’m actually doing, though, is following through with my part in what has NOW become a true, human/celestial collaboration. For three years, I’ve been transmitting and translating  frequencies from the many collectives in the higher realms who collaborate together in order to hamonize as one orchestra of communication, and who wish to be identified very simply as “the celestial team.” (And without capital letters! They have always been very adamant about that.)

I’ve been doing this translating into English language (the one I know best) in order to facilitate the celestial team’s desire to connect with our human collective “across the great divides” we’ve perceived as existing between our reality and theirs. Now, as I am remembering that there is no diivide between the celestial team and me, I an being asked (both within me and without me, as there really is no difference between the two), to help tobridge the illuionary gap” between our human presence on the planet and our  woltidimensional presence in this universe of ours. This bridge will come in segments that I call “hits,” and will serve to activate the remembrance of multidimensional knowledge in all who are drawn to receive them, in this manner, at this time.

In alignment with that, these “hts” are only delivered to “followers” of the celestial team website.  It is not that we are being “exclusive.” Lol! Far from it!  It is because we do not wish to convince or confuse anyone.  That would be counterproductive to  our very purpose, because NOW, more than ever before, it  “time” for all in our human collective to step into Self-Responsibility.

All who reside on this planet are Sovereign Beings. All are responsible for their own choices, even if they are made by default through entrainment to ego/brain programming, or by giving their power to choose away to others. Never would we (meaning the celestial team and I), advocate the two latter  methods of choosing for anyone! When you choose not to choose, you give your power of choice to others to choose for you.

And that is a “hit of the day” for sure.

NOTICE how you make your choices! Is there any of the energy of old, fear-basesd, ego programming in them? If so, then they will only lead to fear-based manifestations that reflect that programming back to you. Is that what you WANT?

Remember, YOU are the one who creates your experience of life. Life never, ever, “just happens to you!”

If the enegy pattern that creates a faniliar pain has repeated more than twice in your current lifetime, it is “time” to address it NOW! The “projection game” is over. Whether one uses blaming another for the pain, or at the other extreme, makes empathy for the other the scapegoat–it just doesn’t matter. Both are propagandas of avoidance. If you feel pain, it is your OWN pain that you are feeling. Own it, embrace it, LOVE the part of you that is still in pain and longs for your recognition. Only then can you feel true empathy for another. There is nothing to fear– except your own lack of unconditional love for yourSelf, that is. And you need it NOW, believe me. We ALL do.

To be continued .I sense that future “hits” about the threshold we are crossing will be more compact and to the point. (I’d like that, myself, in fact!) But in a tramnsitional time that is as monumental as the one we are in…who knows?

In the meantime, lots of Love/Light to you.  (It’s right there, you know… just breathe it in!)

♥♥♥  Judith
Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved
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