12.9.12 New Video: The 12/12/12 Portal- Cross the 12/21/12 Threshold MAKING LOVE!

12/9/12 Love/Light Message and Video from Judith and the celestial team

Greetings, my human family of Beloveds!

This is Judith, bringing you the link to the new Love/Light video that, except for my brief intro,  is completely transmitted by the celestial team. I felt a lot of power coming through me while I was transmitting, and had a sense that it was “explaining everything,” but it was only when I was able to watch it later that I really “got it,” myself. Then, I hurriedly tacked on the opening and closing, which is fast work because I never edit the videos–I just deliver them exactly as they “happen” –and waited impatiently for youtube to process it so that I could  get it out to all of you!

It wasn’t until I was finally getting it onto the airwaves that I noticed  “20:12″ at the bottom of the video. The exact length of the video, after the opening and cl0sing were added, is 20 minutes and 12 seconds. Never could I have planned such a thing if I’d even thought of doing so! “Linear precision” is not one of my strong points. Nope, that was the celestial team’s doing, I am quite sure, as they worked in synchronized collaboration with the  energies that are being pulsed  to us with exquisite precision, indeed, by our Galactic Center.  What a subtle and lovely example they gave us, of the infinite possibilities that “harmonizing” can manifest, and which they assure us, in this video, will soon be ours again in Unity Cosciousness!

 The celestial team also explains all about the “discombobulating” process we have been going through as the energies that are assisting us to cross the threshold of Winter Solstice have intensified. They tell us, as well, to prepare for the purpose and focus of these energies to abruptly change on 12/12/12, and how, if we use the change, we can make crossing our threshold on 12/21/12 the incredibly joyful and triumphant event we want it to be.
There is a LOT packed into this video! Lots of information communicated verbally, lots more through frequency, and lots of individual energetic attunements for each viewer as well.  The more often you watch, the more you get, and this is a video to get all you can out of.
Btw, if you keep watching it after 12/12/12, or even  after 12/21/12,  it will not be “too late” to  receive whatever it offers you with full impact! The celestial team always keeps up to speed with exactly what you need when, and if you set an intention to receive all the energies transmitted by the universe on those dates in your current NOW, you will. (This is the New Paradigm, remember? We can do that timeliine jumping stuff consciously NOW!)
Here’s the link:
Lots of Love/Light to you! Always and in All Ways–Judith and the celestial team
Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
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