12.22.12 Yes,You ARE Crossing! Keep Going, Beloved!

12/22/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we greet you with frequencies of celebration for who you are, and ALL that you are!

Well, it is a NEW day, indeed, for we see you entering a NEW dawn, and an entirely NEW kind of day, as well! Although we know that in “physical reality,” your stage of crossing your Solstice threshold depends on where you are physically on your planet, but we are not physically embodied beings, and so we see where you are from a very different perspective. We “see” you energetically, through your frequencies, and so regardless of where you are physically, we know that you are well across the midpoint of your threshold NOW! We also see that there are many among you who feel disoriented, and aren’t quite sure where they are! They are not sure if they crossed, or if they even found a threshold to cross at all!

In truth, that concern has flickered through every one of your minds, even if only for an instant. That is why we wanted to address those flickers right away. They are completely understandable, as we will explain, but we did not want them flickering so much that they started little brushfires of serious doubt here and there through the mighty forest of your human collective! Oh no, we would not have that, not if WE have anything to say about it—and WE DO. We have plenty to say about it, so let us “cut to the chase,” then, and say it without further ado!

Beloved, imagine your Solstice threshold to be a grander version of the moment in your daily 24 hour cycle of time that has been designated as the threshold between night and day on your planet. Look: one minute, it is 11:59 p.m. at night. The next minute, it is 12:00 a.m.–in the morning. Just like that! Do you see it happen? Does it feel radically different, to cross that minute of your time between night and day? No, but you cross it nonetheless. And so it is with the threshold of your Solstice. It is the crossing from the ending of a very long night into the beginning of a whole NEW glorious day!

NOW, you must trust the crossing. NOW you must keep moving across that threshold, walking further and further INTO the NEW day, for only as you do so will you begin to see the evidence of daylight you are looking for. Only as you move forward will you begin to see the dawn that your very movement forward has brought you to! And once you see the dawn, you will know, just as you do in your night/day cycles on your planet, that soon you will be flooded with Light.

To look at it from another angle, you also know that the only way to cross any threshold is to commit to taking the action of crossing it. The only way to move from one room to another in a house, or to cross from one side of a street to another in your neighborhood, or from one airplane runway to another on your world—or, from one dimension to another in your universe—is to take the actions required to make the crossing, yourself.

NOW, with the threshold between a long, dreary, era of darkness and a NEW, most wonderful era of Light beneath your feet at last, we encourage you to keep walking, and with no hesitation! Only YOU can make the crossing. Only YOU can carry yourself forward into the dawning Light, and then with every step into more and more Light. You are Sovereign, remember? Only YOU can choose, only YOU can decide, only YOU can make it happen.

Onward, then, Beloved. Know that we SEE you, you ARE crossing into the Light, so trust that, and keep on going! And never forget—YOU are Sovereign. “Thy will WILL be done.” Just as your Yeshuwa says. And so it is.

Bravo, Beloved! We are here to cheer you on, so listen for us!

How we love you!  Always and in All Ways—the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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  2. Siegfried

     /  December 24, 2012

    Comment to the celestial team:
    Thank you with your message of hope. Crossing the threshold, we have to continue to keep the focus. Instant after instant, we will realize that we see more light and that the way is becoming brighter. Instant after instant, we will realize that this light was always there and that the way was always brighter.
    The veil on our eyes was preventing to see.


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