You Do NOT “Mess Up!”


BELOVED!  We greet You with a most fervent request because we love You so.

Please consider how we see You when You think You are “messing up” in some way.
We won’t go into the ways You come to this dire conclusion, because there are so many.

You can and do find ANY way to hold onto a belief long enough to manifest enough shreds of “reality” from it to keep it going.

You are so powerful in your focus and so relentless in your determination that You truly ARE a master of creation.

That IS the truth. You demonstrate it over and over… and You NEVER fail. That is obvious to all of us in the celestial team, and to all in your universe as well.

It is SO obvious that You can easily see how effortlessly You create “reality” through your own focus… if You choose to see… because NOW, there are no more blocks, no veils, no “hocus-pocus” ideations that prevent You from seeing that YOUR frequencies are the source of every manifestation You experience.

We ask You, therefore, to real-ize that it is IMPOSSIBLE for You to “mess up!”
Follow our logic for a moment (oh YES, logic only gets finer at higher frequencies).
To “mess up,” You would have to be “messing your SELF up.”
Since You are MADE of Source energy (which is LOVE), the whole concept of “messing up” is therefore a moot one.

SOURCE does not perceive “messing up.” SOURCE is curious and fascinated by NEW creative possibilities… NEW ways of experiencing polarity in order to love them even MORE as ONE.

SOURCE-in-You delights in your “messing up” (as You used to call your delving into divine paradox) as much as SOURCE-in-You delights in flowing directly INto the manifestation of your desires!

Beloved… You really DO need to let go of the whole idea of “messing up” altogether. That is OUR perspective, of course. Yet we also know that You who reads this is reading to RECEIVE it.  

How we LOVE You! How we adore your creativity!
Always and in All Ways– the celestial team.

❤ ❤ ❤

Blessed are You for supporting our Judith in devoting her earthly life to BEing a human/celestial bridge– for You, and We, and the ALL of us–by offering even the smallest bit of your own energy, You bless yourSELF, of course. 

From Judith– In plain English (lol), the “Donate” tab is in the right sidebar.
Thank you. I love you.


Copyright(c) 20125, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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