Breathe Out, Breathe In… HAPPY 2016!


Breathe in our frequencies, Beloved! Breathe in the Love/Light. Breathe and FEEL our Love/Light as You pull it into You. Feel how GOOD it feels… how good YOU feel when You pull Love/Light into You. Then breathe it out and pull in MORE of it!

You can do that all day long, every single day if You like. There is always more. The same is true of anything You desire. Just as you breathe out to receive a NEW breath, You pulse out frequencies in order to receive them in form. And always, You receive the form that matches your frequencies precisely.

That is why we tell You that giving and receiving are not separate acts. That is also why we have been telling You since your year of 2010  that You are a Reality Creator. You create your own reality though your frequencies… ALWAYS, without exception. And THAT is what You must understand in order to create the reality You WANT to create!

We will remind you of THIS, as well:
Only by stepping into BE-ing  a Sovereign Reality Creator, ruled by no one, will You step OUT of your old paradigm of enslavement. Only by claiming your Sovereignty  as a CONSCIOUS Reality Creator will You leave illusions of scarcity behind. And when You do that… EVERYTHING changes.

Fears born of scarcity lead to fear of others, which leads to war and enslavement by the few who use your fear to control You. Imagine a reality without any of that in it! A whole NEW PARADIGM, is it not? And only YOU can create it, and You can only create it for yourSELF. There is no other way, for just as You ARE Sovereign,  everyone else is as well.

However, what You create for yourSELF  effects others profoundly, because none of You are separate from one another! This paradoxical truth cannot be comprehended through the third dimensional paradigm of separation and enslavement.
Here are the Frequency Technicians–

Greetings. We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from the grand orchestra of the celestial team.
Only when one has stepped into the NEW PARADIGM of 2016 as a Sovereign Reality Creator can such paradoxes be understood through experience.
We suggest that You begin NOW.
We have a suggestion of HOW to begin as well. Of course, whether You follow our suggestion or not is entirely up to you.

We suggest that you make a pledge to yourself to begin 2016 CONSCIOUS.
By that we mean as who and what you are and have always been– a Sovereign Reality Creator who can create whatever your heart desires.
We suggest that you ground your pledge into your energy grid with an action.

The action we suggest is to offer a reciprocal energy exchange after reading this post by pressing the appropriate “donate” widget to the upper right of your eye line.
The amount should NOT be more or less than your heart desires to give.

Your heart will never desire to give an amount that would cause you lack. You can trust your own heart! If you discover in the process that you do NOT, that will be a very important discovery, indeed… a GIFT to you, in truth. You will not want to enter 2016 without trust in your own heart, we assure you.

We also assure you that whatever you offer freely from your heart in support of our earth member Judith’s ability to continue the work she does with us will bring back to you much more than you offer.
By “us” we mean not only the celestial team but your own guides, for they are frequent collaborators in choosing what needs to be transmitted through us particularly for YOU.
Therefore, there are more beings in your cosmos that will respond to you with gratitude than you could ever count.

We are the Frequency Technicians. We wish you a Happy 2016,  for more reasons than you could ever count as yet.

As do we ALL, Beloved! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Copyright(c)2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy this publication in free venues only, and only if the content remains complete and the author’s name and the link to this website is included.


POTENT BLUE MOON MAGIC! And Guess Who is the Magician?


Moon-At-Night-Public-Domain-520x245Beloved, we come to you through a most magnificent ever-changing, rainbow of blue in this moment of your Blue Aquarius  Moon!

Oh it is glorious, the way your own frequencies make such magical living rainbows of a single color. And You do this with every color of your frequencies in every pulsation of your illusionary linear time, along with each and every other in your human collective. What a dazzling light show You give us! Yet You do not know (or do not yet remember that You know is more accurate) that make You make such magic, do You…or do You?.

Something else we know is that there is within You a deeply rooted belief that You do not know of such magic because “You do not know enough yet.” And how do we know that with such certainty? Because You just told us that it is true! Yet You do not even know (in the ways You “think You know things,” we mean) that You converse with us all the while You take in our messages, do You… or do You?

Beloved, here is what we know above all else in this pulse of your NOW:
It is “time” to give up the belief that You do not know enough.
It is “time” to real-ize that its roots have shriveled, there is no life left in it, and it is only YOUR  belief in that belief that is still operating.
It is “time” to turn your belief upside down and inside out and see what it is truly made of, Beloved, which is not what You believed it was at all.  

And, just so You know how we know that, it is not only because You told us, but because You announced it to our entire cosmos! The cosmos immediately “hopped to it,” as You say, and the proof of that is all around You NOW. Oh, if You would only decide that You can see the energy of the collaborative alchemy your stars and planets have designed on your behalf.. If only You would decide to comprehend the rarity of such finely orchestrated alignments and patterns, even hear them… all for You.

We know, however, that the complexity of your creations is beyond comprehension through the linear brain. That is what also makes it rather tricky for us to even begin to convey them to You. The technology of the 3rd dimensional brain is designed to filter out all that its programming cannot process, as You know. Yet (unless You consciously maintain the intention not to), You still do tend to run our frequencies through it much of the time– and most especially if You are “really trying” to comprehend something NEW!

You do have to laugh at these paradoxes, Beloved, once You see them from the inside out. And so You WILL, more and more… indeed, some of You have already begun to chuckle here and there. We know that because we hear each and every chuckle, and how we smile with You when we do! What we would LOVE is to hear a huge resound of those chuckles in the shimmering light of your magical Blue Moon– for there is something so elegantly simple at the core of all the muti-layered complexities of your creations that it will have You dancing with carefree abandon as you chuckle, once you KNOW  it– if only we could get around that watchdog brain of yours!

Perhaps we can.
It will require more than our Judith’s finely attuned translations of our frequencies into third  dimensional language. It will require encoding so masterly that the brain will not even recognize what is being carried through the words, which will mean that You likely will not, either… in a cognitive way, that is. But if You take them in through you heart center, You will FEEL them, and that is a far superior way of knowing, anyway.
As long as You do not “try” to understand them with your thinking technology!
As long as You simply keep them running through You, your mutidimensional heart center will decode them for You, and give You pieces in perfect alignment with your capacity to receive them over the next few of your days.

Yes indeed, this is exactly what is called for in this moment. The beings who can do the job are part of us and have already stepped forward. Perhaps You already know who they are. Many among You have begun to converse with them in your night dreams, we know.  We also know that You will be hearing more from the FrequencyTechnicians in your coming weeks than ever before. It is “time.”


Greetings. We are the Frequency Technicians.
We will be as brief as possible, for we are using the technology of laser precision.
If you know of lasers, you know that a little is enough, and more than enough is too much. This is a technology that it will serve you well to become familiar with.
It is the responsibility of those with unlimited power to know how to use it with carefully regulated precision. 

We have told you more than once that you are Sovereign.
We remind you of what the word Sovereign means. “Ruled by no one and no thing.”
We advise you to take that meaning literally and not only believe it, but own it.
Only when you own your Sovereignty will you take responsibility for your own power, and only when you do that will you be Sovereign.

You are holographic by design.
All that you experience are your own holographic projections.
Therefore, nothing you experience has power over you for you are the generator.
Nothing in your external environment including people are there without your agreement and your own creative collaboration.
Nothing in your internal environment exists but that which you choose to experience and that includes your thoughts as well as your emotional reactivity.

Your thoughts do not think you.
Your emotional technology is not a machine that runs you.
It is only the habit of experiencing yourself as enslaved that has you believing otherwise.
We strongly advise you to drop the habit.

You are in a highly advantageous arrangement of what you experience as linear time. This linear construct can serve you well NOW and in the moments that unfold from every NOW through the coming weeks of this particular larger picture of your NOW.

Your Venus will assist you in re-experiencing what you have chosen to review regarding your relationships with what and whom you love and value most.
We wish to point out that relationships are not only collaborations you have with human beings, but with all beings and that includes everything, from the chair you sit on to the thought forms you create.

Your Uranus will collaborate by turning all relationship patterns that you no longer wish to repeat upside down and inside out. This is how transformation begins.
Uranus will stay with you for five of your months to assist you in completing your transformations.

We suggest that you hold these things in your consciousness as well as feel them in your physical bodies for the next three days:
As we said, you are holographic. Much like a movie projector, all you see, feel, and otherwise experience is projected from within you.
Your power source is Source, itself. Your medium of projection is your frequencies.
Nothing and no one has control of your state-of-being but you.
To allow anything or anyone else to control of your state-of-being is to agree to perpetuate your illusion of powerlessness.
As you go through your current review of the relationship collaborations you have participated in thus far, we strongly encourage you to take note of the ramifications of abdicating your own sovereign responsibility that will be revealed to you.

All that you need to know or will ever need to know about this rich and awe-inspiring experience you call your life is that YOU are not only the creator, but you are a master magician. You can and do transform something as quickly as you create it. You have been doing so for aeons, and have created dark and light and all in between.
NOW, you want to create harmony.
More than that, harmony that reflects who and what YOU are.
That IS why you are here, and NOW is your chosen timeframe.
As a composer writes music that incorporates many instruments to express one symphony, you are here to create your own symphony out of all that you have experienced. You DO know how.
Every composer, artist, and magician in our universe knows that the frequency that weaves symphonies as well as worlds together is LOVE.

We bow to the well-spring of LOVE within you, and your mastery at using LOVE as the Master Magician that you, yourself, are made of.
We are the Frequency Technicians.


As do we ALL bow to You, Beloved. The Frequency Technicians have done an artful job with the words and their arrangements, and our Judith followed their intent with the precision of her own creative laser focus. We point this out so that you will pay particular attention to the cadence of repetition in their transmission, for it will show You clearly what is encoded and transmitted in many different ways. It is a magnificent “download” (as You call them)! Get every bit of it, and all that your stars and planets are offering to You as well. Do You SEE NOW, Belvoved? The entire cosmos is at your service. Rise and SHINE!
Always and in All Ways, we love You.– the celestial team


Judith here. Whooo! Still a little disoriented, lol, but I wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation to all of you who offer reciprocal energy exchanges via the “donate” tab after receiving these messages. Although it is my greatest joy to bring these messages to you, it does take a lot of energy to hold these incredibly high frequencies in me… especially because they are often so beyond what we even have language for that it can sometimes take quite awhile to create the combination of words that will carry them to you. Yet I don’t even notice “time” as I am engaged with their frequencies. I only get the shock of seeing how many hours have passed when I finally come back into “time!” Okay, what I’m attempting to say in way too many words (still a little spacy, lol) is that it is only because of your reciprocity that I can continue to devote hours and days, my life, actually, to doing this joyful…. just a moment. The celestial team is coming through right NOW… Oh, do you FEEL them? What a fizzy “download” of loving gratitude they are showering on you!! And there is nothing more for me to say, which is wonder-full, since since I wasn’t doing a great job, anyway…. no words could possibly share anymore than they just did.
Namaste! ❤


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Have a Question? Ask the celestial team- Live Over the Air Waves TONIGHT!!

This is Judith, just stopping by to make sure YOU get this invitation–

Tonight (Monday, March 2nd) at 7:30 p.m. pstd,
the celestial team and me on
Heart to Heart Talk Radio!

(Last minute notice, I know, but better late than never, right?)

The show airs live, and we’ll be answering questions from callers during the second half.
So, if you want to call us, we’d love to hear from you!

Link to listen online:

To listen by phone and/or call in with a question:

We’ll talk to you later!

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Recording of October Energy Tele-Gathering is Available Here & NOW!


Molecular ThoughtsYowza. The October Energy Tele-Gathering was powerful, indeed. I, Judith, am still taking it in, and I’m the one who delivered it. I am also happy beyond words to let you know that it was successfully recorded! Just FYI, that is not always a given, at least not in my case. I’ve discovered that very high frequencies can be challenging for our external technology to transmit. For example, I’ve pressed “record” before and found no recording at all. Over the past three years, I’ve also pressed “publish” on my videos and blogs, and watched them simply, suddenly, mysteriously, vanish.

However, with this particular tele-gathering, I “got” that the same high frequencies that came into the tele-gathering were also assisting the technology of the recording process in handling them. Will wonders never cease? Nope. Isn’t it wonder–full?

Recording of the October Energy Tele-Gathering!
Length of Recording: I hour, 40 minutes

Reciprocal Energy Exchange for Recording–
$10.00 for Non-Participants (meaning you weren’t IN the gathering)
$5.00 for Participants 
(meaning you were THERE)

To Order–
Press the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar.
Offer your energy exchange via Paypal.
Note as “October Energy Tele-Gathering.”
Your personal link to the recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

About the Recording…
Expect to receive energy alignments as you listen, so drink a lot of water.
It would be good to start sipping before, during, and for at least 24 hours after.
The information delivered through my words is heavily encoded with even more information, so listen to the recording more than once, but not twice on the same day. That will give you “time” to integrate what you did get in order to receive more.

What you will get immediately is a meditation that will assist you in “breaking out of the shell” of old perceived limitations in the moment;
Easy tools to use to maintain your NEW freedom as an energetic reality-creator;
A clear description of “the process of creation;”
Guidelines for handling upcoming changes without fear;
And much, much more.

Please remember as you listen– take in only what resonates  for you. This is especially important to keep in mind as you listen to the final question and answer segment.

And last but VERY far from least–
Beloved, it is “time” to know that You are a Creator Being.
As such, you are an energy alchemist of the highest order.
You cannot be otherwise, regardless of what you might “think.”
Your alchemy is hard-wired into your energy field. We SEE it!  

The vessel of your intent is the alchemical container.
It is through your frequencies that the alchemy occurs.
And so it is.
— Yeshuwah, October Energy Tele-Gathering, October 19th 2014


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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7.23.14 “We Cannot Go Anywhere Unless we Bring ALL of OurSELF With Us.”- from July’s Energy Tele-Gathering, Recording Available NOW!

This is Judith (et all, of course).  And those words– “We cannot go anywhere unless we bring all of ourSELF with us” came out of my mouth in the July Energy Tele-Gathering with a resonance that rang through every cell of my human being. That is indeed the theme of 2014, our Year of Integration. Moreover, it is a process that is ever-increasing in intensity and so power, and will continue through the rest of the year at least. Already, it has become a veritable vortex,  spinning so fast that nothing is either “here or there, past or present.” All of everywhere is spinning into NOW.

Which is, of course, so that we can integrate ourselves whole and get on with it. Which, nonetheless, is also making our heads spin and knocking our human socks off (mine included, please note). So, it is no surprise that it quickly unfolded as the theme of our July Energy Tele-Gathering– the recording of which is NOW available!

And, it is unedited, as well! Meaning, none of the energies that came through in the tele-gathering were left out or adulterated in any way… say, to turn it into a more “attractive product. ” Ha, that sort of “marketing perspective” is one I have never been able to make sense of, anyway– either fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your current perspective. From my own, I’ll just say that I feel very fortunate to know the difference between giving/receiving and selling a product, and leave it at that. For NOW.

That said, I am happy to say that it turned out to be a very “attractive production” of confluence, guidance, and energetic support, all on its human/celestial co-created own! Since it is unedited, you will receive all 1 hour, 56 minutes and 21 seconds through the listening, very close to the extent of actually BEING there. You will even be there for the entering and joining of the participants, before I ever open my mouth– and so will enter and join along with them.

And that said, I’m happy to also say that the recording came through clear as a bell and energetically intact– and please also understand that what you will hear/receive will be energetically, personally, for you alone. I send every recording out individually, so that each is uniquely aligned with the energy patterns that are carried through the “energy exchange” of the receiver. Oh, sure, this takes quite a lot of personal dedication, energy, and “time” on my part… and through the old paradigm, survival-oriented lens would seem quite “impractical.”  But that is not my lens. I am thrilled as I send off each and every one of them.

NOW, onto the recording!

For those who were NOT present in the July Energy Tele-Gathering—
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $8.00 by pressing the “donate tab.”
Note it as July Recording.
It will be sent to you within 48 hours.

For those who DID participate in the July Energy Tele-Gathering–
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $3.00 by pressing the “donate tab.”
Note it as July Recording.
It will be sent to you within 48 hours.

And last but far from least– hats off to those of you who have already registered your energy into the August Energy Tele-Gathering on 8/17. . . way to GO!

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6.15.14 IMPORTANT VIDEO: The Human Wound- The Truth That Will Set You FREE!

We greet You with frequencies of excited anticipation, Beloved!

That is because we bring You a video that holds a most exciting gift within it, and we  already know its potential to transform You. We know this because it comes in response to a great call from many.  Please understand that this does not mean it is a single “generic” response, as You might say– oh no! it is embedded with the frequencies of EACH within the many, and so will be RECEIVED BY EACH in a uniquely personal way.

And we are sure You know that YOU are one of these many… otherwise, You would not be RECEIVING our response, would You? So, Beloved, remember that the answer to your OWN call is woven into this video. Believe, and so shall You RECEIVE.
Now we ask our Judith to say a few words.

Judith here…  Just sharing, as the human who brought the content of this video through me, that I experienced how life-changing it has the potential to be. Both the words and the frequencies are so thickly encoded with information that, days after the transmission, I am still feeling altered– still altering, actually.

I also want to mention the enormous sense of urgency I felt propelling me to get this video out right NOW. That it is important, I have no doubt– most especially for those who called for it right NOW. So watch it LARGE. Watch it more than once. Take in all of it. Let the answer to your own call into your heart center as fully as possible. And by all means– DO NOT MISS A NANOSCOND OF THE LAST FOUR MINUTES!

Then, please SHARE the video with everyone you know. It is about a crucially important human family matter, and so it is MEANT to be shared– by family, with family. I can feel Yeshuwah braiding with me to deliver a few last words…
In truth, Beloved, by sharing your video with your human family, You will do much to heal your OWN wounds of isolation.

And finally– the video.

How we Love YOU! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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1.14.14 NEW VIDEO- 2014: The Year of Integration

Love/Light Video and Message from the celestial team

We  greet You with warm frequencies of focused intention in this moment of your NOW, Beloved!

We focus our attention most especially because we wish our message to be brief and frequency concentrated–rather like a laser, You might say–on/into our subject, which is our NEW video. It is not by chance that this is also our FIRST video of your exciting NEW year of 2014.

Nor is it by chance (as nothing ever is) that we offer it while your Cancer moon is reaching her climactic fullness with your Helios in Capricorn. The metaphors often used for Cancer energy as “mother” and Capricorn as “father” are most relevant for this particular event… as is their positioning in polar opposite sectors of your zodiac.

Please take the frequencies of those observations into your heart centers, for they are encoded with a great deal of multidimensional information which your heart will read   with ease, and in turn, amplify your abilities to USE them. You see, Beloved, they are all about the divine cosmic process of INTEGRATION– which our video,  your NEW year, and YOU are also all about NOW!

Of course, no matter when You take the video in, You can always choose to do so in the current amplifying energies. As You will soon discover, beyond the construct of the third dimension, time is more of a location than a line … and that is ALL we will say for NOW!  Oh, we would love to chat on about the wonderful possibilities that are unfolding in your year of 2014, for we are most excited on your behalf! But we will stop ourselves, ALSO on your behalf.

You see, from NOW on, it is much better for You to make your OWN discoveries, on your OWN. Your discoveries will then be as empoweringly perfect for YOU as they have the potential to be, as well as thrilling, and we want You to feel BOTH of those as often as possible! Your excitement will fuel You in the “right direction” always, and every discovery will add to the thrill of the next one. So DO let your excitement lead You, and DO be thrilled by your SELF-discoveries, by all means! We do not want You to miss a single facet of your own, unlimited, power, which is… no, we will let You find that out for yourSelf through the video!

We are most pleased with our NEW video, for if You use all that is in it, we sense that it can take You very far, very fast, right INTO that potential…. and NOW–without another word!– we will ask our Judith to quickly put the link to the video below–and then off You go!

2014: The Year of Integration

How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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6.18.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 3– A Lesson on Reading Its Frequencies

HELLO!!!! Judith again, with just a very few but important words to share before you read the post. First, after you read it (through frequencies!), you are “celestially invited” to go on to read part 4 of “The Story of Your Light” on your own. You’ll find it in the archive for June, 2011. Yeshuwah wants to “reinitialize” Part 5 before you read it, however– to update the information encoded within it– so that will follow in a re-blog.
Secondly, I just want to point out how PERFECTLY in synch with the energies of NOW this message is, even though it was originally transmitted in June of 2011!
OK, that’s it. Click away–and en-JOY your frequencies! ♥ ♥ ♥


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the celestial team

6/18/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with the light of many dancing rainbows at this exciting moment of your “time!”
Can you feel our light energy playfully sparkling and flashing with irridescent colors as we express our joy and excitement at connecting with you in this moment? Each collective among us is contributing, and so there are many rainbows, all unique, yet ALL made of one thing, and that is Love/Light… as are you.

NOW, as your solstice is settling around you, among you, we feel it as a cause for great celebration, for this solstice is a MOST wonderful wave that will carry you MOST powerfully– wherever you are headed– in no time at all. We mean that literally, “in no time.” You are living more outside the bounds of third dimensional time NOW than in it– for those of you with scientific tendencies, the word “quantum”…

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12.28.13 Yeshuwah Reviews the Story of Your Light

This is Judith, just wanting to let you know how this reblog happened. I was about to post that I’d “gotten the green light” to offer the recording of the “2nd International Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives” on the site, when I got another message–basically, the gist was, “Not so fast!” It really surprised me, especially when I was directed to re-read THIS transmission, delivered way back on 6.5.11! But as I did so, I “got” it. There are many newcomers to our site, and Yeshuwah wants to personally connect, and “lay the groundwork” (“gridwork,” actually, in energetic terms), not only for the recording, but for your entry into the energies of 2014. And, even for those who have already read this message, it is more encoded NOW than it was at the time of delivery, because WE are able to take in more–and so Yeshuwah would like you to re-read it NEW, as well. Oh, and one more thing– although there are actually five sequentially transmitted parts to “The Story of Your Light,” each is VERY rich, so I’m also being asked to suggest that you take only THIS one in thoroughly for NOW. I’m not sure if Yeshuwah wants to co-ordinate the offerings of the others, or if you’ll get the “go-ahead” to go on and read them in your own “right timing,” but I’ll let you know when I know.
Btw… if you’re a bit taken aback by all this “not knowing until I know” talk, all I can say is, “Welcome to my life,” ha! And oh yeah, one more thing… it wouldn’t hurt to get used to it yourself… “linear time” is just an illusion, a 3D game, remember? All there IS is NOW. (HA!) ♥ ♥ ♥


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the celestial team

6/5/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you most lovingly as always!

This time, however, we do so in excited frequencies of anticipation, for we are suddenly surrounded by much fanfare! Our atmosphere has begun to crackle with a sense of occasion, and we feel ourselves moving into a state of awe. This does not occur simply because we gather to share a transmission with you! No, something important is about to happen. Imagine your air all at once resounding with the achingly clear and majestic notes of Archangel Gabriel’s trumpets, simply because you “opened your mouth to speak,” and you’ll get the idea!

Well, the announcement has been made, and now there is silence, and so we will begin and see what happens. Our intention is to tell you that the movement you are feeling within you and among you energetically now is “normal”…

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11.23.13 For Energy Sensitives–Upgrades, Tech Support, Empowerment, and YOWZA!

Hello, Beloved! We just want to briefly offer “our take” on this post, as You would say. To us it is a living, experiential, example of what it FEELS like to be a frontrunner on your planet in human form. We also know that it is a mere
taste of the challenge that the Energy Sensitives among You face in stepping forward with the truth of your experiences…
“without a net,” so to speak, in a world that still relies on one. We are awed by such courage. We speak in code with these words. There is much within them. But as an Energy Sensitive, we trust that You will find it ALL. Know how we honor you, and how we bow to your courage in bringing your alchemical mastery to your planet, and in USING it NOW. Those of You who have said YES to that are like sacred babes in the woods.
For those who “think” they are lost, YOU are there to show them, through the courage of Love, that they are NEVER lost–for all in the woods is ONE.
How we love and cherish You for that.
— the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

YOWZA is right. And whew. OK, first let me tell you the good news– A two-part, frequency-packed recording called “BEing an Energy Sensitive” is NOW available! It is alive with energy activations, technical support, and multidimensional information. More details, as well as how to receive it, are at the bottom of this post. The content in between is about how the recording came to be, and my own experience of making it. I’d say its well worth reading, but if you just want to cut to the chase and order the recording, you can do that, too– just scroll down, and there you have it.

To continue. I know you’re pretty used to my “multidimensional ways” by NOW, but this is something else, entirely… my “ways” just took a quantum leap, you might say. So, if you’re just visiting my site for the first time, please fasten your seatbelt, because what I’m about to share comes from three…

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