4.7.11 Powerful Multi-Dimensional Guidance for Navigating NOW!

4/7/ 2011 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Powerful Multi-Dimensional Guidance for Navigating Now!

A most effusive HELLO to you from the celestial team!

We watch you with much desire to assist you in any way we can now, for we know you are longing to complete your transition into living in the 5th dimension as quickly as possible. Your desire for this warms us very much! It might be a good idea to stop briefly and take the meaning in that last sentence fully into your being.
We are telling you that your state of being affects ours!

Have you ever really known that, deeply within you, before? Know it NOW, please. Feel it within you. We are connected, your music is heard, and it mingles with and affects all of the music in your universe. We are even hearing the music you make as you read this! Your internal responses are actually registered in your energetic bodies, which are vast, and which transmit all of your frequencies to other aspects of yourself who presently reside in other dimensions, who in turn transmit with aspects of us, and on and on.

If you traced all of these transmissions, and they do happen instantaneously, you would find that ALL of us are connected in ways that you would call familial! One big family,you have! One big orchestra, you play in! And here you thought you were a little oboe playing all alone…

We laugh with you at this, now, for perhaps you may wish to be alone and unseen sometimes! Now you know the truth–you never, ever, are! Can you handle that?

Ah but now we are playing and enjoying ourselves so much that we are “off track,” as you would say, and we do have some observations to share that are important to our desire to be useful to you, and so we will “get back on track,” “post haste!” We do love using your terminology….!

We move at last into what we wish to point out for your consideration.
The only way to acclimate to fifth dimensional frequencies is to do so in the ongoing moment of NOW. For you, this fluid NOW is experienced as a point of dots, or moments, that when strung together, create your “timeline of probabilities.”

Actually, it is not a line, and this is what we want you to understand most strongly in this transmission. What you do is jump from moment to moment, and although you experience this as a progression of linear time, from our perspective, we see you even leap from one dimension to another, and then back, and then somewhere else, in three single breaths! It is only because you still experience these moments sequentially that you see them as a single “line of time.”

This is very important to hold in your consciousness now. It is only by being fully present and aware of your frequencies in every moment, every breath, that you will know where you are. NOW, every now, is the only place from which you can take responsibility for guiding your own light

You are not yet used to being fully alive in this way, and so must acclimate yourselves to being so by using the law of entrainment. The “get on the road and set auto-pilot” way of existence in density that you became used to will only steer you right back there if you use that method now. Many of you go into your heart centers and activate your energetic bodies at varying moments of time throughout your days, and once you feel that connection, you then go back on “auto-pilot.”

Here is what we want you to know: going back on “auto-pilot” leads you right back into the third dimensional patterning of the mind. So, you will “think” you have “set” yourself in the fifth dimension, and then go back into third dimensional patternings, because that is what “auto-pilot” has been programmed to do throughout lifetimes of entrainment.

We ask you to instead, stay away from “auto-pilot” and IN the moment. Away from the mental programming, and IN the fifth dimensional energy bodies that you access from your heart centers with every breath. Your brain will NOT tell you that you’ve switched back to its third dimensional operating system, we assure you! Only YOU have the ability to know your frequencies, and only YOU have the power to choose them.

This is an attribute of your sovereignty. If you do not hold your sovereignty as the sole authority of your choices in every moment, you will fall into the little “transitional
experiment of misalignment” that we have observed some of you playing. We are enabled to observe you in this way very closely as the veils between us are thinning and ever more easily penetrated now. Our Judith, for example, is beginning to easily bring us with her in a conscious way as she interacts with humanity. We are seeing most experientially that the vast web of interconnectedness that IS the very fabric of your universe is therefore coming alive again, and we rejoice!

We acknowledge that we digressed from the “linear thread” of our purpose in this transmission yet again, although only just a little! We return to it now; we are “getting the hang” of your linear experiment, are we not? The little “transitional experiment” we introduced a few of your sentences ago is one in which you set yourselves in your fifth dimensional frequencies, then go into “auto-pilot” and proceed to navigate from your brain with third dimensional methods! What you then end up doing is creating a simulated, third dimensional version of the fifth dimension!

In truth, it is fun to watch from here, for it is rather like watching your video games. We marvel at your infinite potentials to create new puzzles and games! Play as long as your play engages you, for it is certainly not wrong, nor is it by any means without value.

However, some of you do not want to be introducing yet another complexity into your game of separation. You feel the longing to move into the simplicity and clarity that are the byproducts of authentic ascension. We also see those of you who, like our Judith, are called to hold your fifth dimensional frequencies so that others can more easily attune with them. It is to those of you who resonate with each of those acknowledgements that we speak now.

Be aware that when you set yourselves in your fifth dimensional frequencies and then move out of authorship of every NOW, you will find yourselves playing god in a very third dimensional way. You will find yourselves attempting to play a game of integration with methods that spring from a stance of separation. You cannot play your game of baseball using the pattern of the game of football, can you? You can tell yourself you are playing baseball, but the game you will create will be football.

And so it is that from the 3D patterns, the integration of all through compassion is distorted by polarity into “playing god.” It cannot be otherwise.
You will find yourself deciding what YOU think others need, and “sending them” support in having THAT particular need met.
You will find yourself judging who does and doesn’t need love, and exactly what the nuance of that love should be.
You will spend MUCH time carefully deciding these things, as if YOUR deciding was of the utmost importance.
You will also find yourself spending much time “sending love” all over here and there, to those whom YOU decide need it most.
Of course, this must involve careful judgment on your part, this discrimination of needs that YOU in your elevated position can rightly determine.
You will even decide that the earth needs your help, and, as a being separate from earth, you will benevolently send love to the planet that is infused with YOUR energies!

We know you see the folly we have outlined.
We also know that it sounds like a description of the most extreme form of self-delusion, and perhaps offered to grab your attention.
It is true that we want to “grab your attention!” It is also true that there are many who do feel great love and compassion, but have not yet faced that it can only be delivered by delivering it within.
There are still many who hide from self, project self outward, and then try to do the work of integration on their projections rather than with self.
This creates much more stress on the collective than is necessary. Service to the all is the byproduct of loving service WITHIN. Integration of the all is an “inside job,” you might say, for that is the only place it can be done.
Yeshuwa will speak now.

This is Yeshuwa.
The eye of the needle is within you.
When you want to send love to the pain in others, where do you feel it?
You feel it within. Put your love there. That is where and how you will
heal the others.

Do not trouble yourselves by donning the robes of judgment in order to
appropriate the delivery of your love.
Those robes are heavy, and will weight you to the bottom of your sea.

Do not bother yourselves with deciding through your minds what particular
graces others require through the doling of your love.
You will only fragment yourselves in the jaws of separation in the doing,
and end up giving little and feeling alone.

Neither bother to expend your energy trying to fuel your love across great
distances for the sake of others.
They will receive your love only as you receive it yourself, and will receive
no more than you are willing to place on your own alter.

Feel it within, then, where the need resonates.

When you send love rather than allow it to move outward from the
passageway within you, you declare a desire to maintain yourself as
separate and removed.
In the doing, you deny yourselves what you profess to desire most.

When you feel sorry for your magnificent planet, you burden Gaia
with your own inner sorrows.
Instead, take back your inner battles and your defiling of self, and
your fears of provoking annihilation from this great being will then
prove to be unfounded!

Integrate all of the cracks within yourselves and you will discover the
truth beneath your illusions: your magnificent earth is whole,
and a powerful provider of abundance in a way far surpassing your
prior ceiling of needs, just as YOU ARE.
Be whole. Be one.

The time has come to gather yourselves, your selves, and dissolve
all illusions of cracks between you. This, you can do.
Heal the all WITHIN YOU by LOVING ALL within you.
Nothing else is needed, nothing else will serve.

We, Yeshuwa, however, are ever at your service as you do so, and if
you call on us, we will infuse you with the power of our love. We are
on call for you “24/7.” (glorious smiling energy of deep affection pours
into the words) If you call often enough for our love infusion, all else besides love
will soon seem unreal.

Fear of the dark is easily dispelled by the light of love, for where light
shines, the illusion of darkness disappears.

Remember all that you have read here, for the message is strong,
and given to you at a time when you can use it to ignite your light a thousandfold.

This is the celestial team.
We hope you will take Yeshuwa’s words deep into you heart, and let not a drop be missed. There is such power of love in their frequencies that all of the dimensions in our universe are still rippling with their currents.

We bid a loving farewell now to the one that is all of you, from the one that is all of us. Although our transmission ends, our frequencies, as always, remain with you. -– the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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