4.15.11 Your Power and Your Tools –Use Them Well!

4/15/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with great pleasure, as always!

We are just popping in briefly for a moment to speak in particular with those of you who are having a “hard time” making your shift from the old patterns of struggle into the new ones of harmony. We wish to offer you a metaphoric hand, if you will!

We’ll begin by reminding you of one of the discoveries made by the one you call “Einstein”, for it enabled him to expand into the Way-Shower he became in crossing the threshold into quantum reality. Your Einstein said, and many of you have heard this, that a “solution” cannot be found by using the same methods that created the “problem.”

That sounds like a rather basic realization, does it not, and we know many of you are thinking that one would not have to be a “genius” to figure that out!  Well, we agree! Unless caught in some sort of “mental cobweb,” how could the truth of those words not be obvious?

Yet, we have watched as war was used as a method to create peace on your planet. We are watching now.

We have watched you seek abundance through the energy of a belief in scarcity.

We have watched you long for love, and yet emanate isolation and suspicion.

Ah, we have watched you run for lifetimes on those linear treadmills and more!  Round and round you have gone, doing the same things and expecting them to turn out differently.

We have watched you try to get from “A” to “B” with the energy of “A,” and then wonder why you still end up in “A.” It has been amazing, difficult, and sometimes humorous, to watch this over and over and over, knowing all the while that you are supremely intelligent and powerful, and will never be anything less.

We are delighted that at last, you are breathing new, fresh, air–air that offers you the clarity of consciousness to see the paradoxes of your treadmills for yourself! Now, you breathe air that offers you a release into freedom! Breathe it with gusto, then,  and remember how powerful you are. You are sovereign. You are not helpless and awaiting freedom to be given you!  YOU are the sovereign authority of your life, and nothing less.

If you make choices from the energy of fear, then of course it is fear you will experience.

If you make choices from the energy of struggle, then naturally, it is struggle you will create.

If you feel that you have to always get back as much as you give, then you will never get back more than a fraction of what you deserve.  Moreover, you will always feel alone.

Do you see that our words are not from some “idyllic out there,” but are practical ones for you, on your planet, right now? They are not ideals to reach for from some illusionary realm! Furthermore, If WE seem “out there” to you, then where do you think YOU are? YOU and your planet, are, of course,  “right out there” with us!

It has always amused us that THIS. at least, was not obvious to you. We look to you as “right over there,”our neighbors and relatives. You may be in a different dimension than ours in this moment, but that is not a spacial arrangement. Dimensions often share the very same space with one another! NONE of us are “out” anywhere.

We, ourselves, are a group of collectives  that do not all share the same dimension currently. None of us see any of us  as “out  there” anymore than you are, or we are to you!  It is merely the 3rd dimensional illusion of separation that gives you that perception. It is the same illusion that has even caused  you to see  yourselves as being isolated from one other, even though you all share one  collective on the very same planet!

This illusion of separation has also deceived you into believing that you were “broken into pieces” within you, has it not? within. Yet, in truth, you are whole, are you not?  Well, if you believe in your wholeness (and you do, we assure you), then you also must believe that anything at all that shows otherwise must be illusion. After all, you cannot be whole and broken at the same time!  Surely one does not have to be a “genius” to figure that out…

You have been used to mistaking your emotions for your beliefs, however, and it is this error of perception that we most want to point out now.  Please know that your emotions are merely tools you brought in with you in order to navigate your way through density! They are, as such, what you might call “frequency barometers.”

We strongly wish for you to begin to understand them in that way, and use them from now on as the tools they are.  They let you know, through your emotional resonance, what frequenciesa you are emanating. You have this tool so that you can adjust your life to attune to the frequencies you desire in every moment.

As a master of energetic alchemy, you came in with this fine barometric system hard-wired within you at birth.  You knew that you would live what you believe, and nothing else, for whatever you choose to believe is what you will honor,  be it true or not. Being a master, what you honor is therefore also what you will create.. You also knew that you would forget this, and so you gave yourself “emotions” to navigate by. They let you know where you are and where you are going. They have NOTHING to do with who or what you are.

The power to navigate and create as you wish is yours alone. Whether conscious of it or not, you are sovereign; no one and nothing can override your choices. Now that you ARE conscious of your sovereign authority, you can see how playing with illusions otherwise can lead to some–extremely “dramatic  manifestations,” shall we say?  We want to make it clear that this has never been more true than NOW, for  you are entering energies that support your authority most powerfully. Step into them with full freedom to use them, for your power is your divine right.  Step in as well with full responsibility for your creations.

Remember this!  YOU are the creators, and it is YOUR energy that determines your creations, whether they be distorted by the clouds of illusions or not. Those  clouds can never hold you, either; it is you who decides whether to dispel them, and when.

Know as well that, regardless of your illusions otherwise, you WILL find your way. When we look at you, all we see is your light, for  light is what you are and always have been. You may move behind clouds of illusions, but like your sun, your light is still there, radiant and whole, and as with your sun, is always present and always known.

We end now, Masters, but will resume again before long, and will continue to observe your awakening to yourselves with great excitement!

Always, we love you.–the celestial team

Copyright (c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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