5.18.11 Centering in Your Own Light

5/18/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with loving frequencies of peace and certainty!

Yes, we are transmitting peaceful certainty most powerfully to you in these words, for we wish to harmonize with your own like frequencies, and we can do so no matter how slight they are, or how tentatively you feel the peace of them in this moment! All you need do is open your heart to us and allow us to sing with them. In the doing, we will amplify them so warmly and so clearly that you will know with your own certainty that they are yours

Otherwise, how could we find them and harmonize with them?! From this knowing, you can gather confidence in your ability to generate peace to others, simply by being in peace! Now, THAT is a very powerful ability, is it not? And it requires no effort, no “time,” and no struggle at all. You can see as well that this certainty requires no mental evaluation as a prerequisite, for it is not of the mind. It is simply “knowing” within your “being.” You didn’t realize that you could arrive at such a destination without the exertion of any journey at all, did you? Let us sing together a song of celebration over THAT awareness!

Perhaps you can see by now what dialogue we are expanding into. And yes, it IS a dialogue we are having, for you transmit the frequencies of your internal responses to the words right back to us! This does not occur within the parameters of “time” as you experience it, and so is not easily accepted as truth by the mind. Yet it is truth, nonetheless — another thing to simply “know within your being!”

The circuitry of the mind, in fact, does not operate through the energies of peace, for it is always “arguing for or against,” “weighing this against that,” “evaluating,” “labeling,” forever using the limitations of judgements and assumptions to assure the ego of its “rightness.” It is a third dimensional game, and can only be played by heightening the experience of duality. Do not allow your mind to judge itself for that, however! That has been its function, and it has done a powerfully effective job at it, too.

However, in this current dialogue, we are continuing with one we began in earnest several messages ago with our suggestions that you experiment with letting go of the conflicts that fuel the mind. We asked you to “cease struggle,” did we not?” You are perhaps beginning to see by now that struggle  must always have something to struggle against, and so reinforces the very existance that “something.”   Stuggle requires it, after all!  Such a self-perpetuating energy can only create more of itself, and that is quite the opposite of peace.

In order to move into a frequency of peace, one must let go of struggle. In order to create change, one must also begin by ceasing struggle. Perhaps you are now also seeing the irony of how thoroughly the programs of struggle have been used on your planet in attempts to create peace! Over and over, violence in some form has been used in the name of ending violence–and with a straight face, in all seriousness, too! Allow yourselves to be amazed by this now, let the illumination of this realization lead to others as well, and let the choice to cease struggle be fortified by them all.

When you let go of struggle, when you just drop it, you move into a still energy of acceptance of all that is, as it is now. You do not condone anything; you simply accept, or as your singing Beatles wrote, “Let It Be.” A very good song that was, and is! As you rest in the energy of simply being, simply accepting, you will begin to feel the magnificence of the light you have entered. What you will feel is unconditional love, and unconditional love, as we have said, is neutral. By doing nothing but resting there, you are doing profound work on behalf of all, for you are emanating that frequency of love, and believe us, we mean to ALL. You are all connected, you are holographic, you are ONE.

This neutral, accepting, unconditional love is also the only place from which you are truly powerful in creating change. We have given you before the image of seeing yourself in the center of a color wheel that is made of the colors of your chakras. When you are in the center, the colors spin in perfect balance, and the white center that is their source, and your divine essence, becomes strong and bright. All of the colors whir together, and you can see, feel, and recognize that each is simply a aspect of the ALL that is YOU. This is also the seat of your sovereignty, activating the powerful vortex of energy that you are, connecting you to the alchemical mastery that is innately yours, and to your very Source. Much better, and more effective, than continuing to struggle, is it not?

We give you another metaphor now as we ask you to recall the image of the “teeter-totters” on your childrens’ playgrounds. Do you remember playing on them as a child? If so, they taught you much, for you saw that on either end, you flew either up or down in response to the weight on the opposite end. In turn, no matter which end you weighted with your physical body, you activated the opposite end as well in some way. You were caught in a reciprocal tug-of-war, and the only place on the teeter totter that weight could be focused in order to balance the two sides was the ONE place in the center. So it is with the colors of your chakras. If they are out of balance, it does not matter how much you “lean your weight” into the indigo of your third eye chakra! The ones you ignore require your equal attention. All require unconditional acceptance, with neither resistance or attachment to any over the others, if you wish to be free to live in the peaceful center of your white light, All must be in balance to spin together as a whole. In other words, you must accept ALL of yourself unconditionally, emanate unconditional love to ALL that you are in order to experience your peace as well as your full multi-dimensional power.

You can see why we tell you that to change your world you must do so WITHIIN you! In truth, the external world is but a mirror provided by the universe in which to see your own reflection. The universe does this at YOUR service, for your light is a much loved and powerful asset, and not just for your planet, but for all life in your universe. We will leave you with these images and ideas for now, for you can do much with them! We leave you as well with a reminder to practice accessing your power:
* cease struggle,
* accept all as it is,
* feel your unconditional love begin to emanate into ALL that needs your love/light most within YOU.

Do not be discouraged by attempts that do not seem to “work” right away! We assure you that they do, and they are, and as you get the hang of being in this way, you WILL begin to feel the alchemical energy you are generating! This is monumental, this is wonderful, this is the moment of transformation, right NOW, and we are in a constant state of excitement for you!

We will return soon to transmit more written words through our Judith. Until then, know every minute that WE LOVE YOU– as unconditionally as always, in the eternal, unfolding, and glorious NOW.

Peace be within you, Beloved.  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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