8.17.12 EASY DOES IT!

8/17/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we are floating to you NOW in loving frequencies of effortless ease!

We not only greet you with loving and effortless ease, but we will be transmitting such “ease” to you in a continuous, gentle, flow throughout our message. Please allow us to surround you with our cloud of loving, peaceful, comfort! All you need do is say “yes” from your heart, and it is done. Do not wait until you feel these frequencies of ease in order to know that they are there!  That method of manifesting is not effective, as it is a bit backwards, you see. It is based on a program designed to keep you firmly within the limitations of the 3rd dimension, not, as you are here to do NOW, expand beyond them.

You need to know that our frequecies are enveloping you in order to feel them–not the other way arond. Please take that in, Beloved. It is very important that you understand this, because, as we have been telling you, you are SOVEREIGN. What that means is that, if you pulsate the frequencies of “waiting” out into your universe, you will create an experience of “waiting.” And even WE cannot interfere with your creations! Even if we want nothing more than to flood you immediately with frequencies that will imbue you with  a state of “easy, effortless being,” if you choose the state of “waiting for them,” instead–what can we do but accept your choice?  You are that powerful a creator, remember? What you say goes. Remember?  Please do, Beloved. Remember, and never forget again.

Therefore, you do not choose the state of “waiting”  if you want to feel us surround you with calm and peaceful ease immediately! That is, not unless you actually DO prefer to continue to explore what it feels like to wait for “ease” to be delivered, rather than simply commanding it. And if you do choose, for awhile longer, to explore the futility of waiting, rather than using your power to create in the NOW, we honor that. Oh, we have no judgments of that! Many of you are doing great work now in physical form, and usually completely irregardless of how it “looks” through a limited 3D perspective. But WE see.

We see that you are working through issues of separation and isolation that have greatly afflicted the many for aeons, and you are doing it within your own energy field.  You are doing so in order to energetically send the fine and heartfelt “maps” you develop to find your way through these painful illusions out to others –and far more “others” than you can fathom! Many of you are also fine-tuning the frequencies of compassion—a much-needed energy on your planet, as well as in your universe. To do so, you linger awhile in the frequencies that most need that compassion—in order to be able to fully feel it, and so send it off to all.

Ah, you are doing much now. You do not SEE yourself!  You are too busy transforming yourSelf, and learning your mastery, to SEE all that you do, all that you are, and all that you are becoming! WE DO, however, and we have nothing but gratitude, admiration, and love for You.

We want to offer you ease NOW, to whatever extent it resonates for you to receive it, for exactly the reasons we have just transmitted. NOW, with the help of the extremely intense energies that trigger your heroic process—and always, Beloved, in service of YOU—you face very high, rapid, and sometimes quite volatile, waves of energy, indeed. We watch, and we love you for it. Always.

We see that it does not always feel “easy” to you.

We see that you feel as if you “hardly know yourself, anymore,” sometimes.

We see you, aghast and overwhelmed at times, by the depth and the power of feelings that are being activated within you.

We also see you confused, as if you “just can’t seem to handle” the way linear planning of how to use your “time” does not seem to work anymore! We see how that “boggles your mind,” causing it great consternation.

In fact, sometimes “time” seems to be spinning so fast that you often feel like you are standing still within it, do you not?

We know that, no matter how much thought you put into taking the carefully planned, linear, steps that you learned in the past would lead to predictable results –NOW, you feel as if “the rug gets pulled out from under you” much of the time!  Or, as if “the universe keeps throwing you curve balls!”

And not only that, but so do you sometimes feel as if you are constantly thowing yourself curve balls!

WE SEE. We see how much anxiety all of these new experiences cause you. We want to ask you to let go of that anxiety, for what you “knew in the past” was only a programmed, illusionary persona of You, and how things are “supposed to go.”

We ask you, then, Beloved, to see yourself in a NEW light. Not in terms of what you are leaving behind, but in terms of what you ARE, have always been, and are now bringing into your consciousness, in physical form!

How COULD you “know the ropes” when all is NEW?  To the extent that you do NOT know the ropes, be GLAD. Be curious, be as a traveler in an ever-unfolding, expanding world!  KNOW that you are meant to be here NOW, and that your experiences, at times, are so far beyond any that would fit into your “3D persona” that you cannot possibly “figure them out”—and should not even try.

Instead, experience as an experiencer, alone. One who is on a wonderful adventure, and is never, ever, the experience, itself. And the more you live in your sovereignty and accept your own power, the “easier,” and more fun, the adventure will become.

To that end, we offer you another gift of the frequencies we are transmitting as you read and take this message in through your heart. More than simply be enveloped and held in our soothing love energies, you can take them into yourself  and let them—let us!—blend with and recalibrate your own frequencies! Then, you can store in your memory exactly how this recalibration feels–and be able to “reset” your frequencies to match it whenever you are feeling, as you say, “out of sorts.”

And that, Beloved, will be an example of “timeline jumping” — as we explained in our last two videos. it IS that easy!  In truth, much of what you have believed is “hard” does not have to be, at all. Always remember that it is belief that creates experience, not the other way around. Write that down! Say it aloud! Often!

Above all else, in this current unfolding of your NOW, take it EASY. EASY does it—and quite literally!  Rest in the awareness that you are here to experience everything you are choosing, and for reasons that are beyond the 3D brain’s ability to comprehend, much less judge. Rest in the awareness that it is impossible for you to make “wrong choices!” All is experience, and so enriching to Source. USE our frequencies of loving, effortless ease to keep you centered and at peace in the whirl of your own experiences NOW–and never let go of your belief in your own sovereignty, nor your faith in yourself! You are being of service in far more ways than your brain can understand, that is all, and in this NOW, you are in the very thick of your service.

Honor yourSelf, then, as we honor You.  Follow your enthusiasm, flow with what seems natural to your being, do not take on the frequencies of “hard!” And never forget, our frequencies of ease are in this message for you to attune with whenever you wish, as often as you wish. So, EASY DOES IT, all right? You are NEVER alone!

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com


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  2. Wilbur Mercer

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