9.18.12 Video: Fall Equinox 2012– Love, Connection, and Multi-dimensional Tech Support!

9/18/12 “Fall Equinox 2012,” Part 1 of 2–a Love/Light Video from the celestial team

Hello, everyone!

This is Judith, and I’m just “popping in” briefly (as the celestial team would put it!) to introduce and deliver this video to you.  It was made in response to the innundation of calls and emails that I, Judith, received after the celestial team’s and my offer to provide personal guidance to any of you who were not yet seeing the connections between your experiences of the summer, and the download about love and connection we received at Summer Solstice.

Well, we were delighted with all of your responses! We were delighted, as well, for the opportunities to be of service in illuminating the power of this incredible “time.” But then… the celestial team “saw” that for every person who stepped forward to request personal assistance from us, there were many, many standing behind them…also wanting to receive, and yet silent.  Not yet ready, or completely aligned, with using their voices to ask for what their hearts were longing for. And here’s the celestial team, “p0pping in” all of a sudden and right on cue, to speak for themselves

Beloved, we understand this hesitation that many among you still feel, to reach out at the request of your hearts.  We know how programmed earthlings have been, through a multutude of lifetimes, to mistrust the expansiveness of the heart and to stay “safely” within the limitations of the brain in order to survive.  Indeed, it DID become a matter of survival for many of you.

But NOW, there is no longer anything to fear in following your heart! And we SEE you there! We SEE you wanting to, and not quite able to get that longing out through your voices–YET. You will, though, Beloved!  We see you in the process of making that “leap” right now, and we will do everything we can to let you KNOW that we see–that YOU are seen–and that we HEAR the voice of your heart–always. And we will always respond.  That is why we made this video–to let you KNOW that.  Ah, how we love you!  How we love your amazing and beautiful heart!

OK, then!  Its me again, and without further ado, let me give you the link to Part 1 of “Fall Equinox 2o12.”  I’ll deliver Part 2 tomorrow–they had a lot to say!  All about love and connection, and how to recognize the reflections of how we receive and allow it, in absolutely every experience we have.  To them, its a no-brainer, quite literally. “Its just physics,” they say!

Here, then, is the link to part 1.  Enjoy!


Much Love/Light to you!  Always and in all ways– Judith and the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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