10.3.12 The Physics of Transformation

10/3/12  A “Hit of the Day” from Judith and the celestial team

From Judith—As a human, my experience of navigating through the intense and often volatile currents of  transformational energies we’ve been in this year is beyond any I have ever known before! Sometimes, it’s as if I’m traveling blind, through processes that my brain cannot concreive of, and I literally have to feel my way through.  The advantage is that it has forced me to rely on feeling rather than thinking–on discernment and discovery rather than categorizing and labeling–because there are no “boxes” to put what I  experiemce in, anyway!

Another advantage is that, when a shift in the energies set a whole new experiential process in motion,  I’ve  begun to get  little, revelatory “hits” about  what’s going on at an energetic level  By “hits” I mean sudden rushes of insight that don’t come from any cognitive processing (that would be “inconceivable,”  anyway!). The hits are simply an “inner knowing” that is suddenly there, all at once and fully formed, in the area of my heart center.

Well, after getting another one this morning, I  got “hit” with the bright idea to share them with you every so often–whenever I get “hit” with the urge to do so, that is!  It makes perfect multidimensional sense,  doesn’t it?  We are  interconnected, all moving through the same energy. And I think we all get “hits” that are relevant to each one of us. We ARE all in this together, after all!  So, here’s my “Hit of the Day.” If it resonates, it’s for you. If it doesn’t, just let it fly right by!

Hit of the Day—The Physics of Transformation

After reaching a high frequency state of joyful awareness, do you ever find yourself swinging right back into old energy patterns of fear, self-doubt, or whatever you thought you’d just left behind? If so, do not be dismayed. Do not think it means that you are not ascending. Don’t think you are the only one riding on this crazy swing, either!  Many of us are experiencing this disorienting fluctuation  these days, and the good news is that there is a great reason for it. The celestial team says its simply part of “the physics of transformation.” And bless their non-physical hearts, it looks like they couldn’t resist “popping in” to share a word or two about it with you—

Beloved, such an experience of imbalance is a normal part of any transformational process. When you move further into higher frequencies than you ever have before, you can expect that a swing back again into lower frequencies will follow. Do not expect that you will stay there, however! Think of it, instead,  as “temporary backlash,” if you will.

The metaphor of a pendulum is apt here. If you swing it far in one direction, it will swing back equally as far in the opposite direction, correct?  It does not stop there, though! It swings back the other way again, and continues to swing from one polar opposite to the other. However!  These “opposites” become less far apart with every swing, do they not? Until  finally, the pendulum settles at its center point, neutral, peaceful, and still.

Well! As you are NOW reaching ever further into higher frequencies, you are in a process of actually moving your very center into a new, lighter state of being!  You are moving into your New Paradigm of Being.  This IS transformation.  It is unsettling. It is unstable. Of course it is! How could it be otherwise? How could one stay settled and stable and transform at the same time?

Recognize these fluctuations for what they are, then, Beloved! Ride them with confidence, knowing that they are very positive and exciting signs, and do not let the drops and dips discourage you into believing that they are “real.’ They are part of your movement, they are not a “state!”  And you will find that every time you expand further, the “backlash swing” stops at a higher frequency as well. Moreover, the extremes between the two begin to diminish, becoming much more subtle.

So, allow these swings to occur without attaching a negative meaning to them. With diligence and confidence, simply “reset” yourself in the highest frequencies you can whenever you swing out of them. Soon, you will begin to feel for yourself  that every swing into the Light expands you a little further. You will feel yourSelf re-centering into higher and higher frequencies as you swing with the physics of your own  transformation. NOW, enjoy the ride!

We love you. Always and in All Ways—the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rughts Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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