“We are NOW at the point where every single condition we place on Self-Love rings like an alarm throughout the universe.”

This is Judith, and I am here to tell you that the celestial team simply will NOT move on to review anymore of our Sovereign Power Tools until we have grounded Self-Love within us as the foundation! (And they don’t want ME to, either!) I understand why. Should our powerful alchemical energies be set withim a foundation that does NOT carry the frequency of Love, they would only lead us awry. They would make our process of acclimating to our New Paradigm much, much, more difficult. So, here we are again, speaking about the importance of Self-Love, and this time through MY voice in order to reach those who may not be as acclimated to frequencies as you are. But the celestial team asked me to post this for You as well, because after all…we ARE all “human,” they say! And they are not going to budge until Self-Love has becomes a part of our humanity! As you read this post, take in every sentence very consciously though your heart center before going onto the next, because, as you will see, each one is quite full.
And never forget–the call lto do so does not come from the “little you” that your ego/brain “thinks” you are. Oh, no! YOU are a frontrunner on behalf of the ALL, as per your own agreement in coming here, and it does not take many of us to ground the template of Self-Love for the ALL of us. Doing so for yourSelf is doing so for the many, and each and every one of us is counted on NOW. And I KNOW you would never let us down! NONE of us will, not ever, ever, again. With all my heart, I believe in YOU. I believe in ALL of us. ♥

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Everything is made of energy. I know, those of you who are at all familiar with my “work” have heard me say that a whole lot of times already. Not only that, but this entire website is based on the well established, scientifically proven fact that everything is energy, including us! Being made of energy, we are beings of frequency. No news there, right? So why am I writing another post just to repeat this old news again?

Because it is time to step up to the plate and BE the beings that we are. It is also time to step in to the obvious.  If every single thing, including every single one of us, is made of energy, then every seemingly separate thing, including every seemingly separate one of us, is made of that  ONE same thing.  That’s obvious, right? Everything is really ONE thing.

Well, then it’s time to wake…

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