Well, here I am again with a reblog from my other website, right on the heels of “A Little (Big) Tip About Changing Your Reality” on 3/27! In fact, it feels like more like the second installment to an introductory course about energy alchemy….and yowza. I just got a hit from the celestial team as I wrote that. (Actually, “yowza” was MY word of choice. Theirs was “bingo.”) They want me to let you know that I will be offering a series of classes on the “nitty gritty” about using energy as an alchemical master. If you are interested in participating, let us know via email to thecelestialteam@gmail.com.
Yowza–or bingo, whatever–that information came to ME in the same moment I passed it onto YOU. I feel it resonating all through me, however, so I know that it isn’t news to the more expanded version of my Self than the one who is typing this message. Even this one is feeling the resonance, though…
I “get” why the celestial team wants me, their “earth member,” to offer these learning tools. It is the “human me” that learned them, and found out that they work. (If they didn’t, I would not be alive today.) I learned them first in my apprenticeship with shamans, who are also humans who “bridged the gap” between 3rd dimensional limitations and access to their full potential. They then passed the wisdom to me, a fellow Human Being with the desire to learn them. NOW, it is “MY right as well as MY responsibility” to pass them onto others in our family of Human Beings.
Got it! So, yes, indeed, I AM offering to share the divinely intricate process of Co-Creation (which we are ALL capable of) in sequenced blocks of information! They will be designed to build a bridge into memory activation of the latent abilities as master alchemists that are encoded within each of us. All I will need to do so, of course, is the desire of those who wish to receive it.
Ah. Now, there’s the funny part. Not just a little “ha-ha funny,” either, but downright “paradoxically funny,” the kind that splits our sides laughing at ourselves whenever a really brilliant comedian nails it. See, I hear about people’s burning desires to step into their mastery as multidimensional beings all day long–yet most of them prefer to stay right where they are–burning with unquenched desire. God forbid they take the action to step into it!
“Bingo,” says the celestial team. Aha. Well, the gods that sold us the bill of goods that we are forbidden to claim our innate potential are all gone NOW. I can personally attest to that. So let’s all have a good laugh at how long it took us to stop buying that bill of goods and get on with it shall we?
Much Love/Light to you. –Judith (and the celestial team, of course!)


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

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“Help! Whenever I decide to shift my perception of reality from one that I don’t like to one that I do, the old one always comes back!” With those frustrated words, my client flung herself into an armchair. Our first session had begun. Yet, although she was new to me as a client, her words weren’t. I’ve heard the same lament so often that I know it must be a very common one.

So,  I decided to address it here– just in case those words ring a bell to you. Perhaps you’ve heard them come out of your own mouth, or rail at you inside your head? If so, remember the optical illusion analogy I used about maintaining balance in my last post, “A Little (Big) Tip About Changing Your Reality?” When you look at the picture one way, you see a witch. Switch your focus, and the witch becomes…

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